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Finding Pandora - TORCH
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer
Scenario Type: Infantry, Water
Scenario Map: Altis
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Nov 9, 2015 @ 10:45am
Nov 16, 2015 @ 9:24am
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Finding Pandora - TORCH

In 1 collection by EMSI
Finding Pandora
3 items
Final disposal of PANDORA system

SP multi-mission with selectable gameplay - player can select various teams with different tasks.

- No DLC required (Helicopters recommended)
- No unofficial addons required
- Player will fulfill whole mission through the various mini-missions
- Customized equipment for all playable units
- Enabled teamswitch
- Optional tasks

First part "Finding Pandora" can be found here:
Second part "Finding Pandora - TANGO" can be found here:
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RAIVORUUNE Mar 17, 2016 @ 2:03pm 
Deebo367 Jan 22, 2016 @ 3:14pm 
I destroyed the comm relay site with explosives but thw task menu shows it still active. The building is rubble plus I'm out of explosives. I tried HE Amulet to shoot the rubble but still nothing. All other tasks are complete. What am I doing wrong/missing? BTW, great mission!
F4llen Jan 6, 2016 @ 7:02am 
Nvm, problem was on my side, finished the mission without problems :-)
F4llen Jan 5, 2016 @ 1:24pm 
Got an error while playing for EDGE

Error in expression <c_showNotification;
fiak setCurrentTask task8;
case 7:{
21:08:45 Error position: <task8;
case 7:{
Error Undefined variable in expression: task8
File steam\__cur_sp.altis\misc\EMSI_taskovaDatabaza.sqf, line 82

when I had to destroy the transformer, the objective didn't get comleted, restarted mission and still had the same problem...
EMSI  [author] Dec 6, 2015 @ 1:11pm 
Thank you!
JaWa80 Dec 6, 2015 @ 11:21am 
Excellent mission! The hole Pandora trilogy is very good.
EMSI  [author] Nov 27, 2015 @ 8:02am 
Thanks :)
ΠiεdεrhaltεΓ Nov 27, 2015 @ 7:09am 
GREAT Job done ++ excellent missions ++ my compliment ++ many thanks
EMSI  [author] Nov 16, 2015 @ 9:27am 
Valmont Nov 15, 2015 @ 12:39pm 
I think we have gone beyond that. It really bothers me that you delete completely innocent comments. I have the suspicion that you delete other comments you don't like as well.

I see this trend lately going on for this game not only by you. Is it some business model or what? My initial comment did not differ from a few hundred thousand other comments for this game!

If you really would have been interested you could have asked for more information, and in general provided service. But you choose to censor, because that's what is, censoring for some odd reason.

And yes, I am making screenshots now.