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Мини-Моды на Скайрим
Здесь я собираю различные модификации на The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

(Не такие, вроде шлема курицы или скина человека-паука), а хорошие, графические моды, также на новые локации, новых животных и всего в таком плане.

Ниже в комментариях я укажу ссылки, а также информацию о модах которых нет в steam!

P.S. Модов не будет много. Это скорее такой маленький набор для приятной игры. =)
Items (65)
Milky Way Galaxy Texture
Created by THyRoID
This mod simply replaces the original Skyrim galaxy texture with an actual image of our own Milky Way galaxy. The rest of the sky elements (stars, auroras, moons) remain vanilla and function as they normally do.

This mod should also work with any other...
Earth and Moon Pack
Created by TrentisN
[Non-Lore Friendly]

This one mod adds both the Earth (as masser) and the Moon (as secunda).

Earth is massive and awesomely rigged with glow and the lights visible on the darkside. The moon is also pretty big.

Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
Created by BakaKemono
A blood overhaul mod

Bloodier combat experience with higher resolution and detailed textures. Additional features such as killmove animation spasms, blood drops when low health, damage based blood amount, blood pools, and green blood for spiders and oil...
Skyrim Weather Beautification
Created by Killthealias
This mod overhauls the weather across Skyrim, adding more pleasant weather. Including less rainstorms, fewer snowstorms, more auroras, and the presence of occasional "godly" skyboxes.

Please note that this mod is incompatible with any other weather cha...
Chewiemuse's Dense Grass
Created by Chewiemuse
This is the Final message update I am leaving on here. If you have any issues with the mod or compatibility leave a comment I will try to help you. Im trying to gauge which mods are incompatible with this mod right now, its been 2 years since Ive worked on...
HD Plants + Herbs
Created by Dartanis
I made this for you. Please "Like" it. :)

Some of those color splotches on the ground of skyrim are supposed to be flowers, so I made them look like flowers.

In an ever ongoing effort to make skyrim more beautiful, here are a few hi-resolution (10...
Pure Waters
Created by Laast
1 000 000+ actual subscribers!!!


Révision 13 - 16 oct 2014
- Complete recast of the original mod.

This is a pure, clean, and natural water, as it should be in the cold mountains of Skyrim. This mod provides water with complete overhau...
HQ snow texture
Created by Erik1988
There is a new version for Special Edition available here (Nexus):

Make sure to check it out!


I was hoping to get a more crystallized look on the snow and make it feel more cold.
Deeper Snow (More Snow)
Created by Zappoo
This Mods adds more Snow to Skyrim especially Snow Storms are very Snowy :) Update - Now this Mod comes with WindFX when it Snow´s heavy!

For even more Snow and Wind in this mod you can also check
Bokeh Sun
Created by Anton


Since even my pc can not handle ENB that well, i have decided to make the sun effects from ENB for skyrim by replacing the sun glare with my self made bokeh/lens flar...
Birds and Flocks
Created by Kazoomie
-- NOTICE 10/25/2016 --

Unfortunately, I don't have time to continue offering further support/updates for my mods. I am unaware at this time how mods like this one will work with the Skyrim Remaster which is due out in a few days, but I am posting this ...
The Lookout
Created by flashyraccoon
Latest Version: 2.2

1) Description
2) Q&A
3) My other mods
4) Change log

***** this mod was cleaned with TES5Edit v. 3.1.1 *****



Own the best view in all ...
The Eyes Of Beauty
Created by LogRaam
70+ New eyes textures.

Textures for all races....
Kail - The Follower
Created by Boacha
***Remember If you like this follower please rate. TY~!***

Kail is a Nord. Combat Ranger.

Combat Style WE Assassin Missle

He can be found upstairs in the Gray Pine Goods store of Falkreath.

Comes with the hunter outfit, and also enchanted ebon...
Men's Underwear Replacer
Created by c-pin
Plugin replace the men's underwear. Plugin based on the model from "Just for Fun CM PUNK by NEO" and textures from "Improved NPC Clothing - High Res".


Plugin is compatible with any body retextures. Partially compatible with FavoredSou...
Revamped Alchemy Lab HD
Created by qtfemboi
Revamps the look of the Alchemy lab in Skyrim.
New HD meshes & textures, animated burner flames, better mesh topologies and texture mapping that avoids stretching of textures on the glass alembics, etc...

*New burner animated flames
CRX - Cooking Recipes Expansion
Created by Devious
Cooking Recipes Expansion (CRX, formely named Dovahcook) aims to turn the futile exercice of cooking in Skyrim into a worthy complement to alchemical crafting. CRX currently adds 40 lore-friendly new food and drinks recipes, ranging from the humble skeever...
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
Created by Arthmoor
This mod is no longer being supported and will receive no further updates. We have moved on to the Special Edition.

A comprehensive bugfixing mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition. The goal of the Unofficial Skyri...
Improved Interior Lighting (For Realistic Lighting Mods)
Created by Sovereign
This Mod updates certain interior spaces with more realistic lighting solutions to better mimic ambient lighting caused by smaller enclosed spaces. Also adds a few personal stylistic alterations to improve visual interest in certain areas.

The Temple of Time with Master Sword [UPDATED]
Created by Ozzymänder
WARNING: Due to a lack of time (I'm focusing on the SE edition) I will no longer support this mod. The Special Edition can be found on and SSE Nexus. I'm sorry, I just don't have enough time :(


- - - CHRIST...
Staves of Skyrim
Created by Sadrin
☼ Staves of Skyrim ☼

A Staff Mod for TES V: Skyrim

☼ Features ☼
= 30 New Staves added to the game! = 15 new models and textures, plus new textures for the default models
= Defensive Staves! = No longer feel your mage has to carry a shield around t...
Faction Crossbows
Created by Deserter
Faction Crossbows adds a craftable crossbow, unique quiver and four types of bolts for each of the following factions:
Companions, Dawnguard, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Imperial Legion and Stormcloaks.

2K Texture version can be downloaded from [u...
Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
Created by Tomato
SSE version here (not 100% certain on stability):

*** Please take a brief moment to read this description before asking questions in comments ***

Also available at [url=skyrim.nexusmods...
Useful Dogs
Created by Sagittarius

Ever wanted your dog in Skyrim to behave like Dogmeat (Fallout 3) ? AKA, ever wanted to give your dog an order to find items, ammo, etc. ? Well now you ...
It's Christmas in Skyrim
Created by Jijjy
Also on Skyrim Nexus -

Now with Snowberry wreath 'tinsel'

UPDATE - Actors near the christmas trees in and outside the blue palace in solitude are placed and move a bit awkwardly, i'm guessing this is because the...
The Ashbringers
Created by johnskyrim
Check out my newest mod: The Godswords of Gielinor (Runescape)!



The Ashbringer and Corrupted Ashbringer are base...
Revamped Mystic Tuning Gloves HD
Created by qtfemboi
HD replacer for the Mystic Tuning Gloves you acquire from the
radiant quests you get from Drevis Neloren.

Mod features:
-2k texture map resolution.
-More bling.

Reference for what the vanilla asset looks like originally:

Drakul Armor
Created by SatyrTitan
This mod add a new set of High Resolution heavy Armor to the game.It is Male only.The drakul armor also armor has a capeless version of the cuirass.

*Drakul Armor Defense Base Ratings:


*Where to find ...
Created by johnskyrim


Doomhammer is a legendary relic that was originally crafted on a distant planet. It has been passed down through generations of Orc and now its power serves to protect the Frostwolf Clan. A port...
Beast Skeletons
This mod adds new types of skeletons Argonian , Khajiit , Orc and Elves ...

The Inspiration comes from Lizard Skull and Cat skull , since it seemed to me strange to have many Races around in Tamriel but just human skeleton types I tought this needed a ...
Lion Horse
Created by jackGa
Location: High Hrothgar ... be carefully

*** NO need ask permission for everything you want ***

1/ Steam (subscribe is Okay and it will auto download, but no esp)
2/ open skyrim Launcher, and click data option, it will auto downl...
Create Your Own Pyramid
Create Your Own Pyramid:
CYO Pyramid
by: M7

Part 3: of my CYO Series [CYO Town, Castle]:

You've always wanted to visit the Pyramids of Aegyptus, so now you can by building your own. With local resources in the Supply Chest or Gener...
Akaviri Samurai House
Created by Grey Wolf Jack

Akaviri House - A peaceful, little Japanese-styled starter shelter with a serene view located near the entrance to Riverwood. Most of the armor and weapons can be crafted. This is a re-release of one of my first 5 star mods (Samurai Uchi...
Skyrim Chess
Created by Dog
Skyrim Chess is a mod that brings chess to Skyrim. It's fully playable and games can be restarted at the press of a button. To install, just hit the green subscribe button and Steam will take care of the rest. This mod doesn't require the script extender. ...
Monster Mounts (Montures Monstres) 2.6.6
Created by gg77
The 87 mounts are in the Whiterun area (near the Whiterun stables and the Honningbrew Meadery)

No DLC required !

Thanks to Testiger2 and XP32 for the Sabrecat Idle Animation Fix [] ("Permission : F...
Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
Created by Turn_on_a_Dime
This simple mod adds quest markers to all 24 of the Stones of Barenziah (Unusual Gems) that you need to find/collect for the "No Stone Unturned" quest.
The markers are only added after you take an "Unusual Gem" to Vex, and she gives you the objective to f...
Lockpicking Measurement Vision
Created by DasMatze
This is a simple texture modification that helps you picking more difficult locks by adding glowing lines.

If it looks too futuristic to you, download these instead:

I won't change a thing about ...
Dragon Wisdom
Created by @Dystopiatic
# *READ MORE* <---- Awesome mod!!! #
The Field Lab
Created by Emperor11
A floating Telvanni field lab (player home) that can be summoned anywhere in the world.

This plug-in gives the player access to a unique, magic artifact: the field lab of Divayth Fyr – an ancient and powerful Telvanni mage from Vvardenfell...
Shack on a Tropical Island
Created by TheOtherGuy
Have you ever wanted to feel relax, well in this mod you can just slowly walk through your tropical islands with a new peaceful soundtrack. This is another one of my shack mods, but a lot different. It features a shack on a tropical island! T...
The Asteria - Dwemer Airship
Created by Mattcm919
\\The Asteria - Dwemer Airship//

Thankyou to everyone who has downloaded and rated The Asteria! All of your encouragment and support means alot to me! However, I am no longer modding skyrim and have no future plans to support any of my mods.

Before a...
Summonable Followers Dawnguard Dragonborn Edition 8.5
Created by gg77
**************************The DLCs Dawnguard/Dragonborn are required**************************

ATTENTION: If you have not the DLCs, you MUST ONLY download the Summonable Followers NO...
Fishing In Skyrim 1.00
Created by Arod Snaux
Adds working fishing poles, nets, dwarven boomfishing, working fishing gear, and many other fishing-themed goodies to Skyrim. Stop trying to grab fish with your bare hands! Look for a free pole and net in a rowboat on the Riften canal, or talk to local gen...
Riverwood Enhanced
Created by Rigor Mortis

NOTICE: Do not install this if you plan to do the main questline.

Ah Riverwood. The first town that you visit really leaves a mark on you. Leaves a great memory of kind people and a place where you can go to get to a black...
Created by snakster
Elegant, PC-friendly UI mod for Skyrim with many advanced features. All improvements seamlessly integrate with the style of the original interface. Version 5 includes better crafting, enchanting, alchemy and smithing menus and several other enhancements.
Skyrim No Shadows and FPS Fix
Created by D474TH3D357R0Y3R
If you have already tried "Skyrim: Shadows and FPS Fix," and still have problems with your framerate, performance, or just don't feel your gameplay is smooth enough, then you have found what you are looking for. This modification completely eliminates shad...
Spawn Dragons and Live in Winterhold Tower (No Load Doors)
Created by Data1B42
Winterhold Tower player home with No Load Doors.
Marked on map for fast travel.

Spawn immersive and epic dragon fights from your tower. Feel the true power of being Dragonborn.
Read note by bed to learn more about the Dragon Call Totem.

No DLC nec...
Matys Medieval Knights
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds
Created by Cliffworms
The Wilds focuses on adding sound effects in Skyrim's wilderness. With the 115 new sound effects, the purpose of The Wilds is to audibly enlarge Skyrim's fauna with the addition of various animals, birds and insects that play according to weather, time of ...
Tales of Intrigue: Chasing Memories
Created by Comrade Homer

Welcome to the first installment in the Tales of Intrigue series. Throughout this collection of loosely connected adventures, I'll be placing you in the middle of the most bizarre situations throughout Skyrim. S...
Halls of Dovahndor
Created by Okiir
(see Nexus page)

Halls of Dovahndor

Player Home by Okiir


Asgard hall (Outdated)
Created by ashleyclark1
A simple home for any new or experienced character. A lot of safe storage, a forge area, planting of ingredients, alchemy, enchanting, and much more. There is also a hidden room. The home is across from the Battle-Born farm.

Do not forget to giv
New House Decorations
Created by Lt Todd
28 new buyable items for you to arrange in your house. Redecorate without using the Creation Kit. These items were converted from static Skyrim scenery to purchasable, placeable items.

Currently, they can be found in Whiterun at "Belethor's General Go...
Enhanced Cities: More Bees
Created by matthieu6839
Add more bees in Skyrim! If you enjoy this mod, please rate, subscribe and favorite it .

Now avalaible :
Enhanced Cities: Morthal
Enhanced Cities: Docks of Solitude
Created by matthieu6839
Add many details to the docks of Solitude and make them beautiful! If you enjoy this mod, please rate, subscribe and favorite it .

Now avalaible :
Enhanced Cities: Morthal [...
House Decorations: Plants & Flowers
Created by Lt Todd
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Vendors changed. These plants can now be found in Whiterun at "Arcadia's Cauldron", and in Solitude at "Angeline's Aromatics." There was a compatibility issue with my other set of house decorations.

14 plants and flowers in various...
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Riften
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Riften
Make Riften beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Riften, including:
  • Trees (Featuring new models thanks to GKB Trees)
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
  • Gener
Towns and Villages Enhanced - Riverwood
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Riverwood
Make Riverwood (more) beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Riverwood, including:
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
  • General Flora
  • Light source
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Falkreath
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Falkreath
Make Falkreath beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Falkreath, including:
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
  • General Flora
  • Light sources
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Solitude
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Solitude
Make Solitude beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Solitude, including:
  • Trees (Featuring new models thanks to GKB Trees)
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Windhelm
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Windhelm
Make Windhelm beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Windhelm, including:
  • Trees (Featuring new models thanks to GKB Trees)
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Whiterun
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Whiterun
Make Whiterun beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Whiterun, including:
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
  • General Flora
  • Light sources
  • Arch
Caravanserai Wardrobe Storm Walker Edition
Created by SingularReaper
Storm Walker Version

(Blues, Silvers, Greys and White)

All meshes and textures by SagittariusMoon

There are four colors uploaded onto the Workshop. Look for them all an...
DragonBorn House - Casa del Sangre de Dragon
Created by legenDarío
Hey guys this is my first mod in skyrim soo.. there a couple bugs(SHELTER, STORAGES, NAV MESH but i will be updaten the mod. The house is in riverwood in front of sleeping giant close to alvor's house i hope you like it.

Next Update
< >
Husky | Fox In Wonderland  [author] Jan 17 @ 1:09pm 
Новые животные! []

Краткий список новых животных.

Доисторические Кошки
Большие кошки
Газель и антилопы
и многое другое.
Husky | Fox In Wonderland  [author] Jan 17 @ 1:08pm 
Сбалансированный ENB []

Сбалансированный ENB с хорошей производительностью. Неяркие цвета, которые не портят гамму игры, детальные тени, эффект размытия, темные ночи и подземелья.
Husky | Fox In Wonderland  [author] Aug 9, 2017 @ 10:22pm 
Husky | Fox In Wonderland  [author] Aug 9, 2017 @ 10:21pm 
(Мод ниже)
Школа включает в себя:

-главное здание, где проходят обучения студентов, чтение лекций и хранятся многочисленные книги различных авторов;
-поле для игры в Квиддич (не обольщайтесь - поиграть вам никто не разрешит);
-4 башни, где живут студенты: красная, синяя, зеленая и желтая;
-запретный лес - там вы найдете очень большое количество противников средней силы, ну и пожалуй все...
Husky | Fox In Wonderland  [author] Aug 9, 2017 @ 10:20pm 
Husky | Fox In Wonderland  [author] Aug 9, 2017 @ 7:13pm 
(Мод ниже)
Обеденная зона.
Библиотека и комната для крафта.
Комната с витринами для уникальных предметов.
Спальня для вашего ГГ, детская комната (6 спальных мест), гостевые комнаты (5 спальных мест).
Бассейн/зона отдыха.
Авто раздевание NPC для бассейна/ванны. Есть кнопка для включения/отключения функции автоматического раздевания NPC в главной спальне.
Жители. Есть кнопка для включения/выключения NPC, поэтому если вы хотите чтобы не было коренных NPC в замке, то отключите их, если хотите чтобы были, то активируйте. Кнопка в главной спальне.
Husky | Fox In Wonderland  [author] Aug 9, 2017 @ 7:11pm 
(Мод ниже)
В игре Skyrim, в локации Предел, возле Душник-Йала, строители возвели "Айлейдскую резиденцию", которая выставлена на продажу, цена не большая, всего каких то 15000 золотых, что это за деньги для Довакина, тем более замок оправдывает средства. В резиденции много места для хранения вещей и витрин для уникальных предметов, манекены, стойки для оружия, стеллажи и витрины. Есть также два охранника внутри резиденции.
Husky | Fox In Wonderland  [author] Aug 9, 2017 @ 7:10pm 
Husky | Fox In Wonderland  [author] Aug 9, 2017 @ 7:09pm 
(Мод ниже)
Что нового:
Переделан огонь маяка - теперь его видно с очень большого расстояния.
Улучшен ИИ смотрителя.
Доработаны модели, исправлены ошибки и т. п.
Husky | Fox In Wonderland  [author] Aug 9, 2017 @ 7:09pm 
(Мод ниже)
Величественная башня маяка расположена на скале в устье Белой Реки, и является важным ориентиром на судоходном пути, ведущем в оживленный порт Виндхельма. Смотритель каждую ночь создает на вершине башни магический свет, позволяющий морякам избежать опасностей плавания в негостеприимных, суровых водах. Загляните на огонек к смотрителю – подходящие лодки находятся рядом с разоренным лагерем.