Portal 2

Portal 2

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Aperture Employee of the Moment Award
The Perpetual Testing Initiative (PeTI) is live! Even though most of you will be getting your first sweet taste of test chamber construction today, a lucky few of you have already been beta testing for the last couple of months. An unfair head start? You bet. But it's thanks to this massive injustice that you have a ton of great test chambers to solve on launch day.

In fact, one of the beta testers made so many great maps that we've decided to award him the first ever Aperture Science Employee of the Moment Certificate for his provisional excellence in the field of test chamber construction. Congratulations, Mevious! Enjoy it while it lasts.

Those of you interested in checking out Mevious' terrific maps can get them all at once by subscribing to them on this Collection page. Make sure to also Follow Mevious on his Workshop author page, so you can keep track of what he makes in the future.


Remember, the next employee of the moment could be YOU! That's right: transient fame and fleeting fortune could be yours. Dethrone the tyrant Mevious! He's been on top for too long. He's getting soft, and you're hungry. Be like Rocky in all the Rocky movies. Except for Rocky I, where he lost (unless you're counting victories of the heart, which won't win you any awards from us). Or Rocky VI, where it was a show fight and didn't count. In fact, just focus on Rocky IV. The last half.


Dun dun dun.

Dun dun dahhhhhhh...
Items (12)
Created by Mevious
An introduction to funnels and their applications in the field of cube transportation...
Created by Mevious
Put your faith in light....
Created by Mevious
Conserve your energy....
Created by Mevious
Intermediate cube transportation techniques...
Created by Mevious
A test of spacial reasoning... and lasers...
Created by Mevious
Don't get too attached to your cubes. Inspired by some of Gig's maps....
Created by Mevious
Coordination is key. Unfortunately there's only one of you....
Created by Mevious
Cube levetation and descension techniques...
Created by Mevious
Lenses, polarity, and their application to advanced cube transportation techniques...
Created by Mevious
Apply blue gel thoroughly. Pray that you aren't part of the control group....
Created by Mevious
Advanced funnels and their application to not-letting-you-through-stuff...
Created by Mevious
Use/abuse what you have learned so far....