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Hydrocraft is a mod based around crafting and filling in the empty world of zomboid with more stuff. It is inspired by survival crafting games like Haven and Hearth. It is very much a WIP and will be tweaked and added onto. Please try it out and let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions/ideas.

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Workshop ID: 498441420
Mod ID: Hydrocraft
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Apr 10 @ 5:49am
Inactive beehive?
Mar 19 @ 10:36pm
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Mar 11 @ 5:29pm
Ranged weapons?
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Sakura321 10 hours ago 
@Hydro Ok, thanks!
Hydromancerx  [author] 11 hours ago 
@Sakura321 - You may need to build a new hive. It seems to work for me. But I built it after the update.
Sakura321 11 hours ago 
well, i mean almost a week. i think i fed pollen a little before the update.
Sakura321 12 hours ago 
maybe potted plants still have issues dont they? i watered them more than 10 times but they are still small. also, beehives dont seem to be working since the last update. i feed pollen and there are no honey collected for a week (in real life)
Hydromancerx  [author] 14 hours ago 
@Kaltarn Gaming - Try dropping them on the floor first when removing them from a fire. Then from the floor to your inventory.
Hydromancerx  [author] 14 hours ago 
@cocoayoc - I do not think it is possible to set that in the wepaons settings. The devlopers of Zomboid would have to change that.
Kaltarn Gaming 16 hours ago 
love the mod. been having a issue with items cooked on the stove disapearing when you try and collect them.
cocoayoc 16 hours ago 
the machete should be able to kill more than one zombie at once, just look at Michonne in TWD, she has killed at least THREE at a time. can it happen?
Sakura321 Apr 23 @ 2:41pm 
im sorry i posted again but i just found out that potted plants dont die when i put them in my inventory so i can grow them on MP as well so please dont mind my last comment.
Sakura321 Apr 22 @ 11:08pm 
@hydro - One more thing, I think this potted plants thing need adjustment. Especially on MP, time flies and I think its almost impossible for most of people to grow them until they get ready. It is still hard to grow plants with Vanilla farming, but we have other food to eat, its not really necessary to do farming and also we only have to water them once and then raining takes care of the rest, but this, we have to water every single hour or they just die. Also, I probably said before but a lot of things requires crops from potted plants (like wagons, fine alice pack, etc) . probably it would be better if you make them faster to grow (less times to water) or make them immortal.