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Misc. Robots
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Jul 14, 2016 @ 2:22pm
Aug 30 @ 2:12pm
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Misc. Robots

This mod adds some robots to buy from traders:

- Haulingbot
A small drone to help you hauling stuff around
- Cleaningbot
A small robot to help keeping your home clean

The source code for all Miscellaneous mods can be found on my GitHub:

Hint for the load order:
1st: Try the defined load order.
--> If robots still make problems, move Misc. Robots and Misc. Robots++ at the END of your mod list
Misc. Core (Not needed if you only use Misc. Robots)
Misc. ... (--> other Miscellaneous Mods)
Misc. Robots
Misc. Robots++ / other mod depending on Misc. Robots

Known Incompatibilities/Issues:
- Misc Robots is incompatible to Base Robots.
- Misc. Robots is compatible to Deep Storage, but you have to reduce
the required intelligence in the Deep Storage Mod Settings
- Mods that add lots of traders may reduce the chance that you can find a base station
- If you can't repair your robot, make sure that there is enough free space for the ingredients around the base
It needs at least three free spaces!

Special thanks to mrofa and Vas for the graphics.
(Version: 1.2.0)
Language: English, German, Russian, Chinese

Thanks to duduluu and Biscuit for the Chinese translation
Thanks to AlexDeluxe and Well for the Russian translation

- The robots here can only be bought, not crafted.
-> New Since 1.1 you can craft them once you've researched 'Fabrication'
- You can assign them to an area by clicking on the area name in the robot info panel or in the Robots tab.
- Before a fight you are encouraged to recall the robots so they don't accidently wander into the fight area.
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Jul 6 @ 9:34pm
weird error
Sep 1 @ 3:17am
Not working right with Z Levels?
Aug 30 @ 2:15pm
stations not showing after purchase
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leviathan Sep 18 @ 1:57pm 
Not sure if it's this mod, but I encountered this error:

World pawn CleaningBot 3 has been discarded while still being a world pawn. This should never happen, because discard destroy mode means that the pawn is no longer managed by anything. Pawn should have been removed from the world first.
Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)

This happaned when I was blowing a lot of stuff up, specifically with the chemful barrel from vanilla forniture expanded - security module.
jmcedesign Sep 18 @ 8:14am 
Do miner bots work with the quarry mod? Im trying to use one now and it wont do anything not even regular mining it just says standing. Im using the prisoner labor mod but i dont have it covering what i want the bot to do. Is this a known issue? Also is there anyway to fix this?
marccharlton4 Sep 18 @ 12:56am 
my mistake about "standing" robots. It was from the prisoner only area from the prison labor mod covering all jobs.
Dave The Sheep Sep 17 @ 8:31am 
@Nehtiyalyr I'm also getting the 'standing' issue with two Builder bots. I'm trying to figure out what mod conflicts with this one. Did you ever get to the bottom of your issue?
Nay Sep 16 @ 5:14am 
Hello, I want to address a big balance issue I have with the 1.1 update you've released. When crafting the robots, the cost of ingredients is massively lower than the value of the robot created. Currently it costs $536 worth of ingredients, but the robot created is valued at $1750.
I understand you would like the created robot to be values a bit more than ingredient costs, due to the required research and skill to be able to craft it, but you've created a ridiuclous money maker. I believe you should up the required ingredients till it is closer to the value of the robot. Mainly so purchasing robots early stays expensive (as it should be).
If you increase the Plasteel 20 -> 50; the steel 150 -> 250; and the components 6 -> 10; then the cost of creating a robot would be roughly $1245, allowing for a $500 profit.
Thanks for your time and making such a great mod!
Firestorm Sep 16 @ 2:23am 
@Marccharlton4 post your debug log or the modder can't help you
marccharlton4 Sep 16 @ 12:47am 
My hauler bots just sit at their station even though there are tons of jobs. The cleaning bot works though.
TheRealCopyCat Sep 12 @ 5:11am 
@Kernyx I've had this happen before in the past. Can't remember the mods I had at the time. A workaround I found was to have a colonist pick up just 1 station, let them move away and force them to drop it. Then you can have that one set to be installed.
Firestorm Sep 12 @ 5:09am 
However I doubt it is down to deep storage if this stack of robots was not in a storage unit.
Firestorm Sep 12 @ 5:08am 
uff did not check that for grammar but i cant be arsed to do it again