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More Trade Ships
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Jul 16, 2016 @ 12:32am
Feb 28 @ 8:46am
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More Trade Ships

Increases the rate at which orbital trade ships appear.

Can be added or removed without starting a new game.

If you are using an older version of Rimworld, you can get an older version of this mod from Nexusmods.
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Yourself May 31 @ 9:00am 
Update: empty trade ships appear when you don't own the Royalty DLC and use mods the require techprints (which are needed for specific research). You either have to buy the DLC, deactivate mods that require techprints or wait for updates to fix the issue.
Yourself May 31 @ 7:46am 
For me the Combat Supplier, Exotic Goods Trader and Robot Trader all arrive without any cash or goods in them. Started after the last Rimworld update.
No issues with trade ships not having cash.
No issues with trade ships not appearing.
g0jira May 30 @ 1:21pm 
same here, several ships with no cash on it
Decemberist79 May 29 @ 7:56pm 
The last couple times that I've played RimWorld I noticed that trade ships arrive with no stock and no gold with which to buy from me. Not sure what's going on? I'm fairly late game and until now it has worked well. Does anyone have a solution?
Taco Bell May 16 @ 10:13am 
please add options

Tanker D18 May 13 @ 8:37pm 
This mod needs some options under the mod settings page. I think vanilla trade ships are way too rare, but this is a little much. Makes running an end game colony a little too trivial and makes caravans almost pointless.
square word Apr 22 @ 11:52pm 
maybe show us how we can adjust the ship showing rate?:steammocking:
Malbio Apr 21 @ 4:53pm 
the mod works perfectly fine for me, most of my events are just trade ships
LacertineForest Apr 20 @ 7:36am 
@pinochemicali, You can say what you want, but this mod isn't working. I just un-installed all mods and started a new save with only this mod installed and I haven't had a trade ship through 2 seasons.