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Weapon Fusion Station
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Aug 10, 2016 @ 7:30pm
Aug 31, 2016 @ 7:25am
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Weapon Fusion Station


Ever wanted to transfer a weapon's Special Ability to another weapon?
Ever loved the look of a weapon but had to sell or store it because you got a better weapon?
Ever wanted to rename a weapon you got?

If you said yes to any of those questions then this mod is for you!!

The Weapon Fusion Station lets you combine two weapons of the same type.

You get to pick which look & special you want between the two and you can also rename the combined weapon.

Go get your favourite and faboulous weapons back from the dusty shelf you left them in and put them to good use again!!

Overview (how-to use)
- craft a Weapon Fusion station at an Inventor's table with 1 diamond, or 3 for a smaller variant,
- place the station and interact with it,
- You'll need 2 weapons of the same type in order for the fusion to work,
- Some options will appear for you to choose from,
- Pick which options you want from the weapons, wether you'll want the visual from weapon A, the elemental type from weapon B, etc,
- Click the Infuse button and the merged weapon will spawn on the 3rd slot.

- Change the look, elemental type, special ability, primary ability or name of all your weapons
- Works on vanilla generated, crafted and unique weapons (melee, ranged, magic).
-[NEW] Works with all modded weapons!
- Works with mods that add new weapon parts, new abilities and new elemental types
- There is 10% Chance for the Infused weapon to be 1 tier stronger than the weapons placed.(the greater the difference between the weapons levels, the lower the chance)

- randomize look of infused weapon
- rename only

Special thanks to:
- Peelz (author of Create-a-Friend) for permission to use his mod as inspiration;
- everyone in the Starbound Modding IRC that helped me solve my lua code errors/bugs/doubts (Zoomah, specially that root function, saved me tons of work);
- Chuckefish for making StarBound.

Other Useful Info:
- Link for this mod's page at the Starbound forums can be found here[]
- Link to My other mod, with HugoRoxas, Weapon Reinforcer here

- fixed bug with specials not transfering
- proper support for unique special attacks, you can now transfer Empowerment, Scout eye, etc between any weapon of that type
- other bugfixes

- tempory fix for grenade launchers crashing

- tiny type fix that brokoe 1 handed fusions

- fixed aegisalt and adaptable bow crashing
- fixed elementalType being only visual and not applying the status effects (on melee only, rest comes in next update)
- fixed reinforce level (from Weapon reinforcer mod) not being correctly calculated, now it will decrease a bit for each tier difference between weapons if the lower tiered weapon has higher reinforce level
- fixed some uniqueSpecials from messing up fused weapons, namely the Time Pierce, Oculus reaver and Protectors Blade, for now they wont allow their specials to be transfered, but they can get specials from other weapons and then pass those too

v2.0 - MOD Support
- added support for all weapons from all mods,
- change and cleaned code quite a bit, making it easier to support all mods at same time, might have a few bugs, report them with as much detail as you can (which weapons, from which mods)
- fixed bugs that some people reported, like the incorrect level infusion on a few occasions, and some other that happened during updating,
- added proper support for the Weapon Reinforcer mod, depending on the weapon level and reinforce level of the weapons, the final weapon might lose a few reinforce levels.
- changed the station image

- so focused on fixing violium and adding uniques that i bugged all other xD, all is good now :)
- added version number to bottom right of GUI

- added support for all vanilla unique weapons that make sense to be infusable (like Solus Katana, Asoterusaberu DX, etc); those with really unique "mechanics/movesets" aren't and won't be supported (like Gnome Gun, Tentacle Gun, Oculus Reaver, Magnorbs, etc)
- added addition failsafe checks to prevent the mod from crashing the game
- fixed bug with small panel not appearing in the inventors table
- fixed bug with all crafted weapons, most importantly the violium one.
- fixed bug with the rarity selection
- fixed bug with the level calculation

- added some more failchecks, it should be pretty much impossible to crash/bug the game using the mod (unless i missed some tiny thing, im human after all :p)
- it is now possible to transfer some specials attacks from unique weapons to generated ones, it is a one way transfer, you will lose your unique weapon in the process so only do this if all you want is the special, if you want the visual then wait a bit longer please.
- changed the User Interface a bit (weapons with more dps on the left. auto hide checkboxes for unique stuff that cant be transfered yet, switched to checkboxes instead of the X button - thanks V6- )
- added a 2x2 station variant, still crafted at the Inventor's but for 3 diamond instead of 1, original station still costs one.(new icon/sprite in the making)

- Support for all crafted weapons
- Support for all generated weapons
- Support for modded abilities, specials and element types
- added safe checks that prevent unique and unsupported weapons from being infused.
- buffed max % chance of improving level/tier by 1 to 15% when infusing a weapon.(limited time - lasts until next update)

- Support for all vanilla generated weapon types (melee, ranged, magic)

v0.8 - initial release
- support for most melee weapons
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Wanderer May 27 @ 3:49am 
does visual type transfer actual damage? because i have a cool looking weapon and a one of the same type with good damage but when i select visual type the damage of the lesser weapon stays
Zepiore Apr 28 @ 8:30pm 
i have noticed that almost all weapons that have a passive animation (like LIght effects) will freeze as soon as the animation starts after they have been fused
General Washingtoad Apr 14 @ 7:47pm 
(also, my Broadsword has the Flip Slash special)
General Washingtoad Apr 14 @ 7:46pm 
I believe I have found a bug, when I try to use my Fused Broadsword the normal swing freezes the weapon, but the special attack works, can you fix this please?
Zepiore Apr 12 @ 6:49pm 
they both state they are simply a unique weapon
Zepiore Apr 12 @ 11:53am 
does not work with draconis broadswords, they get stuck
also, how bad will the game mess up if i try to give this flamethrower the special from that crossbow in the rare item shop?
[WAR3] Ragepyre Apr 12 @ 9:47am 
seems to break kluex staff secondary by existing. FU may or may not be related
Handsomedodo Mar 25 @ 8:38am 
How does the damage transfer work? I often get the damage stats of the lower damage weapon when fusing, and therefore I'm often afraid to fuse my weapons.
Crim-Sith Mar 13 @ 8:10pm 
I know ive tried to fuse leveled up weapons that ive leveled from the Weapon Reinforcer mod and it wouldnt normally pretty much completely remove the stat.

I experimented a bit and found that no matter what I chose the end result was always the same number even when I no matter which level either of them where at.

it says "Change the look, elemental type, special ability, primary ability" That lists 4 choices but the game only has 3 (at least when I last played and going by the pictures up top)

Id figure primary ability would be one weapons standard base stats. But even if that is in it never worked correctly during my tests sadly

It also says
"-[NEW] Works with all modded weapons!"
"- Works with mods that add new weapon parts, new abilities and new elemental types"
But considering the last update was in 2016.. ;-;
vbigcat Mar 13 @ 6:55pm 
Does anyone know the specifics of what mods work?

I've tried fusing greataxes from FU and the this mod doesn't seem to recognize that they're two-handed, so I can't choose which special attack I want. It also seems that the Weapon Megapack weapons work half of the time and get confused the other half.