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Dark Souls Armor & Weapons
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Jul 30, 2016 @ 2:33pm
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Dark Souls Armor & Weapons

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This is an updated version of the mod made by TShinzon, he has all the credits of the original assets from this mod.

This was one of my favorite mods and has been outdated from 2 years now so i made a working version for myself and i want to share it with you all.

This mod adds:

- Armors:
--- Special Armor: Mask of the Child, Mask of the Father, Mask of the Mother, Sunlight Maggot.
--- Tier 3 Armor: Silver Knight.
--- Tier 4 Armor: Fluted Knight, Catarina Set, Favor Set, Elite Knight.
--- Tier 5 Armor: Black Iron, Black Knight, Crimson Set.
--- Tier 6 Armor: Artorias, Ornstein, Smough, Giants Set, Old Dragonslayer.
- Shields: Artorias Shield, Black Iron, Black Knight, Sunlight Shield, Grass Crest Shield, Spider Shield, Rune Shield, Silver Knight Shield, Pierce Shield, Crest Shield.
- Comsumables: Carvings, Estus Flasks.
- Weapons:
--- Broadswords: Artorias Sword(Normal & Cursed), Abyss GreatSword, Moonlight Greatsword, Zweihander (1h/2h), Claymore, Greatsword, Black Knight Sword, Black Knight Greatsword, Profaned Greatsword.
--- Shortswords: Gold Tracer, Dark Silver Tracer, Astora Straight Sword, Rune Sword, Shotel.
--- Axe: Black Knight Great Axe.
--- Hammer: Smough's Hammer.
--- Spears: Black Knight Glaive, Dragonslayer Spear, Moonlight Butterfly Horn, Titanite Catch Pole, Channeler's Trident.
--- Whips: Whip, Notched Whip, Spotted Whip, Bloodied Whip.
--- Bows: Dragonslayer Greatbow.
- Objects: Anvil of Artorias, Bonfire, Warp Bonfire, Emerald Herald, Skull Lantern, Paintings.

If you have trouble finding Ash Pile you can now craft it at the furnace.
You can craft them at Anvil of Artorias, which you craft at Invetor's Table.
You can make and upgrade Estus at Shanalotte, who you craft at Invetor's Table.
You refill Estus on the Bonfire, which you craft at Invetor's Table.
You can craft paintings at the Workbench, Legendary ones have sound effects, Blue ones don't.
You can also craft a vanity version of each armor without any stats at the spinning wheel!
Dyes are crafted at the spinning wheel.

Future Plans:
- Keep adding new stuff.

If TShinzon wants me to delete his assets I will gladly do it.

Non-Steam version:

Other dark souls mods:
- 1-Handed Animations for 1-Handed Greatswords:
- Souls as money:
- Moonlight Greatsword:
- Augments for Dark Souls Armors:
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