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Cities: Skylines

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Clouds & Fog Toggler
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Sep 24, 2015 @ 7:03am
Apr 19, 2016 @ 6:08am
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Clouds & Fog Toggler

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Disable clouds and distance fog that blocks your view when zooming out. Also allows to disable industrial smog and edge fog. (configurable)

I made this mod because clouds & fog rendering changed in After Dark update completely so mods like Disable Clouds don't work anymore. Also this mod allows to disable new kind of annoyance that was introduced in After Dark - industrial smog.

If you're annoyed with yellow daylight tint that turns days into permanent evenings, use my Daylight Classic mod.

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Latest update:
HOTFIX FOR UPDATE 2 (4/19/2016)
Changed: Restored disabling clouds and fog in editors

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aileron Jul 7 @ 11:48am 
Fixed the issue of blue mist or fog suddenly appearing all over the map. A forum post sent me here. Great mod!
yom14 Jun 1 @ 11:01am 
mr.ѵ May 31 @ 1:32am 
Due to clouds are already disabled. ..maybe since Snowfall DLC?
To re-enable the clouds, use this mod -> AD Cloud Enabler
Thalestr 💜 May 28 @ 10:51pm 
Causes game to crash on load.
derBleede May 27 @ 12:24pm 
in case somebody does not find this mod (@Camdere) in the options/mod settings, you first need to activate the mod.

leave the options.
in the main menu open "content manager --> mods"
enable "clouds and fog toggler ..."
change the settings in otions
Camdere May 25 @ 9:27am 
same as the last comment. it doesn't show up in the options menu. does anybody know how to fix this issue?
~~DELİYÜREK~~ May 4 @ 8:44pm 
it doesn't show up in options / mod settings. what do i do?
provost.romain May 3 @ 11:12am 
impact of FPS ?
kuroineko666 Apr 26 @ 2:30pm 
I had the same problem as Pencil. when I able classic fog effect if day/cycle is on the edge fog appear . I Tried to disable it with "Cloud & Fog Toggler" or "Hide it!" but it don't work just minimize horizon bringing down edge fog a little. So I unsubscribed and disabled from "Hide it!" and relaunching the game with only "Clouds & Fog Toggler"and now it work with ultimate eye candy day/night cycle without the edge fog again.
If it can help someones...
Pencil Apr 24 @ 9:42am 
My edge still has fog on it even after disabling. I worked out that it is Daylight Classic caushing this (I have the advanced features ticked). It seems to go away if I disable the 'Classic fog effects' but then my lovely clouds disappear too :(