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Phoenix; Beta 1.4 "Final Flaw"
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Sep 7, 2015 @ 1:26pm
Jul 1, 2016 @ 4:44am
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Phoenix; Beta 1.4 "Final Flaw"

Phoenix is based around a typical "science park", in which main roads play host to stores, garages and occasional houses, while side streets are clustered with large offices, storage blocks and educational establishments.

My main idea with Phoenix was to diversify the gameplay of PZ to take away from the "run and raid" of Muldraugh and explore the new concept of high-risk, high-reward gameplay. Each area within Phoenix is planned to have at least one high-risk location which pushes the following:
Crucifix-design (a main road with intense-resources, and quieter outskirts)
Exposed surroundings
Minimal escape routes
Large concentrations of zombies
Poor loot in easily-accessible areas
High-reward loot in upper floors and locked rooms
As their time in Phoenix develops, players will hopefully feel urged by desperation to attempt entry to these high-risk locations, and will undoubtedly require all of their skills to persevere through.

"Nothing short of a through-route, Phoenix is a science park attached along a major roadway, offering convenient access to local industries, education centres, and St. Domingo, the region's Hospital. For many, Phoenix is a mere place to pass through, but for office workers, merchants, students and more, Phoenix is a place of business."

Alpha 1.1 "Long Road Ahead" Edition
- Major update to entire map, extending from 3x3 cells, to 3x5 cells.
- Quarantine zone extended and populated with gunstore, toolstore, newsagents, police station, hairdressers, clothes stores and several apartment buildings.
- Water treatment facility added to north-west.
- Room definitions throughout have been fixed, but more are continuing to cause issues.
- Spawn points have been reset.
- Fuel has been added to mechanics and petrol stations.
- Logging company added to industrial sector.
- Balcony of death has been removed from warehouse.
- Several visual glitches removed.
- Zombie spawn map adapted to make particular areas extremely high-risk. No spoilers here - you'll find them.

Please note that images above are presented in-process, and will change over the course of the map's development. Phoenix will be periodically updated and will eventually be integrated into the base map. At present, Phoenix is a standalone map only.

Thanks and credit:
ManBearPig - For his First Look video and publicity
Seiben - For his exceptional help in finding bugs
Seiben & 956Texas - For their concept of the Military Tents
NeutralNZ1 - For the concept of the Quarantine Checkpoint and the Office Building
Blindcoder – For his excellent work on the PZ Map Override -

Workshop ID: 514427485
Mod ID: Mod_Phoenix
Map Folder: Phoenix
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CocoBat May 5 @ 11:12am 
Sadly this currently cuts off the road from muldraugh with a cell of trees
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is it working yet?
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This map was placed on build 38, will it remain on build 39 or be isolated?
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yeah they really should mark these as dead...also in things such as cheat menu mods the teleports to these dead maps should be removed. cross communication is a must in a good modding community.
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RIP. This map was a masterpiece that peaked too early. Someone update this. Bribes not out of the question.:steamsad:
Madkingdiamond Feb 5, 2019 @ 2:39pm 
Should put Discontinued in the description or name so people dont have to read through the comments
Kelthehet Dec 14, 2018 @ 8:41pm 
Best of luck in future endeavors, Bacon. Loved this map something fierce for what time I got to spend with it. It was truly a unique and special feel. Here's to all of the times we spawned in the Quarantine zone, eager for another go.
Mr_BERETTA Nov 4, 2018 @ 12:23pm 
Чё не соединили город с основными дорогами? тупо стеной леса окружён
Mr.Narsh Sep 30, 2018 @ 12:23pm 
Thanks for the update Bacon. It's too bad that the map isn't gonna updated anymore but I understand the reason.
I wanna thank you for bringing us such a wonderful map, it was truly a pleasure to play it. I haven't played the game in a long time, so I don't know what updates have made it impossible to update your map. But perhaps in the future you'll bring us a new world to explore.
Greets 😀
MonolithicBacon  [author] Sep 28, 2018 @ 4:11pm 
Hello folks!

My sincerest apologies for such silence over the years, but I wanted to make the situation regarding Phoenix abundantly clear - as the files and game itself have changed so much, I have been unable to keep the map up to date. As such, the uploaded version is impossible to update with modern features.

This current version of Phoenix is, I'm afraid, the only version that will exist. The files for the map are too outdated to update, and as such, it is not fit for purpose in the current iteration of the game.

A new version of Phoenix may be released in years to come, but I'm afraid that the original is all but lost to time.

Thank you to all who tried and tested Phoenix - those who lived and died within her.
You are the truest of all survivors.