Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2

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Aug 13, 2015 @ 9:05am
Aug 8, 2019 @ 1:41pm
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In 1 collection by Mike Danielsson
Battle royale map collection by Mike
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Game Info:
You spawn at the edge of the map with up to 32 players in one game.
4 zones exists as the picture says. Each zone will be electrified at an set time. Starting with the orange zone and ends with the green zone. The last survivor wins!

You start with a glock and new weapons can be optioned by touching different plates. If someone takes a weapon from any plate it takes 30 seconds for it to reset. Orange zone have pistols. Red zone got smg and shotguns. Blue and green zones got rifles and snipers. It is possible to get a sniper rifle in the orange and red zone but they are hard to find.

If you want the electrifing speed on each zone to be faster you can press the vote button in the cage. If enough players vote for it the speed mode will change to fast instead of normal.
More info here.

Normal speed: Orange - 50, red - 85, blue 115 and green at 140 seconds.
Faster speed: Orange - 30, red - 55, blue 75 and green at 95 seconds.

Commands that is executed by the map:
- mp_weapons_allow_map_placed 1 (Allows weapons to spawn at the map)
- mp_teammates_are_enemies 1 (Makes everyone an enemy)
- mp_roundtime 5.17
- mp_warmuptime 0
- mp_warmup_end 0
- mp_freezetime 0
- mp_join_grace_time 2 (If set higher the map can count players wrong)

Good to know commands:
- bot_quota 0 (No bots will spawn)
- mp_endmatch_votenextmap 0 (At map end you cant vote on maps)

Skybox made by hipshot.

This is version 2.3 (released 2019/08/08)! Plz report buggs here and subscribe if you like it!

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i want this map for cs2
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loved this map there is any server still active?
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this map was peak csgo, really hope this gets updated to cs2 at some point :bulletkin:
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great map. too bad the only communtiy server is down :steamsad:
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really nice work with this map
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Shit keeps telling me and the bois, that it could'nt find dedicated server. hlp plz :steamsalty:
Lyn_ Mar 7, 2020 @ 7:35am 
good map
N1ppler ツ Mar 6, 2020 @ 10:58am 
Hey Mike is it possible that the weapons spawn with own Player Skins ?