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Renaissance Mod
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Aug 3, 2015 @ 4:55am
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Renaissance Mod


A Renaissance has come to the lands of Ardania! New spells, artifacts, lords and Great Mages have been spotted throughout the land, as a Sylvan Order arises to protect Ardania from the evil Dremers and greedy Infernals. Build vast cities, cast game-changing spells, and take your game to all new 4X fantasy heights!

This extensive mod offers loads of professional content, plus several game fixes and highly-requested improvements. It really is the next best thing to Warlock 3!

Current version: 8.4.2a


» NEW RACE: Sylvan Order
» NEW RACE: Infernals
» NEW RACE: Dremers *Bonus Pack recommended (scroll down)
» 100+ new units
» 100+ new buildings
» 40+ new Great Mage starter perks
» 31 new lords
» 25 new spells
» 21 new Great Mages
» 16 new crafting elements
» 15 new artifacts
» 15 new quest events
» 100+ new unit abilities
» 100+ new unit perks
» Epic perks
» Empire-wide revolutions ~ turn 100
» Major AI improvements
» Several game fixes, including no auto-built farms, fixed upgrade costs, Tal Kalessil fixes, Helia immunity fix and more!
» All-new artwork for new units, perks, mages, lords, buildings, abilities and artifacts
» Complete Mod Notes:


» 6 NEW buildings
» 5 NEW lords
» 4 NEW units
» 2 NEW spells
» 1 NEW Great Mage
» Allied Unit improvements
» Free Town improvements
» Improved artwork for Great Mages
» Detailed Patch Notes:


Due to the sheer scope of this mod, the following DLC is required:

- Wrath of the Nagas
- The Thrilling Trio
- Spectacular Spell Pack
- Three Mighty Mages
- The Good, the Bad, & the Muddy

TIP: Purchasing everything above unlocks Renaissance Mod, which provides a good deal more value for your money than the DLC itself. You can also buy the DLC during a Steam sale -- just add the items to your wish list to get an automatic email when they go on sale.


By installing the optional Renaissance Mod Bonus Pack[www.dropbox.com], you'll enable additional game changes that couldn't be added to the mod directly. Installation is super-easy. See the included 'READ ME' file.


» Contaminated lands only reduce food production by -50%; mana & gold production are NOT affected {they are usually reduced by -50% each}

This change allows players of the Dremer faction to use the Dremer's ability to contaminate lands more liberally and strategically. It also makes it viable to begin the game on a Dremer world.

» All Dremers (playable and hostile) move with normal movement rules over contaminated lands

This makes it possible for Dremer units to move at 0.5 movement points across their own buildings on contaminated lands, just as non-Dremer units do. Without this fix, Dremers always move at 1 movement point, even when buildings are present.



I work professionally as a graphic and web designer, with an extensive background in game development. Having played more than 3,000 hours of Warlock 2, I know the game quite well. This mod was a labor of love, done to improve a game that had a ton of potential.

I've made every attempt to match (and exceed) the quality, consistency and polish of the original game. If you have any suggestions for future changes to Renaissance, please leave a comment.


To ensure you have the best experience possible, avoid running with other mods. So many elements of Warlock 2 have been refined in Renaissance that other mods are much more likely to cause conflicts and potential game crashes.

There's a ton of new content here, so my best suggestion is to try Renaissance solo and see how you like it. This mod was designed to replace a number of popular mods. Give it a try!


Watch the Let's Play series by well known YouTuber DasTactic to see Renaissance Mod in action. In addition to showcasing the mod, Das also provides dozens of useful gameplay tips and strategies to help you make your way through Warlock 2:


Be sure to like and subscribe!



Forest dwellers unified in their uncompromising respect for nature.

» Excellent food and research production.
» Most units gain bonuses in forests.
» Access to early healing units.
» Use amphibious turtles rather than naval ships.
» Worship 6 of the 8 gods (excellent variety of religious perks and temple units).
» More susceptible to Missile damage.
» Lackluster mana production.


Underworld denizens fueled by fire, greed and conquest.

» Excellent gold production.
» Cities consume gold instead of food.
» Geared toward rapid growth and expansion.
» Most units can walk on water (with penalties) or fly.
» Worship 4 of the 8 gods (fair variety of religious perks and temple units).
» More susceptible to Melee damage.
» Build times tend to be longer.


Voracious terrors from another world driven to consume Ardania.

» Very strong, highly durable units.
» Can contaminate lands to help Dremers and hurt others.
» Do not build towers; instead use shadow workers to supplement production and city defense.
» Do not worship any gods, but can breed Dremargor Spawn (one temple unit).
» Units are very expensive to hire and maintain.
» Lackluster production of most resources.





A very special thanks to Shidan for all the help and support on the forums. Some of the more advanced modifications wouldn't have been possible without you. I also greatly appreciate your permission to incorporate your Water Terraforming Spells into Renaissance. Thanks again!

Lastly, this mod was partly inspired by Reat lvl99 White Mage's 'Warlock 2 Overhaul' mod. I even recreated a few elements in homage to his work.


I created much of the new artwork in Renaissance myself, but not all. The Great Mages and other images were found online. I have no intention of profiting from this work. That being the case, I am unable to pay royalties, but am happy to offer credit where credit is due.

If you're the creator of any artwork you see here, I will gladly give you credit (or remove your artwork entirely). Just let me know.


Bugs to report? Suggestions? Leave a comment! :-)
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resieg Aug 26 @ 3:26am 
@AlienObserver: Yes you are right. These things annoy me since years.
But I was working on a solution the last months. Will tell soon :)
Lewordox Aug 25 @ 7:08pm 
Thank you very much for this great mod. I LOVE.:steamhappy:
AlienObserver Aug 25 @ 6:52am 
I really love the mod. But there must be another way to increase difficulty other than just giving the AI gazillions of troops. Can't there be some kind of limit just so that the overcrowding stops being an issue. The Ai just fills up all spaces with troops, its simply ridiculous.

Maybe give them all the ressources so they can replace fallen units quickly, make recruiting one day for all units, etc., but pls put a cap on the amount of units the AI can field. I have seen cmplains about this quite often and I think that higher difficulties feel very much broken to me.
Kindra Jul 22 @ 7:50pm 
i had another question, since i saw somewhere you did change Tal Kalessil somewhat. does internationalist not affect him or his cities he takes? i took that perk but when i highlight over my city productions and populations it doesn't mention anything reguarding cities of same or other races, or anything about Internationalist. (sorry in advance if this is a base game mechanic i didn't know about either and internationalist or intolerance never affected him or his cities he captures)
Kindra Jul 21 @ 7:38pm 
so i tried alot of things to get it to work, and so far it looks like i just keep reloading the game and doing the questions, and eventually it works. not much to go on, but i suppose whatever works right?
Kindra Jul 21 @ 6:44pm 
so to update from before (sorry it took so long) the Portal opening question 'quest' works in Exiled mode, but does NOT work in battle for outplanes mode (which i prefer). i haven't changed anything at all, and i'm playing undead, so i don't know what's causing it. as for Morris' scholar problem, i tested in 3 different game modes starting with the great mage perk 'scholar' and it seems to be working, at least for me. @morris i hope you can find out whats going on with your scholar perk
Morris Jul 12 @ 5:10am 
@chumley - I have Kindra's same problem, I always have to choose the wrong choice or nothing happens, it doesn't really bother me much because I usually prefer to fight the monster to get gold, but sometimes when you are with just an explorer it could be annoying not being able to open the portal ;) Another thing that bothers me is the Scholar perk, which doesn't seem to work well for me, the Research point I gain through the perk is always converted to Mana, which is quite a problem, especially when you start, lol, I chose the perk to get 1 Research, not 1 mana! ;)
Why does it do that, is it just my problem or it's a bug?
Chumley  [author] Jul 10 @ 8:16am 
@Kindra - No hassle at all. It could be "just one of those things." I'm glad it appears to be working now. :-)
Kindra Jul 10 @ 3:21am 
ok, i finally ran into it again, and it seems to work now, at least in Exiled mode (the other times i ran into it was during Battle for Outplanes mode, if that makes a difference. but i'm guessing it was on my end after all. sorry for the hassle.
Kindra Jul 10 @ 1:50am 
@chumley - to give a bit more details, i have played through several games, and they have the same issue every time, and the great mages have been nowhere near the world sometimes. however, my dad also plays this game with your mod, and he states it works just fine for him, and we use the exact same mods so it could be on my end, i've tired verifying my files, but havn't run into that gate type yet since then. if i run into it again and it still doesn't work, i can try to reinstall your mod and/or my game and i'll let you know if it works or not :)

and again thanks for this mod and keeping it up to date, i can't play without it now lol