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Grey Ledge Manor - No Load Doors
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May 28, 2012 @ 8:57pm
Jun 2, 2012 @ 5:44pm
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Grey Ledge Manor - No Load Doors

While building a large outdoor greenhouse for my other home -- Dragonius Tower -- I wanted to see if I could make a much larger building that would exist in the Skyrim worldspace and not need interior cells or portals or load doors. This is the result--

Grey Ledge Manor - No Load Doors

Sitting on the edge of a high precipice is a house that is simple, but still somewhat ornate. There are no load doors to go through, no load screens to sit through, and the view changes depending upon the time of day, or night. You'll see the clouds move, hear the crickets and birds and look out upon a great landscape.

But, the most convenient thing is that this set-up allows for everything that you need to be within a few steps. Including fast-travelling out.

ALL crafting stations are situated in one area, with plenty of labeled storage. There are plenty of book shelves, weapon racks and four shield racks. There are three mannequins available to display your favorite armors, as well as all the shrines, a huge garden full of common and rare ingredients. even has an outhouse!

Companion friendly, with a blacksmith merchant that levels up as you do. And a great view of Skyrim out the many windows and balcony...or even from atop the roof.

NO LOAD DOORS! Go anywhere at anytime.
ALL crafting stations in one convenient location with labeled storage.
Blacksmith merchant.
All shrines in one spot.
Companion friendly.
3 mannequins
9 weapon racks
2 display cases
7 bookshelves
Outhouse with reading materials(Ha!)
Great views of the landscape
There are NO RESPAWNING CONTAINERS OR CHESTS in this house. All are safe and will not be changed or moved!

*******Easy to get to, a map marker pops up after installation. Working on a quest.*******

NEW---------------Grey Ledge Manor II is now available---- a leaner, cleaner and faster file, if you tried this mod and found it to be a bit laggy, then try out the new version!
To utilize the bookshelves, I encourage you to download Da5id's great mod "Unlimited Bookshelves," if you dont already have it. Its a simple script that changes everything concerning bookshelves and storage in the game. Place just about anything on the bookshelves and other areas that i've designated as "bookshelves." You can download it here:

or the nexus version:

Mannequins are creepy little buggers, But you can fix their erratic behavior and strange poses with this great mod:

Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix -
(may not be as necessary with new Skyrim 1.6 patch)

Trying to get your spouse to move onto the side of a cliff can be a tough sell, especially if they've got plenty of high-society friends in Solitude or Windhelm. This mod will convince them to follow you anywhere!

Spouses Can Live Everywhere -


If you need more mannequins, weapon racks, and bookshelves, you should try out my other mod, "Dragonius Tower." It is monstrous and has tons of themed display rooms. Check it out below or clink the link under my profile in the corner (link for nexus version is on the page):


a few notes...

Dragons-- yes, there will be dragons occassionally. My advice is that when a ten ton reptile comes flying above your house...get out! Seriously. Fight him outside in the open ground, because if you hide under the bed, he will eventually fly into your house. Dragons have no collision barriers while flying. They'll fly through anything--mountains, trees, and even buildings. All a house maker can do is try to steer them a little. So, if adragon engages you and you stay inside the house, dont be suprised if he sticks his head through your bedroom. Dont stay in the'll be a sitting duck....boom...roasted.

Texture Mods--- i never had any lag while testing this and my computer sucks (I had to buy a video card on ebay just to play this game). However, when i installed a couple of texture packs, i did experience some lag when at a distance from the house. There is a lot of information in those two cells and a large chunk of the original house was scrapped because of this concern ( a huge silo that originally housed the alchemy, enchanting room as well as a loft that housed more bookshelves and all the doomstones). This is not an empty shell of a house that ports you somewhere else. It is full of stuff, and time will tell if there is still too much. Your feedback on this would be very constructive and much appreciated. Thank you.

Conflicts---There are no additional scripts added to the game through this mod. So, there should be no reason for it to conflict with any mods other than those that might be built on the same spot. I know of none so far. The reason that the place is not spouse-friendly is that the script used to provide that luxury from other mods is a major point of conflict (because every house has to use the same script).

Resource Management--- This mod adds a lot of content to a very small space, be reasonable with your computer's resources. If you are running every freaking texture pack available, ENB, FXAA, and ten zillion other mods that change everything from the color of the grass to the weather, then don't be surprised if you experience some lag with this mod. This is not necessarily the fault of this - or any other mod. It is the COMBINATION of all these things. Many many people, including myself, play this mod without any lag or drop in fps (and on probably a much crappier computer than you have). You may need to tweak your settings, and draw distances, or drop down a notch. Give the mod a chance and remember that the a.i is trying to render a lot of objects in a short period of time. There is a reason why every other door to a house in Skyrim takes you to an interior that only looks like the inside of a house. It's all about resources and what your cpu and the games a.i. can process. Be realistic and patient and you can take advantage of having a house that allows you the freedom and views this one does.

***Special Thanks to banddadchase on Nexus for the labelling suggestions.**


I hope you enjoy the house and have as much fun as i had making it. Well, except for the navmeshing...

Thank you.
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J-Rae31 Jan 15, 2015 @ 5:05am 
Can you make kid child friendly? :3
rringle999 Aug 29, 2014 @ 11:01pm 
i went near crabbers shanty and the mod didnt load right
( ) Jul 5, 2014 @ 7:41am 
cant find the house
Hermaflagoog Jan 7, 2014 @ 8:59pm 
I love this mod but when I got into Grey Ledge Manor I found 4 skeletons chasing the chickens and the chickens were killed :( also how do you get on the roof when I tried I went straight through the ladder I found the only way I could get up was to use the command "tcl"
and great mod keep up the excellent work.
SometimesAsian Jul 20, 2013 @ 2:20pm 
saw this on a youtube vid thx for the house with no load doors keep up the great work :)
LHAV Feb 20, 2013 @ 6:03pm 
What i'm hoping to find is a mod that makes Weather have collision detection because I think Morrowind had it when I stand under a roof I don't have snow or rain or other crap magically phasing through the roof and walls it actually stopped and I could realistically stare out into the bad weather instead of being a part of it under cover...
Fizgig Jan 18, 2013 @ 6:14pm 
I dont have heartfire, didnt see the point if i could just mod a house ino it. I then realized i hated most of the houses i found. So many load screen and doors. This is perfect, i show up, drop off, make things, drop off loot, and im out. It feels more like a house then any other house mod ive seen so far. Also the amount of details to naming each chest, great work!
(Reverend) Zeldafan Jan 13, 2013 @ 4:32pm 
Great house! but it conflicts with the hearthfire dlc. I went through all of my mods and found this to be the only one conflicting with the building of the new house Heljarchen hall. Not sure why, but once I disabled the mod I could build the foundation and everything else... I won't pretend to understand it, I am just here to report the bug
Mr Harris Jan 7, 2013 @ 4:09am 
this is awsome
Colton147 Dec 22, 2012 @ 8:58pm 
Outhouse <333