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Tactical Tek Armor & More Ver: 21
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May 23, 2016 @ 1:47am
Nov 6, 2016 @ 5:13pm
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Tactical Tek Armor & More Ver: 21

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Tactical Tek Armor.
MOD ID - 689838254

Multi Function Tek Armor & More!

This is more than just a preview of Studio Wildcards still un-released Tek Tier Items from the DevKit, it adds many additional functions.
(Additions listed below)

Updated with the following:
  • Fixed Giga Laser
  • Fixed ramp crafting
  • Fixed Grenade crafting
  • Fixed auto door & window not moving for other people on server
  • Added Dev's new Rex Laser
  • Added Dev's new jetpack animations
  • Added "wire guided" rockets. (Follows your crosshair)
  • Changed crafting stand look
  • Removed "holding shield" animation from TPV & FPV when accessory equipped
  • Craftable "Faux" Black Pearls & "Synthetic" Angler Gel for Scorched Earth since so hard to find

100% Clean & Stackable! Adds 19 new items, only 3 engrams. Armor items craftable at level 65, Flight Pack level 70, Building level 75 & Giga Laser Level 90.

The costs are high because these items have a lot of high-tek features

New items:
  • Tactical Tek Armor Crafter - Crafts in your inventory - Also works as armor storage
      Craftable when unlocked:
    • Tactical Tek Helmet - 150 Armor - 135 Durability

    • Tactical Tek Gloves - 150 Armor - 135 Durability

    • Tactical Tek Boots - 150 Armor - 135 Durability

    • Tactical Tek Chestpiece - 150 Armor - 135 Durability

    • Tactical Tek Leggings - 150 Armor - 135 Durability

    • Tactical Tek Flight Pack - 10 Armor - 200 Durability

      Building Pack:
    • Tactical Tek Floor - 35k HP

    • Tactical Tek Wall - 25k HP

    • Tactical Tek Wall with Doorway - 25K HP

    • Tactical Tek Door - 17.5k HP

    • Tactical Tek Wall with Window - 25k HP

    • Tactical Tek Window - 17.5k HP

    • Tactical Tek Ceiling - 25k HP

    • Tactical Tek Gate Frame - 25k HP

    • Tactical Tek Gate Door - 25k HP

    • Tactical Tek Pillar - 22.5k HP

      Giga Pack:
    • Tactical Tek Giga Laser Saddle - 50 Armor - 50 Durability

    • Tactical Tek Rex Laser Saddle - 50 Armor - 50 Durability

    • Tactical Tek Giga Laser Ammo - Aprox 350-500 shots
    More info to come soon.

    The helmet and flight pack can be worn with other armor but will not activate boosts without the rest of the tek armor equipped.

    Tactical Tek Armor Controls & Functions:
    • Paintable - Region 6 sets Armor Glow color, Region 1 for Building parts. Building parts must be "bumped" after painting to set color. Will also set on server restart. Some colors work better than others.
    • Alt + F6 = Toggles suit power. Must be on to activate boosts. Power cube required. Will power off if any armor piece or power cube removed.
    • END = Toggles Feature Info screen
      Only one of the following Boosts can be activated at a time.
    • Alt + NumPad 0 = Activates Low Food Consumption - 1/2 Food/Water Drain
    • Alt + NumPad 1 = Activates Heating System - Adds Hypothermal Insulation
    • Alt + NumPad 2 = Activates Speed Boost - +25% Speed Ground
    • Alt + NumPad 3 = Activates Cooling System - Adds Hyperthermal Insulation
    • Alt + NumPad 4 = Activates Damage Resistance - Receive 50% less Damage
    • Alt + NumPad 5 = Activates Stamina Boost - Adds 25 Stamina
    • Alt + NumPad 6 = Activates Melee Damage Boost - Hit 50% Harder
    • Alt + Numpad 7 = Activates Weight Boost - Carry 100 more weight
      The following Boosts Stack with above Boosts. (except Scuba)
    • Alt + L = Toggles Helmet mounted flashlight on & off
    • Alt + NumPad - = Toggles Shoulder Laser on & off
    • Alt + NumPad * = Toggles Guided rockets on & off
    • H or NumPad / = On and off toggle for Night Vision at night & Dimmer during the day
    • Alt + F5 = Toggles Cloaking - Main power must be off and no accessories equipped
    • Alt + F8 = Toggles Flight Mode & Jump boosts on & off when laser equipped, SCUBA when tank equipped
    • Alt + F9 = activates "Anti-Bird" boost - adds 10000 to current weight for 10 seconds to prevent pick up
    • Alt + F10 = Toggles Flamethrower on & off - Requires gasoline in your inventory to fire
      The following boost only works when AdminFlame=True is enabled inGameUserSettings.ini
    • Alt + F7 = Toggles "Power Flame" on & off - Extremely powerful flame that can be used for demoliton & harvesting
      The following functions only work when riding a Giganotosaurus with the Tek Laser saddle equipped. (Rider must have powered Tek armor equipped)
    • N = Toggles Laser on and off - Requires Laser Ammo in Giga inventory.
    • C = Toggles Light on and off

    If you are using GeForce Experience, you will need to disable the "share" option in settings to be able to use the "F" keys

    Durability of flight pack depletes over time while you are airborne. If you run out while airborne, you will drop from the sky.

    Stamina drains when using jump boost. If stamina gets low enough, you will drop from the sky.

    Installation for dedicated server:
    Same as all mods, subscribe then copy this mod's folder (689838254) & the 689838254.mod file from your ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods to your servers Mods folder & add Mod ID - 689838254 to:

    Current version 21

    Click here for spawn codes & other information

    See it in action: 2x Everything, Max Level 185, Many mods - mostly mine.

    Adjustable .ini settings.

    Mod developed by:
    Special Thanks:
    Mezzo & Tao - UE4 Forums & Discord

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thomfamof5 Jul 2 @ 10:58am 
why does it keep saying this freture is not actived on this server
Nuadha Jan 20 @ 12:37am 
Hello i have been using the armor in single player, and i have noticed sever clipping in the neck and collar bone area. Is there a way to fix it in the sliders so that doesn't happen, or is there another mod that makes the player skin invisible while wearing it? Any help will be appreciated
Haufe Aug 4, 2019 @ 11:41pm 
could you publish the source, please?
Officer SEAN Jul 29, 2019 @ 1:22pm 
this shit needs updating badly, armor breaks too easily, even the ones with high durability, like others said taking fall damage and shit. LOL but the mod is 3 year old so there's that. AND NO i'm not going to go on DISCORD. I hate when others suggest to do that or go to Twitter or FB. Not everyone likes those creepy social media companies, thanks though!
Duke of death Feb 12, 2019 @ 8:46am 
why do i take damege from faling then using flight
ExOlympus Dec 22, 2018 @ 12:50pm 
This mod is sick and needs an update. No radiation protection makes aberration feel whack. Either way awesome work. Shame that WC messed up their own resources.
Artorias Abysswalker Nov 25, 2018 @ 2:01am 
hi i have a problem with the jetpack when i use space for jump he flys when i use the jimpbutton from controller he always jumps and dosnt fly can you make an inifile for the mod with keybindingoptionsß?
Artorias Abysswalker Nov 23, 2018 @ 6:35am 
your gear talks like crysis xD can you redesign the gear with the nanosuit like crysis 2?? XD i love the crysis series your gear is great with this talking voice ^^
CorneliusD Nov 9, 2018 @ 6:20pm 
I must say, this tek suit looks much better without the jetpack. Would we nice if this would be implented in the main game as addition.
Adam Christmas Apr 17, 2018 @ 5:40pm 
wont work i dont know y i pressed alt f6 and well it wont tern on so idk