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Garry's Mod

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[Official] Spacebuild 3 (3.2.0)
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May 29, 2016 @ 11:35pm
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[Official] Spacebuild 3 (3.2.0)

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Garry's Mod Spacebuild Project

Please don't add us to friends for general conversation about SB or GMOD, use the forums or discord server!

Discord Server -



Facepunch Forum Thread![]

Spacebuild News

SBEP is on the workshop, check below for the link!
The new Spacebuild is getting close to dev testing!

What is Spacebuild?

Build spaceships and land on distant worlds, perhaps building settlements or space stations. It comes with one demo map which you can download from the github repository which includes all of the near-solar terrestrial planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth(and Moon), Mars(and moons.) Gravity only applies when standing on a planet, and the Moon has less than half normal gravity. Mercury is so close to the sun that you will receive burning damage if you do not find shade quickly. It is difficult to build due to the planet's instability causing frequent tremors. Venus has such a heavy atmosphere that you will be instantly crushed if you venture onto the surface without a Life Support System(Air Exchanger) to stabilize your atmospheric pressure. Both Earth and Mars have regular day and night cycles, though Earth's atmosphere is so thick that you cannot see anything in space during the daytime, while on Mars you can faintly see the outline of objects and other planets in the ruddy daytime atmospheric haze.

From the Original FP Thread by Shanjaq[]

How To Use

Spacebuild 3 is not like a normal gamemode, once you subscribe to it and start up a spacebuild map (any map with "sb_" in it's name) it will load, Here is sb_gooniverse, one of spacebuilds more memorable maps.

Subscribe to SBEP for more models, tools and more!


Solar System Map Download[]

The Gihub Repository will always be newer than the workshop version, it is synced with it on major changes. If you can, you really should use github and clone it, and run a pull each day to make sure you have the latest version!

You can find it here, just click on the github logo below!



Git/Svn Clone Link :

If you feel like you want to contribute to the ongoing Spacebuild Project you can head over to its Github page located below and fork it out!

Active Contributors


Other Contributors
SeikiMatt - Logo
Kytuzian - YouTube video



Check the Issue Tracker[] before you report any bugs as they may be listed there!

If you are having issues, It is probable that your server or the server you play on has an outdated version of Spacebuild 3 or is not using the official version. Please make sure you are using this version!

If you are experiencing errors, please Please post them in the error reporting Discussion!

Please dont leave bug reports in the comments!


Comments are pruned to keep it clean
Stupid comments will be deleted promptly.
If you leave a bug report in the comments, it will be deleted.
If you leave a bug report without explaining what it is, it will be deleted
Spacebuild 3 is licensed under Apache License Version 2.0. If you would like to read the license check here!
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[XTT] General Wrex
< >
Oreo_the_dog3 May 18 @ 4:39pm 
how to rotate doors?
Famous5000 Apr 17 @ 6:06pm 
So I found the solution. Load *literally* any SB map, and then it will work.
Famous5000 Mar 25 @ 2:37am 
There doesn't appear to be any way to spawn generators, each time I try I get the error "caf_tool_disabled", and I can't figure out how to enable it...
Kupie Mar 16 @ 2:16pm 
Any recommended addons for things taking damage these days? Just noticed the fusion generators don't blow up (just trying in single player) like I remember them from 10+ years ago
promasterpice22 Mar 9 @ 9:55am 
What maps are used in the title, and images?
Also for anybody wondering whte the CAF tab is, its for the tool gun.
tfengie Aug 8, 2022 @ 6:23pm 
um guys the water pump doesnt work
Legalize-Nuclear-Bombs Aug 7, 2022 @ 4:32pm 
CAF is the tab you need
98% sure
Flat Jul 18, 2022 @ 11:54am 
How do I spawn spacebuild props? there is no tab for them
flopp Jun 20, 2022 @ 11:28pm 
Theres no spacebuild tab. Whats up with that?
CassieCatGaming May 29, 2022 @ 1:28pm 
is there any way to turn off things like oxygen? it's kinda annoying when I wanna build submarines and stuff.