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Resource Crops
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Resource Crops

Adds In Growable Resources
Mod Id=700624475

Note This is not intended for PVP use if you want to use this in a pvp environment I recommend reading the ini settings.

They are all based on normal crops and will be modified by anything in the ini that modifies crop growth
Plant The Magical Seed to get the Magical Einsessen
Zweiessen is an upgrade to Einsessen
Dreiessen is an upgrade to Zweiessen
Vieressen is an upgrade to Dreiessen
Funessen is an upgrade to Vieressen
Spawn Codes and other information


Essence Crafters automatically upgrades the essence

Mega Crafter: Auto collects all crop items that are not seeds or fertilizer and auto upgrades the essence, compresses items to allow for better stacking

Uncompressor crafter uncompresses items

Magic Fertilizer: 10 times better than normal fertilizer

Magic Crop Plot: More Inventory space higher greenhouse effect also only needs 1 ceiling

Robo Beetle: Robotic Dung Beetle is a placeable structure that mimics the internal digestive juices in a normal dungbeetle making Magic fertilizer from poop. It collects poop, and puts into all crop plots only when powered, it is also configurable

Forges: upgrades of the normal industrial forge still requires gass

Spoiling bin: spoils raw meat but makes spoiled meat last longer, uses spark powder to run.

Magic water tank: acts like a water reservoir. Place on a pipe and it stays full of water, it waters crops and provides a greenhouse effect to crops.

Potion Table: Used to craft potions, put in spark powder to turn on
Health potion: heals 400 health
Negative potion: Future Plans with it.
2x potion: Future plans with it.
Instant death potion: sets player or dino hp to 0 takes 1 punch to kill
Rainbow potion: only works on dinos changes the color region
Sleepytime potion: full topor and no food
Quality buff potion: buffs quality of hotbar and equipped items so from primitive to ramshackle or others use in a dino to buff the saddle

Pooptron: Enable wander to poop, good crop defender
Bosses: There are 3 bosses They are designed to give you one hell of a fight if youre really having difficulties try their demigod brother or auto turrets work, they can give any seed i have added and are the only way to obtain the ultimate seed


All of my crop plots use this formula to determine how much of 1type item you get
CropProductionRateSec= how often it is called
CropAmountMultiplier= the amount of the item before any boost is considered
X=To the tier of the plot 1 for zwei 2 for drei 3 for vier and 4 for fun


Add to gameusersettings.ini to config
Default values shown


Disable items Crafting Removes them from the Seed Bench crafting
Note only Seed Bench Recipes will be removed but can still learn the engram
[Resource Crops Disable Items]

Disables items from being produced by the Tech 2.0 plot
[Tech 2.0 Disable Items]

Allows server owners to add any item to be able to be produced by the tech 2.0 plot
[Tech 2.0 Whitelist Items]

MOD Support
If you are a mod author and do not want one of your items to be produced by the tech 2.0 plot
set the can be blueprint varriable in the item to true
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How do I adjust the speed of 2.0 replication?
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Hey @Kyream,

Please update this mod!!

Thank you
Gangster Jul 18 @ 10:20am 
hey i tried to increase the growing rate, like the amount of for example electronic you get per minute but it does not seem to work. can someone help me please?
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Hey @Kyream,

Please update this mod!!

Thank you
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Hey @Kyream,

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