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*** Hydromancerx: I am proud to announce DemolitionDerby is now a Co-Contributor to Hydrocraft and can update the Steam Workshop! ***

Hydrocraft Mod for Project Zomboid

Current Version: 11.1 - Tested on Build 40.43

Hydrocraft is a mod based around crafting and filling in the empty world of zomboid with more stuff. It is inspired by survival crafting games like Haven and Hearth. It is very much a WIP and will be tweaked and added onto.

Please report any issues or inconsistency that you find and share your suggestions!

You can report issues on the Hydrocraft Workshop page or on GitHub[]

You can also visit the Hydrocraft page on TheIndieStone[]

Please see Changes Notes for full changes list

Workshop ID: 498441420
Mod ID: Hydrocraft
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CherryDarling May 23 @ 5:33pm 
@LionelCG this one has quite some blocking bugs and you ll have to apply a couple of fixes by hand in the scripts. Hasi's one has a lot of fixes, but gets updated quite often with sometimes unexpected side effects, like items disappearing due to class change (many machines became container when anchored, this provoked their deletion in existing savegames). Nothing Necroforge cant fix, though. I use Hasi's for the moment, it s quite an experience.
Polik2500 May 23 @ 4:13am 
Hi, I need some help. Turning on the Hydrocraft causes the game to stop loading on Characters. here is the error log : org.lwjgl.opengl.OpenGLException: Failed to map a buffer 65536 bytes long
at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer$
Any of you have similar problem? Maybe someone have solution.
LionelCG May 22 @ 6:03pm 
Which version is more stable? This one or the IWBUMS one maintained by David Hasihoff? I want to start a new game and I don´t want to miss this masterpiece of a mod :)
CherryDarling May 22 @ 5:47pm 
armors were removed as they were, replaced by a new system

berries do errors because there s a mixup between different recipes that intercross prossibilities and estimate more possible results than possibly obtainable.

i m surprised you didnt see the other bugs, the more... "blocking" bugs. (tried to craft a smith hammer ?)
CherryDarling May 22 @ 5:47pm 
there s a lot of bugs and fixes and problems that are slowly but surely getting solved. there is a WIP hydrocraft running but it s very WIP and can cause surprises. better fix what you see by yourself and report what you saw on github if you can.

>crafting at 3 speeds will cause death to the character

THIS. happened quite some times. problem of overweight. when the craft is over you get the crafted item in inventory. then overweight. at speed 3 you dont have the time to react and die of critical damage. especially usually loading the components already started to damage you and overweight you. not to add that there is a slight lag if the craft interface is opened when you finish the crafting.

dont use 3 speed "at the end" of crafting. always have food to recover fast once you crafted.

demon May 22 @ 3:40am 
dear developer. there is such a problem, I can not wear more than one made armor not made of metal not made of skin and bone. there is no button to dress and it is also not possible to view the clothing parameter. there is also a problem with a bunch of berries when crafting them out a bunch of errors. and one more thing, crafting at 3 speeds will cause death to the character
Jernjr May 21 @ 7:47am 
Every time I try to play says its missing Alchemy something
Hydromancerx  [author] May 20 @ 12:13pm 
@(#Lior#) - What happened?
Hydromancerx  [author] May 20 @ 12:12pm 
@horizon - Just wrecked car props that can only be placed via Admins.
(#Lior#) May 18 @ 2:54am 
i cant play in PZ dont using this mod