Quake Live
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Steam Server Browser
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Steam Server Browser

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Tabbed browsing for multiple games and advanced search/filter/alert functions.
Source Code, Wiki, Issue Tracker[github.com]

After downloading, create a desktop shortcut to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\282440\543312745\ServerBrowser.exe
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17 авг. 2016 в 14:31
Application Error
28 июл. 2016 в 5:49
Ordering of heading
Mr Keefy
31 окт. 2015 в 13:45
Steam Server Browser causes DLL error dialogs
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uaedude 2 мая. 2017 в 14:27 
locations > flag list data is long cant filter based on region >?

Europe / Asia / Middle East / U.S / Australia

that will be awesome :) and for ping results coming out 0 sometimes maybe set the delay not-responding duration maybe set a release/renew netcode to establish another connection with local connection in a diff port this will allow the app to perform again better , even if windows blocks ports for some people who have firewall on , the app will refresh back to original port after u shut it down or after looping at a range of 5 ports changes only. this is for optimum fix of not responding pings , anyways great work dev +100
PredatH0r  [автор] 12 апр. 2017 в 12:42 
keine Ahnung, ob man Workshop items auch ohne das Game subscriben kann.
Ich hab den Browser im QuakeLive und im TOXIKK workshop drin.
Von TOXIKK kann man auch eine Gratisversion runterladen.
rom 12 апр. 2017 в 11:50 
hi. muss ich das spiel kaufen, um den browser zu benutzen?
ich weiß, dass ich ihn auch über guthub bekommen kann, aber ich wollte die "aktuel halten"-funktionalität des steams haben.

überigens DANKE für das tool! :)
GenoSiber 1 апр. 2017 в 7:08 
thx for this man, useful for other games too
tho steam also has built in server browser
anus 25 мар. 2017 в 22:41 
How do you actually use this? When I try to create shortcut it just says that it doesn't exist? Where is the file I downloaded?
BaptiZt 22 мар. 2017 в 12:27 
Thx. using it all the time
PredatH0r  [автор] 13 мар. 2017 в 11:33 
version 2.42 should now work again under win7 too (fixing the Steam Web API timed out)
PredatH0r  [автор] 9 ноя. 2016 в 15:50 
Looks like valve/steam just shut down the UDP Steam Master Server Query API last night and didn't provide any information on its documentation page.

I uploaded a new version just now, which uses an undocumented Steamworks Web API to query the server list instead. Seems to work fine so far.
uaedude 9 ноя. 2016 в 9:27 
yo u forgot to update bro ;)
knock 1 окт. 2016 в 10:39 
Need help doing this