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Bedford Falls
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Sep 22, 2015 @ 9:49am
Oct 10, 2019 @ 8:45pm
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Bedford Falls

Welcome to Bedford Falls. This adds the fictional town of Bedford Falls to the vanilla game world.

Workshop ID: 522891356
Mod ID: BedfordFalls
Map Folder: BedfordFalls
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[FLOT] drunkenpilot Sep 12 @ 3:53pm 
Just following up to report that I was able to successfully add Bedford to my existing B40 MP server. No issues to report, the roads and everything line up perfectly. Probably helps that none of us have traveled down into those cells.
[FLOT] drunkenpilot Sep 12 @ 2:57pm 
I know that officially the response will always be that this will only work on a new game, but if I added this to my existing B40 MP server, would the cells that are outside of the vanilla map (unused space) be created correctly? I assume that the cells overwriting the forest would not appear because the server has already generated those as forest cells.

I know that you can add new maps to an existing server provided they are in unused cells outside of the vanilla map (like Fort Knox or Valley Station Military Outpost, for example, I added these to my existing save without issue), just wondering how it would work if the map is on both used and unused cells.
GuiDH Sep 11 @ 11:15am 
there are many shops and containers that are suposed to have 1 kind of loot but have a completely different loot, like only medicine in a mini market, the gas station only have food and literature, is this happening only to me?
modiks01 Aug 31 @ 1:19pm 
Nice map
ivailo.stoychev Aug 4 @ 7:22pm 
I actually just realized that the little block up north is actually a recreation of the original 2011 Project Zomboid map
ringod123  [author] May 16 @ 8:21am 
Dentist [2 R ANG] May 16 @ 6:21am 
does this map have Forage zones?
Infinitea May 4 @ 8:35am 
* Was build 41.36, spawned in Bedford Falls, used multiple weapon types.
Infinitea May 4 @ 8:33am 
Hi, just did a test with vanilla + this mod. I just ran around and killed about 100 zombies and didn't have the clothes disappearing issue. Just in case anyone is hesitating because of that. @RagingLoony I have had the same error when using the more traits mod with any of the added traits which give critical chance to certain weapons.
RagingLoony Apr 29 @ 2:31pm 
Edit to my below comment, just seen you state that you only support the latest official build, not the IWBUMS, my apologies.