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Drumsticks + Tail Feathers
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Jul 22, 2016 @ 5:07pm
Jul 24 @ 3:47pm
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Drumsticks + Tail Feathers

Birdlike your birdfolk!

Changes the Avian sprites to add a fluffy feathered tail and drumsticks (instead of thosd feathered hands) so they actually look like burds! :D

Mod originally uploaded to the Starbound Mod Repository by HoaxRumors in collaboration with RyuujinZero.

This is not my mod, all the credit and work goes to them!

Should be 100% multiplayer safe! (Mod is client-based)
Should be compatible with future Starbound versions!
Also safe to use with head sprite mods. (As long as they don't modify body files)
NOT compatible with other mods which change Avian Body Sprites!

Other versions of Drumsticks + Tail Feathers and Better Avians
(more will be added if requested)
(Make sure to be suscribed to only one mod at a time!!)

Drumsticks & Tail Feathers: [Current]
Drumsticks & Tail Feathers (Vanilla hands version)
Podotheca/Drumsticks only
Tail Feathers only

Better Avians includes Drumstricks and Tailfeathers, plus Biologically Correct Torsos.

Better Avians!
Better Avians! (Vanilla hands)
Better Avians! (Vanilla feet)

Original Drumsticks Mod by HoaxRumors []
Original Tail Feathers Mod by RyuujinZero []
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Bat Jul 26 @ 10:23am 
Oooh, yes, thank you!
M I L E S Jul 13 @ 9:55pm 
Super late reply but you're talking about this: , right?
Bat Mar 12 @ 11:34pm 
Does anybody know where I can find that mod that made the drumsticks black instead of yellow? I remember seeing that somewhere ages ago, and was wondering if anybody had a version that worked with the current starbound.
ScarabParamit Jan 5 @ 12:01pm 
I would realy apriciate if mod author would find a way to set this mod to load last in order...i know there are ways. Each time some mods gets an update i need to unsub and resub for mod to work...its a pain.
Thank You.
Unknown_Catty Jan 1 @ 12:58pm 
anyway, thanks for the info.
Unknown_Catty Jan 1 @ 12:57pm 
Well, I looked for all the mods that changed the avian sprite and the only one I found besides this one, added hairstyles, but it was weird, because I had both mods installed for a long time and this problem appeared just now.
[82DK] Kyo21943  [author] Jan 1 @ 10:39am 
As you can see here i spawned vainilla Avian NPCs and they had the changes made by the mod:

If your NPCs do not have the modified sprites then another mod that changes the avian sprites or the avian themselves must be conflicting with this one.
[82DK] Kyo21943  [author] Jan 1 @ 10:37am 
The avian sprites are made up different parts, if i'm not mistaken when assembling the mod the only modified sprites were arms, torso and legs, leaving the "head" and "hair" sprites out of the mod files, so it should not conflict with "hairstyles" mods that only modify head and hair files.

However, if the author of such "hairstyles" mod added vainilla body, arm and leg sprites to their content.pak file then it will conflict with the modified sprites of this mod. =/

Unknown_Catty Jan 1 @ 10:10am 
This is weird, since the mod is still in mod menu, and it's is the only mod that changes avian sprites that I have.

EDIT: Just to be sure, if a mod were to expand the amount of hairstyles that the Avians have, would it cause this mod to ''not work'' anymore?
Unknown_Catty Jan 1 @ 9:59am 
Well then, this isn't working for me, all avians have their vanilla sprite