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Squad Cohesion
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Squad Cohesion

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This mod puts a dash of Fire Emblem into your XCOM, leveraging a "squadmate score" system left in by Firaxis to give small buffs for squads that trust in each other.

Allowed Squads button to be manually enabled in LW2 (in XComSquadCohesion.ini), fixed math errors courtesy of Infernalis


NOTE: This should now generally work with LW mods, including LW2. You will need to shift around the UI elements a bit though in the .inis.

The total cohesion score of a squad is calculated from the cohesion each soldier has with each other, and divided by the squad's size. So a four person squad that has max cohesion with each other will have a score of 400.

The squad cohesion levels, by contrast, are *multiplied* by squad size. So a four person squad has the low, medium, and high score requirements of 100 points, 200 points, and 300 points. A 10 person squad will have the requirements of 250, 500, and 750.

This means a 2 person squad can hit max cohesion if they know each other really well, while a eight person one may barely be able to hit the low amount even if some of them are at max cohesion with each other.

The values shown only update once you go to add a new soldier to the squad, not when you remove one.

The system works as such with the default values:

Below (25 * SquadSize) points, squads work as normal

At (25 to 49 * SquadSize) points, a deployed squad gains a buff of +2 Aim, +2 Def, +5 Hacking, +5 Psi Offense, and +10 Will

At (50 to 74 * SquadSize) points, a deployed squad gains a buff of +5 aim, +5 Def, +2 Crit Chance, +10 hacking, +7 Psi Offense, +1 Mobility and +15 Will

And at and past (75 * SquadSize) points, a deployed squad will gain a buff of +5 aim, +5 Def, +5 crit chance, +2 Mobility, +15 hacking, +10 Psi Offense, and +20 Will

These buffs and more can be adjusted at the XComSquadCohesion.ini located in (wherever XCOM 2 is installed)steamapps\workshop\content\268500\660665065\Config

Squadmates earn cohesion between each other by:

Vanilla Methods
Healing a soldier for +5 points
Stabilizing a downed soldier for +15 points
Carrying a downed soldier out of the battlefield for +30 points
And killing an enemy flanking a soldier for +10 points

These are all governed by XComGameData_XpData.ini that comes with the mod located in (wherever XCOM 2 is installed)steamapps\workshop\content\268500\660665065\Config. These also are all between the two soldiers that do them, no more.

Mod-added Methods
At the end of every mission, a change in cohesion between all squadmates (IE each squadmate will get the bonus or penalty with every other squadmate) will be done by getting:
Was the mission done? +5 points.
Was the mission flawless in terms of soldier injuries and fatalities? +5 points more.
How many ayys were killed? Get 10% of that in points.
Did anybody die? -3 points per death.
Did anybody get captured? -2 points per capture.
Did anybody get injured? -1 points per injury

Like the buffs above, these can be adjusted at the XComSquadCohesion.ini located in (wherever XCOM 2 is installed)steamapps\workshop\content\268500\660665065\Config

In addition to the above, a soldier dying in a squad with some cohesion will cause everybody who knew that soldier well enough to roll for shaken.

By default:

If they didn't know them that well, nothing happens.

Each soldier in a low cohesion relationship with the dead soldier (25) will have a 20% chance of getting Shaken if a soldier ends up dying in the mission.

Each soldier in a med cohesion relationship with the dead soldier (50) will have a 40% chance of getting Shaken if a soldier ends up dying in the mission.

Each soldier in a high cohesion relationship with the dead soldier (75) will have a 70% chance of getting Shaken if a soldier ends up dying in the mission.

You can get a rough overview of soldiers relations to one another via their cohesion ratings in the personnel lists, along with seeing exact scores in the Armory Menu.

The vanilla chance of Shaken being applied to a soldier that got gravely wounded is left untouched.

Cosmetic/Quality-Of-Life Features
Individual relationship scores should be viewable by clicking on the Relationships button when viewing a soldier in the Armory.

There is now a squads organization feature at squad select, you can now save squad compositions you know work well with each other. (This can be disabled in the .ini if used with LW2)

Can't figure out what to name the squad you have? Just leave it blank, and the mod will auto-generate a squad name to go with the given squad composition.


This mod uses UIScreenListeners to do all the major work, however some mods still conflict like:

Game Crashes on Tactical Load - unsub and resub to make sure you have the latest update, I believe I have found the issue to be the game trying to add new cohesion abilities to a team that already has one set, and set in an auto-check to prevent that. If it still crashes please report it.

Please go here to report any issues along that line.

I'm using a 21:9 Screen and I can't find the Relationship button
Change the following in the XComSquadCohesion.ini from



Full credit to Falcon and his Uniforms Manager mod, which this mod uses a modified version of its code for the squad management functionality.

Thanks to MantLemon for making the Chinese localization.
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