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Minorating Guide
By Hagen Berghof
If you got blocked by a Minoratingserver, don´t worry! You are not on a blacklist.
You will be able to join that server and enjoy clean and fair racing once you have
proven your racecraft. This guide tries to explain the principles of Minorating.
Minorating system
This video shows the first lap on a public server that uses the Minorating plugin.
1.: General system information
__1.1.: Function
Minorating is a serversided plugin, that
-acts as an automated, global, adjustable "whitelist" shared by all servers that use it.
-observes the behaviour of all drivers and graduates them based on their skills.
-provides the option to restrict access based on grades.
__1.2.: Driver requirements
As a driver you don´t need to download/registrate /install/pay anything,
just join a minorating enhanced server that allows N-Grade and race there.
__1.3.: Identification
Minorating enhanced servers are tagged, to ensure they can be found in the server list.
Example: "<Servername> MR-ABN"
In this example C,D,W graded drivers will be blocked,
but clean/fair racers (A+B) and newcomers (N) can join.
__1.4.: Communication
When you are driving the plugin will send you private messages via the serverchat.
Those messages vary depending on your grade.*
As a newcomer you will get many messages related to collisions.*
As you progress to higher grades you will get far less messages.
You can check which grade you are via the chat by typing: /mr in any server running MR.
*currently disabled
__1.5.: Responsibility
Minorating is programmed by a modder called @Minolin.
Server hosts/admins decide
-to use Minorating.
-which grades are allowed to enter their server.
- about the server configuration.
-to kick/ban someone.
_2.: Rating system
The rating system is based on four parameters:
contact points, distance count, attack range and behaviour.
__2.1.: Contact points
It is important to know that, in case of a collision, both drivers will get 1 contact point (CP).
Despite receiving a message stating you had contact you don´t allways get a full point.
Minorating takes many variables into account and in obvious cases (internally)
counts fractions of CP´s.
Imagine each contact point as repair costs.
In real life you have to repair your car even if it got damaged by someone else
__2.2.: Distance count
It doesn´t matter if you are guilty or not?
This strange logic works, because the grading is also based on collisions per driven distance.
Comparing the two extremes reveals how it is working:
A clean and fair driver will have only a few unavoidable collisions per driven distance.
A careless/reckless driver will have many collisisions per driven distance.
__2.3. Attack range / Combat range
The driven distance gets weighted depending on the situation.
-If you are driving alone on track your driven distance will count.
As there is no risk for collisions it wont improve your rating much.
-When there are other drivers spread around the track the possibility to hit someone is there.
As a result the driven distance will count a bit more.
-Racing in a tight pack of cars the distance will count much more.
__2.4.: Behaviour
Minorating observes several variables of the drivers behaviour such as*:
off-track (evasive maneuver/unmotivated)
loss of control (spinning out + drifting)
cutting (evasive maneuver/cheating)
collisions (cars/objects)
rejoining the track (safe/unsafe)
blue flag (ignored/obeyed)
rear-ending s.o.
parking on track
doing donuts
abuse of chat (swearing + bad language)
abuse of voting system (spamming votes)
quitting before the race is over

*(as soon as the server api gets updated by kunos and sends the needed data, minolin will try to implement
the missing variables. For the time being just assume they all work.)
_3.: Grades
__3.1.: Description
"N" not listed (or new)
A new driver that needs to do some more laps to get his first grade.

"A" exemplary racing skill
Driver is able to race and fight bumper to bumper with enormous discipline and consistency.
This is proven in a huge amount of dense fights on the track.

"B" clean racer
Driver is considered a gentleman and is able to actually race others for several laps.

"C" rookie
Driver may prefer driving alone or just has bad luck often.

"D" not clean
Driver has been involved in quite many collisions.
Probably not his fault all the time, but usually this can be improved on both sides.

"W" deliberate Wrecker beyond doubt
Driver has been identified as a wrecker.
He caused way too many collisions per kilometers driven.
__3.2.: Grade flow
All new drivers start their minorating career as "N".
Depending on the performance shown in the first 40km they get graded "C" or "W"
From "W" drivers need to work their way up through all grades. (W-D-C-B-A)
From "C" drivers may advance to "B" or be degraded to "D".
To advance from "C" to "A or B" you will need some km in Attack /combat range.
_4.: Rules
Career guide
1.: Inform yourself
Search for "MR" in AC´s serverlist. Your safest place to be would be a "MR-ABN" server,
like Minolin´s Newcomer´s Academy MR-ABN server, as you will be around clean drivers with good awareness and you can be sure they will play by the rules.
Don´t join right away, note the car/track config + number of laps and replicate it in a single player race weekend.
2.: Practice offline
You might want to install Helicorsa, an App inspired by my idea and programmed by
the same guy that coded Minorating.
It´s purpose is to increase your situational awareness
by showing you where the opponents are in relation to you.
Additionally / alternatively you can enable a virtual mirror by pressing F11.
If possible map the "look back" button to your wheel or controller
it will help re-entering the track safely.
Race the A.I. (artificial intelligence) until you can do many consistent laps,
without loosing control or touching their cars.
Do this without the help of stability control, as it will most likely be disabled online.
( go to: Drive>Race>Race Weekend>Summary>Realism>Stability control: off / Fuel 1x)
Think about where to safely stop your car on track, if you want to exit to the pit
and where you could let someone lap/overtake you during your qualification outlap
or in a blue flag situation. You don´t want to slow someone on a hot qualifying lap down,
while you are still warming up your tires.
Or even worse, block the leaders and interfere in their race.
You might want to practise being overtaken/lapped by faster guys with the A.I. first.
Practise several race starts. Take note where your braking point is for "turn one" if you
start from a standstill on the grid vs the brakepoint when you approach "turn one" on a flying lap.
3.: Join the server
When you feel confident, join the server and check which session is active.
Don´t start driving during a race session!
Use that waiting time to check what tires are being used by those that are racing.
Check the grip percentage in the menu to know what to expect in your first race.
Get into the car (but stay in pit) to activate relatives-app, helicorsa, virtual mirror, chat...
depending on your preference. Say "hello" to the other drivers.
(In case the server is empty: all servers are empty until someone enters them.)
4.: Qualifying
Drive to the pitexit (make sure not to cross the line to not cause a yellow flag)
and enter the track by staying inside the line once the relative app shows a big enough gap.
Drive conservatively, so that you stay in control at all times and try to get a feel for the grip level on cold tires while heating them up slowly.
Make sure you are aware of others during your outlap and try to let those that are on a hotlap past. Do a clean lap or two, don´t try to be fast.
Use your planned safe spot to come to a stop and exit to pits.
Don´t forget to adjust the amount of fuel in your tank for the race distance + some extra safety.
Watch the times beeing posted and look for the names close to your pace, you will be around those during the race.
Spectate them to see where they brake and what lines they use. The more you know, the better you are prepared.
5.: Race
You are placed on grid. Check the grip% and get into the car. Center your wheel.
Keep the motor at idle rpm until the lights come up.
Use that time to envision the first corner, remember your turn one braking point being different from a standing start.
Calculate the pile-up in and be prepared to brake as soon as you see the first braking lights light up.
Don´t try to overtake during your first races, it is better for your career to get some collisionfree mileage first. Good luck!
In case you messed up and hit someone during the race,
if you are off track anyway type "sry" in the chat and give the position you probably gained back,
otherwise remember to apologize immediately after the race.
6.: After the race
Type /mr in the chat to see if you got "C" graded. Do some more qualy´s and races at the back of the grid until you are a safe "C".
Then start following cars in a safe distance (2-3 carlenghts) only attempt to overtake in situations where you are almost 100% sure you can make
the pass fair and clean (after you studied the guy ahead for some time). You should be "B" soon.
In case you left the server ranked "C" you need to find a MR-ABC server to go on with your Minorating career.
Feedback & Support
Driver feedback+support[]

Admin feedback+support[]
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Rawex Jan 27, 2018 @ 1:03pm 
Lol that guy 2 comments below is very :steamsalty:
bigbawmcgraw Jan 27, 2018 @ 6:29am 
suicidal.banana Jan 27, 2018 @ 5:09am 
Minorating is a fucking pos plugin

"If you happen to get taken out in a turn 1 wreck, don't worry, just rejoin the track as safely as possible without hitting anyone else and continue on with your race. The person who caused the wreck is the one who needs to worry"

The above statement isnt even close to true, ive been getting a D rating solelly from people ramming me off the track.

FUCK minorating
Hagen Berghof  [author] Dec 2, 2017 @ 10:24am 
@YaBoi Luddsac: I am not in the position to decide about that, but i suggest to post your problem on official forums thread: "Minorating (driver thread)"
Luddsak Nov 29, 2017 @ 9:31am 
Hello i was just wondering if i could get unbanned cuz my brother and his friends once for a long time ago just joined races and crashed so can i get a second chanse i will not be bad
Hagen Berghof  [author] Nov 10, 2017 @ 10:06am 
@DriftTurtle: Search "Minorating" posts by member "hagen" on Assetto Corsa forum, there is a Guide where i tried to give tips for rehap.
@Defiuzha: That server is down, sorry. Try to search for servers "MR All" or "MR ABCD" if you found one that allows you to join check the chat to see which grade you have.
@Gazket: Minorating stores your last 1000km, then it starts to forget sessions.
It could be that some good sessions have been dropped and you had some bad sessions more recently. Some servers use Minorating without mentioning it in the server name, some do but instead of MR-AB(in the name) they are configured MR-ABCD. You can check by typing /mr server in the chat.
@Kryptonite: Drift servers usually dont use Minorating. Drifting has its own rules, Minorating is designed towards racing rules. Try to find private (password protected) servers on Assetto Corsa forum. Search the web for communities that meet on AC Servers. Ask them to use Akina.
Kryptonite ✪ Oct 29, 2017 @ 6:36am 
There are only50 or 60 servers listed on my game idk if they are minorated or not but i want to drift at akina but i cant find any servers can anybody help me?
gazket Sep 2, 2017 @ 3:10am 
MINORATING IS CRAP . All of a sudden I'm a C when I have been B for months and months .
Elon Jun 16, 2017 @ 12:52pm 
I cant find any server with "Minorating rehab" :steamfacepalm:
DriftTurtle28 Jan 21, 2017 @ 9:54am 
I got a D, how can I get it to an A or B?