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The Firrhna Project Pack
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The most-liked (and near-canon) space cat species.

Use a character creation extender such as Xbawks to be able to select this species.

* Custom ship
* Custom SAIL
* Custom villages (yes, plural)
* Custom sounds
* Custom outfits
* Custom vehicles
* Custom intro mission (requires add-on mod)
* Custom NPC responses
* Custom codices
* Custom names
* Custom tenants
* Custom tiles
* Custom objects up the wazoo
* Custom musical instrument
* Custom shippet
* Custom custom
* Custom critters
* Custom actual spoken and written language (not a cypher, not a relex)

Thanks to:
* BloodyRain2k -- testing
* Cgeta -- object art bases
* Corrigane -- suggestions
* Diriel -- bugfixes
* ECC -- suggestions, conlang
* H1N1theI -- conlang help
* HammerGuy -- suggestions
* HS_Elly -- architectural help
* Hylotl -- suggestions
* Jawn Mancer -- bugfix assistance
* JoshuaMadoc -- weapons
* Kevin MacLeod -- CC music
* kyren -- awesome as balls
* Letrune -- design, names, conlang
* Mackinz -- being a dumb chicken
* Magicks -- vehicle control help
* metadept -- being awesome
* MinPrinny -- weapons
* ODABUTSU -- hair
* OmnipotentEntity -- also being awesome
* PorkBellyMon -- suggestions
* RyuujinZERO -- pillows from Avali mod
* odverb -- suggestions
* SpaceKGreen -- weapons
* StarWeaver -- respawn cutscene help
* SuperMandrew -- orientation help
* teihoo -- suggestions, testing
* Tullehar -- weapons
* v6 -- vehicle control help
* xXRainbowHugzXx -- suggestions
* Zornie -- intro mission map help

Does this support tier 9/10 ships? -- No, and it likely never will by my hand. If someone else wants to make a tier 9/10 add-on mod, that's great and I'll probably endorse it somehow but I won't make it. Ever.
Where can I find felin settlements? -- There are two kinds of felin settlements so far: towns and villages. Villages are mostly wood, towns are brick. You can find the villages in forest, savannah, snow, and jungle biomes, with a higher chance in forest and jungle biomes, and much higher in savannah biomes. You can find towns in desert, tundra, volcano and scorchedcity biomes.
Is that the language from Commander Keen? -- No, because the language from Commander Keen is plain English. You mean the script, and I'll admit it's based on that. But even if you knew the Standard Galactic Alphabet, you wouldn't be able to read all those signs because what you're reading is a fully functional constructed language.
I heard that the felin language has 1500 lewd words. Is this true? Have you no shame? -- Yes and no. I have no shame, so I'm happy to admit that of the over 2200 words in the felin lexicon, just over fifty can be considered lewd. That's about two percent at the time I write this. Don't believe everything you see on the internet, kids. Especially when it's written by an angry person.

The 3.7 update adds a cellphone item. It serves to change the channels on the holograms and TV sets, and can translate the felin writings. You'll find it in your shiplocker for new characters. Old characters: /spawnitem felincellphone
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Gamerzilla Jun 22 @ 8:40pm 
Wow the Felin sure are... frisky!
My Felin: *Sees huge mining drill in Erchius mining mission*
"Hmm I bet that could drill me..."
Lawa May 30 @ 9:03am 
:NekoFun: :luv::MaterialGirl_expression1:
Faremax May 18 @ 9:14am 
dalebarrett Apr 24 @ 2:42am 
I would make a furry joke but don't rly feel like it
frozenalchemy3548 Apr 3 @ 10:04am 
would you be able to help me Kawa? DrPvtSkittles recommended i ask you for help. Im trying to add NPC's to my custom dungeon and im not sure how, or how to make a set NPC
Kawa  [author] Mar 14 @ 10:13am 
@Syovere: since you asked, you may include these things.
Syovere Mar 13 @ 5:34pm 
Hey there! I'm working on expanding my Choose Your Own Ship mod's race compatibility per a few requests, one of which was for Felin.

Now, patching Felin itself only takes an extra section in universe_server.config.patch and adding a racial blockKey.config.patch to keep things from spawning outside, nbd there.

However, I notice that the Felin have some nice ship designs that fit quite well in Starbound. I'm interested in including the Felin tier 7 and 8 ships as selectable in CYOS. This would require me to include the images used for those ships, and optionally their objects (though these can be replaced). Is this permissible? Naturally, full credit will be given, because lol my art talent is nonexistent.

If it isn't, no worries, I'll still provide a patch to support Felin buying ships unless that's not wanted either.
CaptainCrazeh Feb 1 @ 6:53am 
I wish there was a version of this mod that only adds the race, and nothing else...
xbxbxb123 Jan 15 @ 2:50pm 
@Kawa thanks for the info! I ask because some mods don't follow the standard name conventions for these
Kawa  [author] Jan 14 @ 10:06am 
@xbxbxb123: pet name is "tentillum", starter treasure is "felinStarterTreasure" (didn't see that one coming), which just includes "starterTreasure" and adds the translator cellphone.