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[WOOD] Building Assets
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Item Type: Structure
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Jun 23, 2016 @ 10:59pm
Jul 8, 2017 @ 6:12pm
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[WOOD] Building Assets

Some delightful new wood structures utilizing the same building materials as wood structures.


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All of the items in this pack are CRAFTABLE.

To use in game, you can find them with basic crafting skills using the same recipes as the existing Maple, Birch, and Pine.

Game/Server Command:
@give [player]/[itemID]/[amount]
/give [player]/[itemID]/[amount]

PLEASE NOTE -- This pack is for the WOOD structures only. When metal and brick are released, they will be in a separate pack altogether.

ID Material Asset
5301 Maple Floor
5302 Maple Wall
5303 Maple Rampart
5304 Maple Window
5305 Maple Doorway
5306 Maple Garage
5307 Maple Roof
5308 Maple Canvas Roof
5309 Maple Hole
5310 Maple Pillar
5311 Maple Foundation Pillar
5312 Maple Post
5313 Maple Foundation Post
5314 Maple Stairs (L)
5315 Maple Stairs (R)
5316 Maple Stairs

5317 Birch Floor
5318 Birch Wall
5319 Birch Rampart
5320 Birch Window
5321 Birch Doorway
5322 Birch Garage
5323 Birch Roof
5324 Birch Canvas Roof
5325 Birch Hole
5326 Birch Pillar
5327 Birch Foundation Pillar
5328 Birch Post
5329 Birch Foundation Post
5330 Birch Stairs (L)
5331 Birch Stairs (R)
5332 Birch Stairs

5333 Pine Floor
5334 Pine Wall
5335 Pine Rampart
5336 Pine Window
5337 Pine Doorway
5338 Pine Garage
5339 Pine Roof
5340 Pine Canvas Roof
5341 Pine Hole
5342 Pine Pillar
5343 Pine Foundation Pillar
5344 Pine Post
5345 Pine Foundation Post
5346 Pine Stairs (L)
5347 Pine Stairs (R)
5348 Pine Stairs

5349 Maple Peak Canvas
5350 Maple Peak Canvas (no supports)
5351 Maple Peak Canvas (right siding)
5352 Maple Peak Canvas (left siding)
5353 Maple Peak Canvas (double siding)

5354 Birch Peak Canvas
5355 Birch Peak Canvas (no supports)
5356 Birch Peak Canvas (right siding)
5357 Birch Peak Canvas (left siding)
5358 Birch Peak Canvas (double siding)

5359 Pine Peak Canvas
5360 Pine Peak Canvas (no supports)
5361 Pine Peak Canvas (right siding)
5362 Pine Peak Canvas (left siding)
5363 Pine Peak Canvas (double siding)

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tincankemek Nov 9 @ 9:44pm 
i love this mod like the metal building mod u created... i just want you to know that how much cool if the metal building mod get the same design as wood hole and stair (L) and stair (R), by the way i wish there will be update to allow the use of stair (L) or (R) with wood hole..Yes we can use it now...but at the top of the stair we need to jump to get to wood hole...sorry for my english...nice mod..i will wait any update on metal or wood building mod
🦃 Cheesecake© Nov 8 @ 4:04pm 
@Lt Wolf, you do realize that there are already ladders, hatches, gates, and doubledoors in the base game and the author probably thought that those would already go along with this mod right?
Also, railing walls for the stairs (r) and stairs (l) with complementary ramparts would be really nice.
DerpyGamez Nov 8 @ 2:29pm 
For some reason I can only craft certain Buildables, for example, I can only craft Pine Roof's, Walls and Rampparts, can someone tell me why?
MrFlux Nov 4 @ 7:30am 
whats the crafting recipe?
roll4charm  [author] Oct 30 @ 1:47pm 
That might be something to do with a newer version of the game. Did yiu trying subscribing to the mod in a browser or in the steam app?
yaelcraft225 Oct 30 @ 12:13pm 
Yesterday i delet all game files for restart with a stable game, but when i try to subscribe for download the mod, it doesn't dl it ... if you know why ? pls

(this bug only with some mods that are a bit old i think)
Kaine Coombs Oct 27 @ 1:49pm 
ramp wall pls
Hanah-Jane Oct 17 @ 1:03am 
How do you make a "trap door" to use on the wood hole?
John Denver Sep 28 @ 1:48pm 
I'm trying to make a harbour but i can't get a "Roof" or a "Floor" onto the staircase, and it only goes up to the air :I...
ClipsGaming Sep 25 @ 2:31pm 
I mean, Nykex did, as long as you display the mod name in the description...