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Fallout Power Armor (UPDATED)
Type: Weapon, Addon
Tags: Fun, Realism
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Nov 16, 2015 @ 9:06am
Nov 5, 2016 @ 3:29pm
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Fallout Power Armor (UPDATED)

I have fixed the invisible armors issue as well as the invisible Remenants/X01 Chest Piece issue. However, the latest Gmod update broke a few of the models and they stopped appearing for some strange reason I could not comprehend, so I had to remove some armor pieces unfortunately :(
Before you say "I cant see my power armor" Type this in the F**KING console: powerarmor_thirdperson 1

Works great with V.A.T.S!!:

|| Read Frequently Asked Questions before posting please! ||
--Edit: I fixed the texture issue so do the following even if you've already done it and it should be fixed:
If you're having issues with models, textures, crashing, etc Just Unsunscribe and Re-Subscribe then restart gmod and it should be fixed (Quit Garry's Mod and load it back up after you Re-Subscribe)
Next added feature will be chosen from idea thread on: 60k Subs + 1000 Positive ratings
Positive ratings so far (5/12/2015): 993

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When I clean up the server, I cannot exit the Armor!
A: A fix is being made for this.
Q: How do I exit Armor??
A: Either press ALT or type the console command: 'PowerArmor_RemoveArmor'
Q: I can't spawn the Armor?!?! How 2 spawn Armor?!?
A: You're a f***ing idiot.
Q: I can't see the Armor on me in the Camera Tool?!?
A: You need to have Third Person enabled to see the armor on you. NOT GMODS DEFAULT THIRD PERSON, use the addons version! Look in Console Commands further down. Other players in multiplayer will see your armor perfectly fine regardless.
Q: I cannot get into the armor!?!
A: Make sure to look down at the leg area when behind the armor and press 'E'
Q: My Fusion core doesnt work!?
A: Watch the video and see how I did it. Place the core near the bottom of the legs and it should work fine.
Q: How do I spawn the armor?!
A: Spawn an armor stand and press 'E'
Q: Why do I still take a lot of damage with the armor on?!?
A: The damage resistance is perfectly balanced so its not masively OP
Q: How Do I disable the overlay?
A: Its a console command. It only effects the player that types it in. The console commands have been writen down further down

Help and Commands:
powerarmor_thirdperson <number> (0 -Disable) (1 -Enable) (Enables or Disabled Third Person)
powerarmor_showoverlay <number> (0 -Disable) (1 -Enable) (Enables or Disabled the Overlay)
PowerArmor_RemoveArmor (Alternative to pressing ALT, in case ALT doesnt remove armor)

-Makes you appear larger
-Gives you Damage Resistance
-Has a Visor + Cracks over time
-A charge system with Microfusion Cores
-Slows you down
-Custom Footstep sounds
-Insane Jump Power
-Armor Customisation

To Spawn press 'Q' and go to 'Entities' and then Power Armor, Spawn the Armor Stand and press Done
Press 'ALT' to remove the armor
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Missing Textures
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clbrewdad Aug 23 @ 10:34am 
looks like the juggernaut POV in cod. nice.
alltimemaverick Jul 7 @ 8:17am 
You might say that it's balanced but it's severely underpowered and is way too slow, it beats the entire point of power armor in my opinion
alltimemaverick Jul 5 @ 8:44am 
can other players see this?
TheH3ath Jun 9 @ 10:18am 
there is no spawn thing for it even if i look it up by tipeing power
Крутямбова=-) May 12 @ 9:52pm 
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Mitch Mar 22 @ 8:27am 
You always edit it your self :shrug:
Wolf Mar 21 @ 6:55pm 
Too bad the mod is dead, I would of suggested to muffle every sound while wearing the helmet to add realism and to feel that you're in the helmet.
Wolf Mar 21 @ 6:54pm 
I'm so glad I found this.
super monkey claws2223 Nov 21, 2019 @ 1:52pm 
I love how you used the Cyberman walking sounds from Doctor who.
Elmer J. Fapp Nov 17, 2019 @ 2:09pm 
why is there no basic power armor features? like a jetpack or even fall damage immunity?