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Bedford Falls
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Sep 22, 2015 @ 9:49am
Dec 22, 2021 @ 3:28pm
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Bedford Falls

Welcome to Bedford Falls. This adds the fictional town of Bedford Falls to the vanilla game world.
Now V41.6+ compatible!
Works with new in-game map system.
Includes lootable map of Bedford Falls that updates the main map when read!

Mod has been tested both in single player and in multiplayer and everything works 100%
If you are having issues then it is most likely caused by another mod, incorrectly trying to add Bedford Falls to a game already in progress or by not having your map mods at the very top of your mod order.

If you are running a map pack mod and have issues with Bedford Falls then my first piece of advice will always be to uninstall the map pack and use the seperate map mods instead, as they were intended to be used.

If you are hosting a local server or standalone server then don't forget to add Bedford Falls to the Workshop tab/line and the mods tab/line and that "BedfordFalls;North;South;West" are in/on your maps tab/line and above/before any other mod, if you have map mods that are not behaving correctly a likely reason in your map mods are not at the front/top of your mod and workshop lists!

Workshop ID: 522891356
Mod ID: BedfordFalls
Map Folder: BedfordFalls
Map Folder: North
Map Folder: South
Map Folder: West

Please don't forget to favorite and thumbs up! <3

Do not repack and/or re-upload without permission, if you want to add Bedford Falls to a "mod pack" then make and use a collection, that is what they are there for. You can add Bedford Falls to your "server pack" ONLY IF your mod pack's visibility is unlisted so that only people with the link (people who will play on your server) can view it.
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Nov 12 @ 5:39pm
VHS store location
< >
Rekas Nov 29 @ 9:25pm 
is the purpose here just to have a lot of nice stuff to loot? if thats the case then ignore this comment, otherwise, its quite trivial to survive in this one, especially if you spawn in the South Western Facility
ringod123  [author] Nov 25 @ 4:33pm 
Either one of the other mods you have installed is causing an issue or you have incorrectly set up your server. @Codename Ater below had the same problem and then realised it was an error on his end.
superlelezza Nov 25 @ 3:49pm 
it gives me this error I also followed the yt video
but still won't let my comrades in

The file does not exist on the client:
z:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\522891356\mods\Bedford Falls\media\scripts\bedfordmap.txt
Spoonium Nov 23 @ 4:05pm 
i can't figure out where the map tab line is suposed to be, therefore i can't put the map folder. can someone enlight me ?
Codename Ater Nov 23 @ 10:06am 
@ringod123 No, it was something stupid with the FTP on my end... All good.
ringod123  [author] Nov 23 @ 8:00am 
@Ozziiey - You didnt get it working on a saved game then as this is the problem that is created by adding to a saved game. Always best to start a new save when adding map mods.
Ozziey Nov 23 @ 12:38am 
I got this working on an existing save but the only problem for me is that the road to bedford falls is misaligned. So when driving from the highway to Bedford the road randomly cuts into a forest but continues one cell above it. On the map it looks like a straight road but in game it isnt I crashed into the trees when trying to drive there. Does anyone know how to fix this???
Codename Ater Nov 22 @ 4:21pm 
Don't listen to me... I am an idiot!
Codename Ater Nov 22 @ 3:37pm 
@ringod123 that is so weird. I tried to add it to my brand new server and I got the same error message as before. I got some other map mods to work, just not this one. Really unfortunate because it looks so cool!
Robert Mölders Nov 22 @ 9:53am 
@Ozziey Yes it works.You can also check here to know if two maps overlaps: