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THE EMPIRE OF SIGMAR - New Units (For Most Factions!)
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May 26, 2016 @ 3:11pm
Aug 2, 2016 @ 10:43pm
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THE EMPIRE OF SIGMAR - New Units (For Most Factions!)


THIS VERSION IS NOW OBSELETE AND WILL NOT BE UPDATED. Please follow the above link to gain accessed to the new and improved version, WAR FOR THE OLD WORLD.

As a result of the update, we have lost someone very dear to our hearts. May the Bonegrinder Giant rest in peace (quite frankly, he was too OP anyways).

This is a simple mod that adds a handful of new units from the lore into the game. Among these new units are:

Nuln Engineers with Repeater Handguns
Nuln Engineers with Grenade Launchers
Dismounted Reiksguard
Dismounted Reiksguard Halberdiers
Dismounted Reiksguard with Great Weapons
Inner Circle Knights
Knights Panther
Knights of the Blazing Sun
Knights of Morr
Teutogen Guard
Altdorf Company of Honor
Voland's Venators
Braganza's Besiegers
Ricco's Republican Guard
Marksmen of Miragliano
Battle Pilgrims
Carroburg Greatswords
Death's Heads
Empire Marksmen
Mounted Skeletons
Grave Guard Halberdiers
Orc Spear Boyz
Orc Big 'Uns with Great Weapons
Orc Big 'Uns with Shields
Goblin Warband
Black Orcs with Shields
Nuln Engineers with Hochland Long Rifles
Knights Encarmine
Knights Errant
Grail Knights with Great Weapons
Questing Knights
Mounted Swordsmen
Knights of the White Wolf
Chosen Knights
Knights of the Black Grail
Knights of the Black Grail on Hellsteeds
Swords of Ulric
Warrior Priest of Ulric
Master Engineer with Repeater Rifle
Marauder Chieftain

Please note that I used random art (found by Google search) for the unit cards, so this is not intended to infringe on anybody's work. Also do note that I made the Reiksguard units from scratch; I did not use parts from any other mods.

If there are any balancing concerns, please let me know.

*NOTE* - Don't install mods on active saves. Even if it is "save game compatible", it can cause issues, crashes, or corruption. Always start a fresh save. Not compatible with Radious mod, and probably not compatible with the Legendary Lords mod.

Also, thanks to Dance Ninja for fixing the animation problems.


-Yes, I am aware that some of the units aren't a 1-to-1 recreation of tabletop. Many people have already posted about this, so please don't waste my time by adding it onto the heap. I have neither the time nor the patience to model, texture, rig, and convert new unit models into the game, so right now rextextures are the best I've got. I would really love to create tabletop-accurate models, believe me, but unfortunately I don't have the time right now.

-The unit card for Battle Pilgrims does not work for some baffling reason. I tried everything before putting this update out, and nothing worked, so I decided to push it out the door with the broken unit card. It shouldn't be too big of an issue, as the rest of the unit works fine.

-Braganza's Besiegers do not use their shield. This makes me upset, but unfortunately I can't mod the animations. Previous Total War games had the animation files stored in a big .txt file, but now they are using their own file that I have not figured out how to edit yet, so right now, they won't be using shields. I know, I am a failure.

-Balance is still all over the place, so do bear this in mind. As of right now, this mod makes the Empire obscenely strong (in multiplayer anyways, although most of these units are tough to recruit in singleplayer, so you won't see the AI fielding them that often) so do be aware that this mod is really just for fun right now.

-Some Bretonnian models clip pretty badly. I'll just retcon it to be some "magic clothes" or something ridiculous.

-Some unit cards look terrible. I'm sorry.
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