STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™

STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™

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(English) The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification (TSLRCM)
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Jul 21, 2015 @ 6:56am
Jun 13, 2016 @ 12:20pm
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(English) The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification (TSLRCM)

If you want to use this mod in conjecture with M4-78EP, use this instead;

This mod's intention is to restore much of the content cut from The Sith Lords, that was lost to the main game due to a rush to release the game. This rush also left the game with a plethora of bugs (some of which also blocked out content, so not everything restored was really *cut*; for example the quest 'Corrun Falt'), so this mod should seriously decrease the buginess that plagued TSL.
Overall, our goal is to make the KotOR 2: TSL experience as close as possible for us (as modders can do) as what Obsidian originally intended it to be...

For a semi-complete list of restored content check
For the fixlist of 1.8.5 check

For the most up-to-date list on known mod compatibilites check here:

To install simply hit *subscribe*. If it doesn't start the download reboot Steam.
You need to start a new game after installing TSLRCM to prevent issues.
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teddykoda Jun 2 @ 5:42am 
Is there an updated version of this? Because I had the TSLRCM + M4-78EP before, but decided to go back to this as I felt that M4-78EP was unnecessary. I noticed that there are a few dialog and quest bugs in this compared to the TSLRCM + M4-78EP, I felt like that one is more "updated" compared to this one.
Valdemar May 28 @ 12:47pm 
@Hassat Hunter when russian version of TSLRCM on Steam? :heyred:
Hassat Hunter  [author] May 26 @ 5:31am 
@Dwarven: If you don't want to use the workshop use the installer on deadlystream.
@Universe: It's been ages since someone used USM. But yeah, that's USM.
@Quick: New game REQUIRED
ryanscottxeper May 24 @ 10:45pm 
Some of the small touches are nice, if not pointless. Sadly I won't be able to see end changes. It is hard to explain just how broken Nar Shadda is with this mod, but enough that I just spent 15 hours playing and will restart without this mod. Firstly it adds so many enemies that there is just no fun to it - a massive difficulty spike like no other. If you can suffer through that and get to the ID code guy, you may be like me and get stuck in a loop where you have to fight these huge mobs over and over again hoping that this time Goto's ship would load and progress properly. Then with the boarding party I just gave up, as all my health packs and such had been burned through in the insanely cheap Nar Shadda Streets. I never had an issue with this playing on Xbox One, might just go back to that since I cannot use this mod anyways. Also became insanely sick of the HK-50 droids. Trust me, Nar Shadda shows that things get cut for a reason.
Onorath-Celestial-Jade May 22 @ 11:35am 
This mod is not compatible with save files.
[Q]uik May 22 @ 10:12am 
Assuming this mod is not compatible with save files? :)
Yali May 21 @ 6:29am 
Absolutely essential.
ltlwlf621571 May 18 @ 12:22pm 
this morning my mods wont load
Univers767 May 18 @ 5:23am 
Anyone has a problem after Telos, I killed Atris and then we should play HK 47 at telos factory but instead I have the Principal character and I m on Telos but I can 't go to sub level at factory it's blocked, so I'm stuck anyway, it's possible to fix it please ?
TexasPistolMassacre May 16 @ 6:17pm 
so uh, i keep crashin after the defense of khoonda. really wanted this mod, but its literally making the game unplayable. the only other mod i have is the one that locks the vertical camera