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Note: The latest version in moddb supports more fixes, features, and so on, I recommend using it unless you are unable to run WSE.
As stated, the Workshop Version of Floris_Evolved is hereby declared deprecated, and is now a Legacy version.

Alternate download mirrors:

Social media:
[] []

-+NOTE+-: You MUST download WSE 3.2.0 and LAUNCH WITH WSELoader.exe, I've included links for it in the INSTALLATION part (Scroll down)! otherwise co-op & multiplayer will not function and you will receive script errors, however the rest of the mod should be playable, if you don't mind the script errors that is.

Warning: Mac/Linux users must download from Moddb or Nexusmods, also support is limited for those platforms but you can get the mod to a playable state check the F.A.Q on how to do so, and i'll gladly appeciate any assistance on testing the mod on those platforms.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) Click here for the definitive solutions thread & your questions might be answered.

1. Click Subscribe to start downloading the mod. Then wait for the download to finish before proceeding.

2. Open Windows Explorer to browse your computer's file directory. (It's a light colored folder icon on the taskbar)

3. Navigate to this path: (C:) -> Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> SteamApps -> workshop -> content -> 48700

4. Move the folder (582428582) from '48700' folder to \Modules folder inside the Mount & Blade Warband Steam folder: (C:) -> Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> SteamApps -> common -> MountBlade Warband -> Modules

5. Rename the mod folder from (582428582) to (Floris_Evolved) exactly as typed, do not include the parentheses in the mod folder name or you cannot join any servers.

-Finished installing Mod, now continue reading on how to install WSE properly for mod to function-

6. Launch mod needs to be ran with "WSELoader.exe" Please download Warband Script Enhancer 3.2.0 from:
Mirror 1 (Highly recommend Mirror 1, includes more WSE content):
MD5 Checksum: 79FED92364FF51DA98FA8C42018BE00C
Backup Link A[]
Backup Link B[]
Backup Link C[]

Mirror 2 (Only use this mirror if mirror 1 is down or dosen't work properly):
MD5 Checksum: 96607254F11E57ED1929C7E207576F59
Backup Link A[]
Backup Link B[]

Mirror 3 (Alternative WSE incase neither of them work):
MD5 Checksum: 92E045BD62DD34C4631EC1AB54FB5FF8
Backup Link A[]
Backup Link B[]

7. Install it following the examples below...

Example 1: ...\Floris_Evolved\Warband Script Enhancer v3.2.0
Example 2: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\Floris_Evolved\Warband Script Enhancer v3.2.0
Alternate example (Only use this if Example 1 & 2 Don't work) AKA Put all files and content of WSE into the root folder of your warband installation. C:\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband Put all files from the zip in there

Note: If you downloaded the Installer version from Nexusmods or moddb, you'll need to launch with Floris_Evolved.exe if you don't have WSELoader.exe

8. Always launch the mod with WSELoader.exe.

--Your game is all set now, read more if you want to host Co-Op/Join Co-Op multiplayer & Other stuff--

Got questions? Suggestions? etc? let us know here: Click here

If hosting Dedicated Server instead of Listen Server, here are the instructions: Pastebin Link []

==Instructions for joining co-op games or hosting a co-op game if you don't want to watch the instructional videos listed above & below==

++Hosting a game Instructions++

1. Start the game, go to CAMP > Mod Options > Enable Battle_Time.

2. Go back to the world map, now with most encounters you'll have the ability to save the game, to host a co-op battle you need to click "Setup Multiplayer Battle", after that click on "Quit game (Will not save) - < This is why you save before clicking setup multiplayer battle.

3. What you want to do now is click on Multiplayer > Host game > If it shows amount of troops and correct map then you are set to go and can start the server, if not you might have to click on Co-Op Panel if you see it.

Note: You need to port forward the Warband ports, warband does not support lan emulation (Tunngle, Hamachi) correctly.

Ports necessary to be forwarded correctly: 7240, 7241, and 7242, make sure you disable the Anti-Cheat option when hosting a server otherwise you'll have to port forward Steam's VAC port aswell.

--Joining a co-op game instructions--
1. Launch the game
2. Go to the server browser
3. Join A Floris_Evolved server (Sort by Module for easy acess or by name depending on the server you want to join).

==Resources below, not needed to read below this.==
========Floris Evolved DL Mirrors========
NexusMods Mirror []
Moddb Mirror

Official server: **EU_FlorisEV1

Looking for people to play Co-Op with? Click here and post!

Taleworlds Thread []

SteamGroup for Floris Evolved & Game Events: Steam Group for Events & Support

Share your screenshots with us here so we can add them!

==Video Based Instructions==
If hosting a co-op singleplayer game (Listen Server) please check: Co-Op Battles hosting instructional video

If joining a co-op Singleplayer game please check: Co-Op & MP Joining Instructional video

***** Full feature list:: Click here for the features list

Feature list can also be found in the README.txt, patch notes thread, changes, etc aswell.

--Patch notes, news, changes, etc--

Patch notes thread

*NOTE*: I reached character limit... for full patch notes refer to moddb or nexusmods or the readme inside.

Credits: Floris team & OSP's authors, Hispania 1200, cmpxchg8b (WSE), Dynamite Jewduh, Faycal Kilali
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HAHA funny fish hat (DG) Apr 23 @ 7:04pm 
I did everything correctly from ModDB and was still hit with the "incorrect" key bug even tho I got it from Steam, so yea.
timothyb4626 Mar 16 @ 1:24pm 
/> フ
      |  _  _ l
      /` ミ_xノ
     /      |
    /  ヽ   ノ
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 / ̄|   | | |
 | ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)__)
Bodean Abernathy II Mar 15 @ 7:44pm 
The mod author said this mod on here is deprecated and to check it out on modDB. I haven't done this because i'm not too interested in playing this yet but go look before you complain and say negative things first.
-CML-Bebop Mar 12 @ 1:45am 
theres no shot this isnt malware and nexus mods is in complete disrepair, modding is a lost art compared to what it was even 5 years ago. Just shutdown the workshop at this point
alehar Mar 4 @ 10:10pm 
Just absolutely awful. Start the game, and you can't see any text on any of the menus. Find a different mod.
eol_is Jan 1 @ 12:07am 
As the description says, this version is only to stare at because it does not play well. If you really want it, go get the updated version and use as directed.
Seb Jul 29, 2023 @ 9:27am 
Why do all screenshots except 3 of them have a sepia filter over them?
I am now very reluctant to try this out.
Also wondering if this works for Viking Conquest but I think I might look at other sources...
I don't like the screenshots, that's subjective of course. The HDR lighting also seems way too high just like in the base game.
Joe burrow May 29, 2023 @ 12:47pm 
I can play it.
sanchezdavide89 May 25, 2023 @ 10:49am 
Hello. How can I translate the mod into Spanish? May 19, 2023 @ 12:58pm 
so sad that i cant play this mod, i loved it...