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Misc. Robots
Mod, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5
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Jul 14, 2016 @ 2:22pm
Mar 23 @ 2:35pm
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Misc. Robots

This mod adds some robots to buy from traders:

- Haulingbot
A small drone to help you hauling stuff around
- Cleaningbot
A small robot to help keeping your home clean

The source code for all Miscellaneous mods can be found on my GitHub:

Hint for the load order:
1st: Try the defined load order.
--> If robots still make problems, move Misc. Robots and Misc. Robots++ at the END of your mod list
Misc. Core (Not needed if you only use Misc. Robots)
Misc. ... (--> other Miscellaneous Mods)
Misc. Robots
Misc. Robots++ / other mod depending on Misc. Robots

Known Incompatibilities/Issues:
- Misc Robots is incompatible to Base Robots.
- Misc. Robots is compatible to Deep Storage, but you have to reduce
the required intelligence in the Deep Storage Mod Settings
- Mods that add lots of traders may reduce the chance that you can find a base station
- If you can't repair your robot, make sure that there is enough free space for the ingredients around the base
It needs at least three free spaces!

Special thanks to mrofa and Vas for the graphics.
(Version: 1.5.0)
Language: English, German, Russian, Chinese

Thanks to duduluu and Biscuit for the Chinese translation
Thanks to AlexDeluxe and Well for the Russian translation

- The robots here can be bought, and with the right research, crafted.
-> Since 1.1 you can craft them once you've researched 'Fabrication'
-> Since 1.4 you also need the research 'Standard Mech Tech' (when Biotech is active)
- You can assign them to an area by clicking on the area name in the robot info panel or in the Robots tab.
- Before a fight you are encouraged to recall the robots so they don't accidently wander into the fight area.
- If you want to finetune the robots, there exists a mod thanks to EgotisticalElf: MiscRobots WorkTab Support
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Jan 5, 2023 @ 11:45am
cannot activate any bots at all
Feb 22, 2023 @ 11:06am
All bots work except Kitchen Bot not cutting farms.
Wet Steak
Jan 3, 2023 @ 1:07pm
Worktype error being thrown
PhoenixLabella Apr 15 @ 9:37pm 
Thx for the update!
Fruity Trump Apr 15 @ 8:43pm 
Wolf Apr 13 @ 6:30pm 
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Working on 1.5.
Chicken Kickin Fun Mar 17 @ 8:12am 
1.5 plz?
crazylilthing (Smokes.gg) Feb 28 @ 3:19am 
biotech but for poor people
_Real_Deal_ Feb 24 @ 3:57am 
To be fair, most likely the problem was not in this mod, but in the ADVANCED BIOME mod. Since after I removed it, the robots seem to work well. Overall, the mod is excellent, the main thing is that it does not overload the game’s performance.
crashfly Feb 23 @ 4:30pm 
i do not have a problem with this mod. it does not slow my game down at all. even with upwards of 10 robots of various kinds. seems you might have another mod problem.
_Real_Deal_ Feb 23 @ 7:14am 
When using these robots, the game starts to slow down a lot. Perhaps if you use one or two robots, the game will not freeze, but one or two robots will not help the colony in any way. When 10 robots are launched, the game speed drops from 900 TPS to 60 TPS by more than 10 times. I do not recommend this mod!!! Although the idea of the mod itself is great! It's very unfortunate that this happens!
piderman Feb 21 @ 4:53am 
whenever I activate construction bots one comes out of the station and works but there is still one in the station and I can spawn construction bots