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Secret Hitler
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Dec 26, 2015 @ 2:23pm
Aug 24, 2019 @ 12:50am
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Secret Hitler

© 2016 Goat, Wolf, & Cabbage ● {LINK REMOVED}{LINK REMOVED}


Welcome to pre-WWII Germany. In Secret Hitler, players German politicians attempting to hold a fragile Liberal government together and stem the rising tide of fascism. Watch out though - there are secret fascists among you, and someone is Secret Hitler.

At the beginning of the game, each player is secretly assigned to one of three roles: Liberal, Fascist, or Hitler. Hitler plays for the fascist team, and the fascists know who Hitler is, but most of the time Hitler does not know who his fellow fascists are. The Liberals don’t know who anyone is. The liberals win by enacting five liberal policies or killing Hitler. The fascists win by enacting six fascist policies, or if Hitler is elected chancellor late in the game. As Fascist policies are enacted, the government becomes more powerful and the President gains new powers. Even liberal players
may find themselves tempted to enact fascist policies that help them control the table and assassinate their enemies.


Secret Hitler was designed by following people:
Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity, Humans vs. Zombies) Mike Boxleiter (Solipskier, TouchTone), Tommy Maranges (Philosophy Bro) and illustrated by Mackenzie Schubert (Letter Tycoon, Penny Press).

This mod was assembled and colored from the {LINK REMOVED} from the successful kickstarter project "Secret Hitler". Backcovers not provided by the PNP version where compiled with assets of the kickstarter site. The URL {LINK REMOVED} leads to the Secret Hitler homepage. There you can sign up for an update via E-Mail when Secret Hitler is available for purchase.
Rules can be found in-game in the notebook, or you can download the {LINK REMOVED}.
The rules have been finalized and updated by the developers of Secret Hitler: {LINK REMOVED}.

Here is a podcast where the original developers of Secret Hitler talk about their thoughts on their game being on Tabletop Simulator, copyright, community involvement and sharing of IP:
{LINK REMOVED} (talk about TTS starts at 26:30)

Dear Max, Mike and Tommy, I do not earn one cent of this mod, I wouldn't even know how (trust me, I'm a Liberal).


How do I download this (mod)?

  • Login on the Steam page with the account you bought Tabletop Simulator with!
  • Go to the mod page of Secret Hitler or any other mod and click the green subscribe button.
  • Start Tabletop Simulator with the same Steam account you subscribed to this mod.
  • Now start a game, Single or Multiplayer, and you will find in the upper menu bar under host>workshop the subscribed mods.

Why are there so many boxes? Do I need them all?

Short answer: no.
I included with an update pre-packed boxes labeled with "[5-10] PLAYERS" and filled them with the appropriate secret roles for the player count. 9 and 10 player boxes are included to be future-proof in case TTS allows up to 10 concurrent players. This way the initial setup is faster, you only need to shuffle the box accordingly to the number of players and delete the other boxes.
Generally you can just delete items you do not need an make your own Secret Htiler setup and make a save of it.

How to secretly acknowledge the Fascist roles in TTS?

New method after the 6.3 update (blindfolds implemented):
HINT: Blindfold messages cannot be seen by blindfolded players!
  • everyone look at your Secret Role and put it face down in front of your hands.
  • everybody press 'B' for "Blindfold". (When you are blindfolded you don't get the blindfold/unblindfold messages)
  • Depending on the player count:
    • 5-6 players: Hitler and Fascist take off your blindfolds!
    • 7-10 players: Fascists but not Hitler take off your blindfolds!
  • Flip every Secret Role card to identify who the Fascists and Hitler are. Flip the role card back face down. When you are ready everyone who is unblindfolded pings (tabs) in the middle of the table to signal that you are ready. After that, blindfold yourself again.
  • On 3 everyone unblindfolds themselves ...1...2...3...unblindfold. If something went wrong you should say it now.


As of high demand here are the colored textures which are used in this mod. Those are not organized for printing in any way you have to manage that yourself.

Seems like Jaapbaardaap has taken the effort to organize the colored textures in a
Also Yottabyte did a {LINK REMOVED}.

"Der Andy" made a translation of the {LINK REMOVED}. So for all Germans struggled with the rules give your thanks to "Der Andy".


Here is a link to a mod backup of Secret Hitler for people of evil and fascist countries who block part of the internet for no good reason:
Download the zip file and unzip it. Copy the contents of the unzipped files according to the directories under <path to TTS cache>/Tabletop Simulator. You might have partially downloaded some models or textures and you might be asked whether to overwrite them or not. Just click "yes for all" in this case. Now you should be able to load the mod completely.

Downloading and restoring with TTS MOD BACKUP tool

First option: Download the self extracting Secret Hitler mod and follow the instructions of the executable.
Please replace {dot} with an actual dot, because steam is filtering links of this file host.

Second option: If you don't trust the self extracting mod download the Secret Hitler backup ttsmod file.
Please replace {dot} with an actual dot, because steam is filtering links of this file host.
To install open and restore this backup file you need the {LINK REMOVED} tool.


If you like what you see than give the mod a thumbs up and leave a thank you or improvement ideas.

- FragaholiC