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Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Coop
Scenario Type: Infantry
Scenario Map: Altis
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Jun 27, 2016 @ 12:24pm
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### This COOP-mission work as SP as well but use MULTIPLAYER-browser. FCSP = Frontline Commander Strategy Playground-mission concept. Complete the tasks creatively without civilians getting killed! INFO:

In the centre of the village, at the church, Blufor has a small base where a handful scientists has escaped from Opfor. Their safety is now seriously compromised since Opfor suddenly perform a bit fragmented, but still dangerous attack against the village using infantry infiltration units, vehicle units, air-units and boat units! Defend the life's of the VIP's but also the civilians in the city! Intel also says infantry infiltration bring civilians with them as human shield hostage meaning using mortars against those unit's is NOT recommended!

### STRATEGY HINT: This mission have a most of all an urban (small village) combat theme since the defending of the civilians there are main objective. In any case recon are central; the use of drones for intel are higly recommended (to be able to that first add an UAV-terminal from boxes or vehichles with ammo storage - the VAS-system).

MISSION DURATION: About 1 to 2 hours.

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### FCSP-CONCEPT INFO: The shortening ‘FCSP’ stands for the ‘Frontline Commander Strategy Playground’-mission concept. The word ‘Commander’ signifies that these missions are centered around the commander which means one player MUST know how to use that role. At game start the different units, both friends (Blufor) and foes (Opfor) are placed on semi random locations and the strategies to complete the tasks have to be built from that. In other words quite many different possible start conditions. The combat map are central and gives info about stuff that can be used creatively during game play. Continuous live intel-messages on the screen creates situation awareness on what is going on in the landscape and are necessary to be focused on so the planing are updated to actual conditions

# The commander have quite many resources (different kind of units) but note; no vehicles (manned/unmanned) will respawn so combat ‘resource planning’ is central! For example: It may be a bad idea to waste all air units immediately by sending them into a heavily AA-area.

# In most missions the commander are bossing over it’s own infantry group and sometimes another one. Above that attack chopper units, fighter jet units, tank units and you could - by using the options in the support menu also use support functions as artillery (real and movable groups, not virtual = have to be protected from air attacks), call for supply drop and call for helicopter transport

# An important factor for the ‘Strategy’-aspect is that great concern are also given to save civilian lives. If a certain amount of civilians die the missions will be classified as failure meaning the round will aborted.

# The words ‘Strategy Playground’ are referring to that the mission concept encourage to have fun with testing different strategies each round: How will the game play feeling be and the outcome number of respawns, civilians casualties, downed Opfor units change with other strategies on how to use all resources/units and mission start locations, weather and time of day? The concept is about ‘play-evaluate-experiment’!

# The word ‘Playground’ also refers to that hard core realism isn’t the main aim; instead the feeling of unpredictable ‘adventure’ is using a ‘sandbox’-thinking! For example resources of different kind can be found in the landscape (often marked on map) to prevent things are running meaninglessly hard; It’s not fun if nearest ammo depot or vehicle is 3 hours walk from your current location... Of the same reason, after you eventually are being killed, you don’t respawn at base; instead you respawn at random location not far from the point of being killed. With this respawn concept the death ‘costs’ waiting-for-respawn-time and interrupts what you are doing but not totally disturbs the game flow which respawning at base tends to do.

### CREATOR/CREDITS: This mission is one of a collection of official released missions for Arma by me who is new to mission edititing. I’am an art/design and concept person, not a programmer/coder, but with help from the Bohemia Community in general and in particular SaOk[FIN], (the creator of epic ‘Whole Lotta Altis’) I got solutions to a lot of coding trouble making this.