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"The Armory: Expanded" - 8 & 12 Player Checkpoint & Conquer Custom Theater
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Apr 16, 2016 @ 11:10pm
Feb 20, 2017 @ 9:52pm
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"The Armory: Expanded" - 8 & 12 Player Checkpoint & Conquer Custom Theater


ALL STOCK WEAPONS are unlocked for each squad member.
NEW CUSTOM WEAPONS: Click here for a full list (coming soon) of the weapons and the credits to their contributor, or simply look above in the gallery and browse all that are available.
NEW WEAPON ATTACHMENTS - Speed reload, speed holster, tactical sling, faster bolt action (sniper rifles), faster pump action (shotguns).
NEW VEST - New vest "Tactical carrier", carry even more ammo and up to 4 explosives.
M203/GP-25 no longer overwrite the ability to carry other explosives.
12 PLAYER VERSION - 2 Squads/Fireteams which consist of 1 Weapons Sargeant (Team Leader) and 5 Weapons Specialists each.
NEW! 8 PLAYER VERSION - 1 Squad/Fireteam which consist of 1 Weapons Sargeant (Team Leader) and 7 Weapons Specialists.
SUPPLY POINTS have been assigned for some balance in weapon choices, works best with server supply rate set at 50-60 range.
THEATER OVERRIDE COMMAND To load custom theater, use either command:
mp_theater_override "theater_thearmoryexpanded8p_default"
mp_theater_override "theater_thearmoryexpanded12p_default"


No upcoming updates planned for this theater, interested in something a bit more up-to-date?
Try the more current "The Armory: Expanded - 35 Angry Bots version" custom theater.
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Mar 12 @ 10:50am
Installation Instruction ?
Apr 9 @ 12:52pm
no me funciona
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GarryRoach Jul 21 @ 4:29pm 
can u add 16player version? plz!
(-n00b-)ed Jul 19 @ 11:42am 
Thank you for the link.
As I said I was hoping that this mod could be updated with the Angry bot weapons and attachements as well as the the medic feature etc but leaving the bots the way I have them. Unfortunately I don't think Delta Mike is interested in doing so.
And after reading many posts regarding the Angry Bots mod it would be too much to try and run it on my server and get it to run properly. I'm not very good at messing with the necessary files and codes and I would just be making more headaches for myself.
So I'll just continue to use this mod the way it is.
Robomikel Jul 14 @ 12:31am 
@(-n00b-)ed there is a cfg for the constant bot spawns that works great.

I have 4 servers running this as the base mod. works really well for me. added 42 maps on one. also have over a dozen other mods with it. every one that joins it has mentioned to be one of the best modded servers. besides Mike's own servers. i cant compete. Thank you Mike.
(-n00b-)ed May 28 @ 11:07pm 
I'm still using this on my server. I use the 8player command line although I have my server set to 6 player slots and the rest are bots(16 player server= 6 players/10 bots)
The only glitch now that I can think of is the Spas 12 ga. is broken. The pistol grip and handguard show as either white or images of foliage and the folding stock disappeared.
Also it seems some of the secondary supressors were broken by the 5/4 update.
Prior to the update the Thompson was glitched and kept reloading when trying to use iron sights but works fine now.
I really would like to see this theater updated with everything from the Angrybots mod, except the bots level and constant bot respawning.
I'm a fan of your work Mike, I just don't need the bots to be that hard core.
Dars May 18 @ 10:27pm 
Where can I get Barrett Sniper Rifle? M82? M107?
=F|A=Mr.Karizmatic May 8 @ 12:43pm 
Sometimes my server gets full with bots and players cant join the server. When the map ends and new map loads, it kicks all the players and when we try to rejoin it says server full.
(-n00b-)ed May 6 @ 10:58am 
After removing the command line for this theater from the appropriate cfg file the map change crash was still active so I don't think the custom theater is the problem.
I like this theater, I'm one of the minority who don't care for the extreme level of the AngryBots but really like the rest of the mod. This is as close as I can get to the added features and weapons without the bots being altered. I wish this version could get updated with all the AngryBots weapons,features and the medic plugin(if that still works after the update) then there would be two versions: The first being the Angry Bots most people like, and a second, more normal version for casual players like myself.
Anyway, my server is still broken but I wanted to make it clear that I don't think it's the theater mod regardless of what support suggested.

(-n00b-)ed May 5 @ 7:57am 
Due to the unprovoked sneak attack by NWI wiping out many coop servers including mine it
appears that although this mod runs(I still have the weapons etc) the server crashes and resets to the default map when trying to change maps. The method of map change doesn't matter.
It was suggested by the support staff that custom theaters may not be compatible now. If so, this is a damn shame.
This custom theater had some minor issues but was very well liked by myself and the small group of regulars on my server. Going back to the narrow selection of default weapons was not on my to do list.
Sorry Mike that all your hard work(and all the other modders) has been destroyed for no good reason.
I read in the Angry Bots section that you might not have the time or inclination to make these custom theaters work again. If that's the case then thank you for the added enjoyment up to this point your work has given us.

Exydeus Apr 30 @ 9:32am 
update: it's not just the G36C. seems all the standalone guns have missing sound. console shows error too.

i've tried unsubbing too.

changing sound quality from high to low to high.
Exydeus Apr 30 @ 8:52am 
the G36C lost its sound. i'd like to know if there's a fix i can do before trying to unsubscribe-subscribe, since it'll be a bit of an inconvenience for me. slow internet.

i tried to verify files. it said no error.

snd_restart doesn't fix it either.