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Sendificate part 4 -- 302
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Jul 6, 2015 @ 12:27pm
Jul 14, 2015 @ 7:07am
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Sendificate part 4 -- 302

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Sendificate series
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Your sendification destination can be found >here<

This is the fourth map in the Sendificate series.
Like the first three, difficulty is medium/hard; no ninja-skills required.

It is strongly recommended to play the Sendificate maps in order, since the later maps depend on things learned in earlier ones.
The first map can be found here:

ThinkingWithPortals thread[forums.thinking.withportals.com] #TWP

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported[creativecommons.org]

You can download the source files for this map from my website[clockworkbrain.net].

Update 2015-07-10:

- fixed an incorrect setting on Wheatley which allowed the player to pick him up;
- enabled a shortcut after you get the yellow cube, so you don’t need to go through the whole process again if you loose it;
- some minor adjustments.

Update 2015-07-12:

- Removed some portal-enabled surfaces that were confusing

- Added a small extra hint to the main puzzle

Update 2015-07-14:

- Exchanged the static platforms in the main room for moving panels, to allow players to retrieve misplaced cubes more easily. Thanks to Nobody No-one for that idea!


Thanks to josepezdj for beta testing and some tips on improving the map.
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Jun 6 @ 2:46pm
Story Arc ideas?
< >
Tangerine Sep 28 @ 8:49am 
Wow, it was really hard for me. but at same time, it was really fun. Great job! :p2blue:
Calwin Sep 12 @ 3:07am 
Great map, in the beginning I was annoyed when every time I put the prism box into the hole and the pusher put it into the machine the beam didn't go as I wanted it to. Then I later realized it was part of the game. I really enjoyed the puzzles. It helps me improving my observational skills to, since when I'm stuck it is almost always something right in front of me that I somehow manage to ignore. Like the glassed in triangle thingy on the ground.
BehindPortal Sep 10 @ 5:53am 
master of hammer. hint helped for last move. :p2blue::p2cube::p2orange:
mythers45 Sep 7 @ 8:52pm 
@nobbers Funny, I just re-ran this map and didn't have that experience. Did it get stuck up there so it wouldn't come down even after pressing the retrieval button? If so, that REALLY sucks, and if not, you should just get it back and try again.
nobbers Sep 1 @ 2:15pm 
Unfortunately when you teleport the laser cube to the first wall platform in - I assume the last room/area - it will not sit correctly in the holder so the laser is pointing up at the blue ring target. This is using the cube 'flipper' provided on the teleporter. It either lands on an angle, or flips 45 degrees.
A real shame, was really hoping to finish this map :(
qqw15975322 Aug 14 @ 9:31pm 
_galaxy Jul 9 @ 6:05pm 
And the design, well the lighting isn't beautiful as always, but that panel scene and the strange area in-between the portals, alongside the final chamber with the ambient portal 2 soundtrack did give me some chills, not particularly scary but damn does it set a odd feeling to it. Amazing, is what it is.

And I'm not gonna ask you to make more maps because I bet a ton of people already did that. I just hope you're putting your skills to good use, whatever you're doing these days! Best wishes.
_galaxy Jul 9 @ 6:05pm 
Wow... just wow. I'm impressed at you, but myself also. I remember even giving up on this map after I had the 3 laser cubes, because I just couldn't figure out what to do next and at that time reaching that point was enough.

I finally solved it, I almost cried. I just picked it up and managed it on the first try to. Maybe it's because I've just stopped, looked at the chambers and tried finding out what I was supposed to do. I find it so unbeliavable it took me years just to learn this simple "technique".

Just one thing: I don't think is is medium-hard at all, personally would give it a hard tier without a second thought. Hell, the first move that you have to use the button did bug me, haha. I was stuck for half my playtime of that part on this single area.
manyuser Jun 30 @ 5:35am 
This was awesome! very well made series, every time I worked out how to progress on this and the previous chambers I was like, "That can't be intended!" *saving* "That WAS intended? The madlad!" These chambers are very well designed to be challenging without being punishing when you make a mistake (like dissolving the wrong cube and restarting the level). My only complaint is that the laser cube platform with glass on the sides doesn't always roll the cube into position correctly, and that I had a heart attack when I had all three laser cubes in the main room and the light bridge on one of my portals, but the second laser cube wouldn't aim directly at the one with glass without a bit of fiddling.
Lyken Jun 6 @ 2:43pm 
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! OMG!!!! Hits of a story?!!! Possible content?!!! New stuff?!!! I loved the creativeness of this whole puzzle! The laughs! The level design! Loved it!!! But just gonna say the ending puzzle, holy hell!!!! I typically hate SOOO MANY steps, but I just had to get the solution for this one. So well designed! Could have been a whole lot less complicated though.
Worth it? Maybe,.....if only for the potential story arc!!! Again! Highly recommend it! Try it out for yourself!