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Uniforms Manager
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Uniforms Manager

This mod adds a new option in the soldier customization screen, that lets you create and save customizations on a per character basis. These are saved with your game for your campaign. You can quickly swap in any 'uniform' for that soldier using this mod.

What's New?
* Fix for class uniforms not working with LW

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- Save and Use Personal Uniforms for all soldiers.
- Personal Uniforms can be made global for everyone to use.
- Uniforms and be exported out of the campaign, and imported into another campaign.
- In the Squad loadout screen, you can apply a uniform to all soldiers that match the uniform gender. Make sure you make the desired uniform global. Alternatively directly import a global uniform in the squad load step.
- You can select what aspects of the Uniform will be "worn" by the soldier. These aspects cannot be imported right now : Voice, Nationality, Attitude.
- Mission Intel like Environment and Biome displayed in Squad Loadout Uniform Selector. Look in XComSquadUniform.ini to turn this off. **Note: People have reported the Time of Day does not work correctly. If that happens to you, please send me save before starting the mission that I can debug using.


Q. Can I load a save after removing this mod?
This doesn't seem to work, even when using 'Ignore Missing Content' mod. This may be fixed in the future.

Q. What happens if I import a different tier of Armor?
A. You would cosmetically use imported armor, while getting the bonuses from your previous armor.

Q. How do I backup my exported Uniforms?
A. Backup Documents/mygames/XCOM2/XComGame/Config/XComUniforms.ini

Q. What is the difference between Exporting a Uniform, and making a uniform global?
A. Global Uniforms cannot be used in a different campaign, and are automatically available to all soldiers.
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pixelrage Jun 29 @ 7:05am 
This doesn't work properly :steamsad:. After about 5-6 custom uniforms, it will never save anything new that you create. They just disappear off the list of saved uniforms. I'm also seeing uniforms not overriding upgraded armor (i.e. Predator, etc) as it should, when chosen. Looks like the modder disappeared and abandoned this, hopefully someone can step up and create a new version. It's really a shame because this could have been a great mod.
Shunut A. Zorah Jun 15 @ 8:13pm 
For those using this in WOTC, it seems to work, partially, as one current issue is right now I cannot make a Uniform global, making me have to go through every soldier and personally uniform them from the Import ability after having done one of them personally. This is awkward and time consuming to the most frustrating extents, however, there is also the matter of how Class Uniforms is not an available option either, and causing for more micromanagement.

Love the mod but I hope there can be an update sometime soon for WOTC as I'd love to do a Clone Wars and eventual Halo run of the game properly!
w0lv3n Jun 3 @ 1:22pm 
Does this work with WOTC?
iriemk May 31 @ 7:16pm 
P.S. I think I just found a workaround for LW2 - apparently it still works fine if you access the uniforms manager via Squad Management and then Squad View. Bit of a hassle, but better than having to cope with those awful predator-armors and the disco-alien-ruler-gear.^^
iriemk May 31 @ 6:59pm 
Same here with LW2. Worked fine when I re-installed this time-eating machine again last week and had only very few cosmetic mods installed, but now that I installed a ton more, I get crashes whenever I click the Uniform tab in the armory. Might be one of those, cluttering memory.

@Walmartforever: Do you have any clue what is causing that "UnderTheAvenger"-bug? I thought that was Grimy's Loot - at least I never encountered it before I first played with Grimy...
BevansDesign May 26 @ 12:11pm 
It works with WOTC for me. However, it doesn't seem to play well with faction armor. I loaded a uniform onto a Templar, and now that character is stuck in the original Kevlar armor (visually only, fortunately). I can't find a way to reset it so she's wearing Templar armor again. (I also tried the "Dirty Patch", but that doesn't fix this particular problem.)
Fox Holiday May 21 @ 9:53am 
ill give it a shot, i got to restart my playthrough, game is crashing everytime i load in now.
WALMARTFOREVER May 20 @ 8:52pm 
If you're having crashes when clicking the uniform button try this:

Click on the vanilla soldier customization first. Back out. Then click the uniforms button.

Mod still seems to cause problems with under the avenger bug.
Fox Holiday May 17 @ 12:55pm 
Seems people having the same problem, guess ill just disable the mod for the LW2 playthrough. Also does any one know of a mod like this that works with LW2?
Fox Holiday May 17 @ 12:52pm 
soooo, im playing this with LW2, but every time i go to the armory and click on the uniforms tab, the game crashes and completly exits out of xcom on its own. Any help for this?