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Improved Containers
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Improved Containers

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Improved Containers adds quality of life features to containers in Starbound.
The aim is to keep the mod multiplayer friendly so you will still be able to play with friends that do not have the mod installed.

It is not compatible with other container mods that add similar features.

This is a client- & server-side mod. That means that the mod must be installed for the client (you) and the server for all features to work as intended.

Steam Workshop version:
Non-Steam version:

Added features
- Persistent storage
- Mass selling (Container sell-price)
- Renaming
- Searching
- Sorting
- Quick stacking

Feature breakdown
Some features listed below are client-side but have a server-side container lock that prevents other players from manipulating anything when you are. This is put in place to prevent items from disappearing.
If the mod is not installed on the server or if it's running an outdated version, the rename button will be grayed out. This means you should be careful and avoid sorting or stacking the same container as someone else is currently using.

Persistent storage (server-side)
Looted containers that have been opened once will keep items inside instead of spilling everything on the floor.
If a looted container has content, it will be highlighted with a red border and a different tooltip indicating how many items there are inside of it.

Mass selling (server-side)
The container value, or sell price, will include all the items inside of it.

Renaming (server-side)
Write a name or leave blank to reset, and hit enter. The container UI will close and update its name.
Accepted characters are A-Z 0-9 . ' - ( )

Searching (client-side)
Search for item names or search for tags (category, type, etc) by placing a number sign/hashtag first. E.g. #consumable, #storage, #weapon, #armor
You can find up to 32 items at a time, if the textbox turns red then you need to narrow your search.

Sorting (client-side)
Items are sorted by an weighted item sort system with categories > rarity > name > count.
Suggestions can be left in the Item sorting thread.

Quick stacking (client-side)
Will attempt to fill up stacks with items from your inventory and it will also attempt to fill empty slots with the same items that are already inside.
Due to limitations, it will not stack any objects or containers with item slots, crafting stations or items with durability.

Configuration is disabled in 1.3 as there is no way to read config.
If you want to play with the default settings, just skip over this. All settings default to false and are opt-in.

For singleplayer you can use the admin debug command /eval change your settings or manually edit storage/starbound.config.
Example: /eval root.setConfigurationPath("modconfig.improvedcontainers.dropOnBreak", true)

For servers you will need to manually edit storage/starbound_server.config and add.
"modconfig" : {
"improvedcontainers" : {
"storeContainers" = false,
"dropOnBreak" = false,
"fridgeNoSpoil" = false

After changing a settings, you have to unload the currently loaded worlds for container settings to take effect. The easiest way to do this is to restart a server or go to the main menu in singleplayer.

storeContainers = true|false
Setting to true will allow storing containers, with content, inside placed containers. Will only allow 1 level deep (container inside container) and will always eject containers when broken.

dropOnBreak = true|false
Setting to true, containers will always drop content when broken.

fridgeNoSpoil = true|false
Setting to true, food will not spoil inside of broken refridgerated containers when inside your inventory.

Mod support
To support mods and new containers, patch files must be manually created.
While I am not able to actively maintain patch files for mods that I do not use, you can just report back if you find any containers that need patches.

Currently supported:
Argonian, Avali, Elithian Races Mod / Avikan, Bunnykin, Callistan, Draconis, Frackin' Universe, Felins, Frontier Expansion, GardenBot2, Greckan, Gyrusens+, Human Furniture, Inkling, ISE4, Kybin, MadTulips Spaceship Mod, More Farming, Munari, Neko Species, Obsidian Furniture, Orcana, Penguin Piracy, Pixel Goods Store, Sallok, Sanglar, Saturnians, Sergal, Skath, Skelekin, Slime race, Small Improvements, The Pony Modpack, Temple of the Water Serpent (ITA - Dragon Temple), Terrakin, The Viera Race of Ivalice, Wasp Hive Race

Click Subscribe and start the game. Make sure the mod is loaded at the main menu by pressing the Cogwheel in the bottom right corner.

Non-Steam version
Click Download Now and save file to your Starbound/mods/ folder.
Make sure you delete older versions if you update.

Bug reporting
When bug reporting, please use the forum thread and not the comment section.
Include your starbound.log file that is located in your Starbound installation folder under the storage folder.
Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\storage\starbound.log
Open the file and copy the contents to

This mod is not compatible with Enhanced Storage or other container mods that add similar features.
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Mod Compatibility
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ChaosContrl Sep 3 @ 8:45am 
Oh, and I haven't even talked about the search and renaming features yet! Renaming makes it nice when you have TONS of containers and you cannot keep up with which contains or is supposed to contain what. I like to use it with fridges so I know when I run out of a specific ingredient or where I need to store said ingredients. As for the search bar, I personally haven't used it much, but I was glad it was there the few times I did.
ChaosContrl Sep 3 @ 8:40am 
It's simple, it adds just a handful of functionalities, but my gosh they are such a welcome addition to the vanilla experience! Though perhaps it would be perfect if there was a way to configure the mod such that containers can either drop or keep inventory when broken down.
ChaosContrl Sep 3 @ 8:40am 
I did notice that sometimes the buttons for sorting and stacking are not responsive at first, only on the 2nd attempt, but I think it's because I try to sort and stack things too quickly as soon as I open a container xD but if the buttons don't work when pressed once, try pressing them again. Of course, you won't see anything change if it's already sorted or stacked, mind you.
ChaosContrl Sep 3 @ 8:39am 
I've done a full playthrough of Starbound, from beginning to beating The Ruin. I can say that it works amazingly well with this mod! Being able to quickly store my inventory on my ship and bases without the need to manually drag & drop (or shift click) each item is fantastic Being able to only store specific items into containers for better organization without sifting through my inventory every time is a blessing. Being able to quickly sort ALL items inside a container feels amazing, makes it all look so organized and easy to access. And of course, while I think it borders a bit on the OP side of things, the ability for containers to keep their inventories when broken really makes it much easier when upgrading storage.
Blackjack Jun 30 @ 8:18pm 
Would it be possible to get support in there for the Indix race mod? They add a couple of chests that are rather nice looking, but also aren't supported yet. If not, that's fine, but I thought it worth asking. :)
lienom zekon Jun 21 @ 7:59am 
Quick question. would you consider this mod balanced? it kind defeats the purpose of having to go back and forth to gather more resources. and having any containers placed anywhere.
Cowkill Jun 14 @ 9:43am 

Mod support
To support mods and new containers, patch files must be manually created.
While I am not able to actively maintain patch files for mods that I do not use, you can just report back if you find any containers that need patches.

Currently supported:
Argonian, Avali, Elithian Races Mod / Avikan, Bunnykin, Callistan, Draconis, Frackin' Universe,...
[HBMS]=Spring=> May 9 @ 6:36am 
Hi guys ~ does this mod work on FU ?
GeekyRaptorStudios Apr 1 @ 6:00am 
anyone feel like making a patch for this and the other storage mod? I think it was called better storage, but I could be wrong, but having these two work side by side would be fantastic!
CompassionateCohort Dec 20, 2021 @ 5:01pm 
So it's quick stacking things that stack but not putting coffee beans in a container that already has coffee beans in it and all other slots empty. Is this due to that function causing issues with other stuff?