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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Models
A collection of models from the ever popular Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Will continue to grow with the goal of uploading most, if not all of the major playable characters from the game.
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Fall of Cybertron- The Ark
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Classified as the first Vanguard-class Deep Space Interceptor the Ark was larger and more streamlined in design than previous galactic transports. The Ark possessed insufficient armor plating and was armed with only 16 particle combustion cannons and 16 la...
Transformers Fall of Cybertron: The Nemesis
Created by The Mad Demoknight
No ship in the Transformers universe is as feared or as dreaded as the Nemesis, the mighty world-destroying capitol ship of the Decepticons. This ship alone can carry a quarter of the Decepticon Empires main ground units while still loaded with devas...
Transformers- The Planet Cybertron
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Cybertron is the home planet of the Transformers and (usually) the body of their creator, Primus. Cybertron is (almost always) a shining metal, technological world; a planet of towering future cities without end and vast metallic plains, spiraling metal mo...
Transformers Fall of Cybertron: Decepticon Starships
Created by The Mad Demoknight
You thought that the Nemesis was the only ship to fear? Think again! Built to accomodate both firepower and troop capacity, these warships of destruction spread to all corners of the universe to spread ruin, death, and tyranny in the name of the Emper...
Transformers Fall of Cybertron: G1 Optimus Prime
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Optimus Prime is the awe-inspiring leader of the Autobot forces. Selfless and endlessly courageous, he is the complete opposite of his mortal enemy Megatron. Originally a mere civilian, he was chosen by the Matrix to command, the first in a number of...
Transformers Fall of Cybertron: Cliffjumper
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Within Cliffjumper burns the spark of a hero and a dedicated Autobot. On the outside he's a paranoid, trigger-happy jerk with serious impulse-control problems. Cliffjumper utterly hates the Decepticons. He also hates traitors. And anybody could be a ...
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron-Megatron
Created by The Mad Demoknight
"Megatron is the founder of the Decepticon uprising, and their most well-known and feared leader. As a young, charismatic leader forged in battle and the heritage of war, he began to believe in a grand purpose for his race?it is the Transformers' glorious ...
Transformers: The Matrix and the Dark Spark
Created by The Mad Demoknight
The Matrix:
Though Optimus Prime and his Autobots helped purge the Core of Cybertron of the Dark Energon infection, its spark had been corrupted and had to shut itself down completely if it was to survive. For the millions of years that this process would ...
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron-Ironhide
Created by The Mad Demoknight
"Ironhide is a battle hardened veteran, one of the toughest amongst the Autobots. As one of Optimus' oldest and closest friends, Ironhide saw the great potential within Optimus to be more than what he allowed himself to be.

Tough, determined, and loyal ...
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron- Bruticus
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Bruticus was the first combiner created by the mad scientist Shockwave. For all his strength and power, however, the monstrous gestalt has only the most rudimentary mind, capable of wanton destruction and little else.
Bruticus is the combined form of five...
Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark: Decepticon Dropship
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Because not everyone has a flight-capable alternate mode, dropships came into common use in the latter days of the Great War between the Autobots and Decepticons. While they are generally armed with an array of weapons, their main purpose is to carry groun...
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron- Jazz
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Jazz is a cool and collected Autobot. Before the war he was part of the caste tasked with cultural observation and analysis, which gave him more freedom and a wider perspective on the world than his good friend Orion Pax. Though the war has changed much of...
Transformers Fall of Cybertron: Grimlock [Beta]
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Grimlock views Optimus Prime as a weak leader, too afraid to make the tough calls and act on instinct. As such Grimlock is more than ready to disobey orders if he thinks the ends will justify the means. His one obvious redeeming feature is his attachm...
Transformers Fall of Cybertron: Shockwave
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Shockwave was a member of the scientist caste in the industrial city of Kaon. In a reversal of the usual order, he was swayed by the ambitions of the former mining caste member turned gladiator Megatron. Serving as Megatron's "pet mad scientist" and s...
Transformers Fall of Cybertron: The Seekers
Created by The Mad Demoknight
The Seekers are a crack unit of Decepticons under Starscream's command. They possess superior tracking and detection skills and a high-level of firepower, and can "just get things done better than anyone else".

Knowing Starscream, he reminds everyone...
Transformers Fall of Cybertron: Decepticon Soldiers [Beta]
Created by The Mad Demoknight
The bulk of Megatron's army, these loyal soldiers are willing to throw themselves into the heat of battle in doing so that the Decepticon Cause will triumph over the Autobots!


Each model c...
Transformers Fall of Cybertron: Wheeljack
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Wheeljack is his own worst enemy. Something of a crackpot inventor, a good half of his creations blow up in his face, and that's just if he's lucky. His constant need to invent increasingly complex devices stems from his desire to improve the Autobots...
Transformers Fall of Cybertron: Soundwave [Beta]
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Soundwave is the spy master of the Decepticons. One of Megatron's earliest followers, and, many believe, instrumental to his rise, he uses his tentacles and a veritable army of Minicon Deployers to learn everything there is to know about his allies a...
Transformers Fall of Cybertron: Laserbeak
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Of the Deployers who stand with Soundwave, Laserbeak may say the least, but he quickly distinguishes himself, as his powerful laser attacks can pin down an Autobot attack force... when it isn't cutting them to shreds. The only one of Soundwave's Depl...
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Amoozy Oct 1, 2017 @ 1:44pm 
Hey it's Amoozy from the transformers thread over on facepunch, I was asking if I could have permission to port all these models to Garry's Mod. Thanks In advance :steamhappy:
ATA Jul 25, 2017 @ 1:02pm 
where is the optimus ?
Rumulus Jul 2, 2017 @ 4:37pm 
When are some new models going to come out?
THalaerino Jun 7, 2017 @ 11:03pm 
Where is bumblebee?
Arryt Jun 7, 2017 @ 5:20am 
- \/G - Epsilon. May 31, 2017 @ 9:38am 
And also to everyone who are the 'Gmodder's' Get fucking sfm. He said multiple times that he will not port nor make them for gmod.
- \/G - Epsilon. May 31, 2017 @ 9:35am 
could you try and make the default Optimus Prime Look from it? Oh and maybe a metroplex model pls ;3
diamondcreator1231 May 23, 2017 @ 1:42pm 
make them gmod modles pls
PencilSword Mar 9, 2017 @ 4:12pm 
I want all of them. :P
Shadowmus Mar 9, 2017 @ 1:17am 
I want Cliff as a GMod model. :)