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Hydrocraft is a mod based around crafting and filling in the empty world of zomboid with more stuff. It is inspired by survival crafting games like Haven and Hearth. It is very much a WIP and will be tweaked and added onto. Please try it out and let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions/ideas.

For more details go here ...

Workshop ID: 498441420
Mod ID: Hydrocraft
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Fujiko Mine
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Redemptor 2 hours ago 
After the last update game doesn't loading with Hydrocraft enabled. It just stucks on loading character textures. But in the rest, it works just fine. Any idea why? Also, i really love this mod, please keep up the great work) P.S. Sorry for possible mistakes, i am pretty bad at english.
DrBossWatson 16 hours ago 
I was playing Project Zomboid with this and some other mods single player last week and the different swords all had custom sprites but now they are either the knife or the pool cue. Do the swords get new sprites as a part of Hydrocraft or is there an addon mod I forgot about?
Var Jul 20 @ 7:11am 
Hi. I play PZ with a hydrocraft mod.
Some of it is not translated into Russian. I translate it for myself every day a little. If you want, I can give the translated parts. To make it easier for other players to play.
jay.knight9 Jul 20 @ 6:04am 
Oh GREAT Hydromancerx...your mod is amazing!!! However, ever since the car update I keep getting errors and can only enter the server to host the game by soft reseting or disabling Hydrocraft. This is annoying, all our hard work gone. I will admit I put in every mod I could for additional loot since this is a survival game. I really want Hydrocraft back in the server...just to many things to find and play with...(yes I found my stapler)...and I got to ride my bicycle:) Is there an update for the Car update or method when installing Hydrocraft I don't know about the reduces conflicts? Also is their a cheat sheet somewhere for the Admin to install Hydrocraft Items in places on the map (like horses and wagons) (i.e. /additem "Hydrocraft.HorseMale"). Thanks you for your time...and please keep up the great work. (hint: we are still looking for a winchester to place in our bar.) (14 rolled +Charisma 12 at 5th level)
money3030 Jul 19 @ 8:17pm 
@Hydromancerx well if they both suck people won't usually bother to use em also the recipe I believe has evolved to an even harder one since it now uses Gym towels made from cotton.

Punching bag is decent since it will take XP multipliers but Strength and Fitness do not and have a ridiculous scaling.

All of the Exercise machines are useful but they just need a little fixing and tweaking like adding fitness to threads and bumping their Strength and Fitness to 50 to make them worth the building/time. Although balancing should be like giving exhaustion and tiredness and a little more hunger.

I have not yet found what the "Bloo" is coming from.
Hydromancerx  [author] Jul 19 @ 3:15pm 
@money3030 - I did not want the treadmill to be too powerful to where you would not build the weights to lift.
money3030 Jul 19 @ 7:57am 
Finally found where the barricade HP's are at Hydrocraft\media\lua\server\Placing\Building Objects and can finally decide if some of the barricades are worth placing down.

Although can I get an explanation how this line works?
local eHP = getSpecificPlayer(self.player):getPerkLevel(Perks.Woodwork)*1000;

Does this mean that per level of carpentry you get 1,000 more hp?

If the base hp of the object is 2,000 then you effectively get 12,000 at max Carpentry but if you have handy then it reaches 12,100 due to +100 from Handy according to my interpretaion.

Also that mention shouldn't Barbed Wire and Contertina Wire take Bonuses from Metalworking instead of Carpentry? Maybe even Sandbag Barricade since it uses the Concertina Wire.
money3030 Jul 19 @ 7:38am 
Treadmill not giving Fitness XP only sprinting? I mean I can understand that Weight lifting is not about cardio but training your Sprinting should also increase your fitness as you are basically pushing your limits to develop faster bursts. (Maybe people didn't bother use excercise machines as much cause pushing/fighting zombie(s) over and over works faster).

Anyhow I tested and yes it works just added an extra line on the lua file and it works.

pl:getXp():AddXP(Perks.Fitness, 50);

I wonder what the balancing issue on Strength and Fitness is as 10 seems low for such an end game type of equipment in a base to train your skills, I modified Strength and Fitness XPs to 50 cause they don't take any modifiers at all also they scale ridiculously high compared to actual stats.

Although it should drain Endurance and Fatigue everytime you excersice I have yet to add that. I also barely notice the hunger having any effects despite multiple exercises.
money3030 Jul 18 @ 1:34am 
And my last test well It seems ORGM shotguns are deadly painful on bad RNG rolls I got 1 shotted despite having full bullet resistance coverage including riotshield that the basic Remmington 870 was nasty.
money3030 Jul 18 @ 12:35am 
Testing shows that since I added the missing protections tags for bullet injuries like Fore arms for Arm guards, Lower leg protection for Boots (Makes them look like real boots/long boots instead of shoe coverage that just covers the foot.) and the missing Bullet protection tag for the Leg Guards survival rates dramatically went up until you hit RNG rolls that those shots do land, very increased survivalbility against full auto enemies. Also looks like damage blocked is full damage blocked unless it pierces the armour protection. (Not dying under 1-2 seconds from full auto enemies anymore)