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Gardenbot2 : Reboot Edition
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Jul 22, 2016 @ 10:07am
Oct 13 @ 9:19pm
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Gardenbot2 : Reboot Edition

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Gardenbot2 + Patches
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The automated gardening bot.

Original art & code by tynaut
Additional code & bots by LoPhatKao
Miniskip art by HuggableCreep aka Royal Jelly

how do I move bot? - use a Relocator, or kill it
how do I kill bot? - hit it with a bugnet or melee weapon
- bugnet/melee didn't work!? - read this thread
can you add <feature>...? - maybe, not anytime soon
Can I do X with Y? - try it and see!
does this support FU plants + ores? - yes.

-- Always check the mod manager in starbound (the little square button in lower right corner) to see if it loaded correctly.
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Aug 13 @ 3:25am
PINNED: bot ideas
Sir Luis
Nov 1 @ 8:55am
Nice mod but needs a bot control panel.
Mar 3 @ 8:15pm
Crops breaking?
< >
Cat Nov 2 @ 12:59pm 
Bots are not looking for/picking up FU ores, they drop as items (and pick it up at some point) and only mine it when it is conveniently in it's path.
BREE Oct 20 @ 11:51pm 
My mining bot is not placing platforms...
Sirawesome Oct 16 @ 6:40pm 
My crew is attacking the my gardenbot and I can't find anything for a soulution, can I get some help maybe?
lophatkao  [author] Oct 13 @ 10:15pm 
Abandoned? No.
In fact, just updated.
I was just off doing other things on other platforms.

Writing homebrew on the Switch was amusing
Sirawesome Oct 10 @ 5:33pm 
@Uncle Badass
Why are lying?
Wild Male Gigantopithicus Sep 14 @ 10:03am 
*Sets up an underground base on starter world, with a hatch leading to the surface*

*Tills soil to either side of hatch and starts farming*

*Buys farm bot from outpost and sets it to work on farm plots*

*Accidentally leaves hatch open one night while crafting, farm bot falls into house and nonchalantly begins tilling and planting the soil floor of my base with crops* XD
Uncle Badass Sep 12 @ 6:17am 
This mod is abandoned, there's no point in asking for updates or reporting bugs anymore.
If you want updates, urge a new moder to create Gardenbot3: New Reboot Edition.
Darealwhitechocolate Sep 6 @ 3:39pm 
@sphendrana it's just the gaurdin' bot for me, the other ones seem fine.
Sphendrana Aug 15 @ 5:37pm 
Any reason wh my crew keeps attacking my bots? Can never have them in party on my world lol
Ravayen Aug 3 @ 5:23am 
1:- Add requirement for farm to x number of tiles wide with crops and container and call it a room (hydroponics?) like a tenant requirement.

2:- Make the bot require that type of 'room' and a deed to spawn it.

3:- Change the graphic of the bot to that of a tenant.

4:- Enjoy immersive tenants you just created :)