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Roman Britain mod
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May 31, 2015 @ 6:56pm
Feb 25, 2016 @ 5:03pm
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Roman Britain mod

This mod relies on content from the Total War: ATTILA – Celts Culture Pack DLC. A version that does not require DLC can be found here:

This mod provides the opportunity to play as Roman Britain. The Emperor has recalled the sixth legion and resigned to give up Britain to the barbarians. Rather than comply, the men of the sixth proclaim their general, Flavius Claudius Constantinus, Emperor and vow to fight on for Britain and eventually to march on Rome.

Thus begins your struggle as Roman Britain...

I took a slightly different approach for this mod; instead of creating a new faction, I have replaced the Western Roman Empire with Roman Britain, and given the rest of the WRE to the rename Western Roman Separatists. This provides a playable Roman Britain with all the functionality of the original WRE, including a working family tree.

Comments/feedback welcome.

NOTE: This mod will not work with other startpos.esf mods including additional faction mods and TPY mods.


v0.5 Release
1. Stripped out all victory conditions/missions that did not fit with Roman Britain.
- WRE now has missions available.
- Roman Britain has Victory conditions available.
2. Tweaked recruitment criteria for Celtic Units.
3. Did some clean up of tables in the pack file.

Changes are specific to Roman Britain unless otherwise noted:
1. Made WRE playable. (done)
- There is a known issue with the faction missions. This is to be addressed in v0.5
2. Added access to some Celtic units for Roman Britain. (done)
- To access Celtic units, you will need to change your state religion to Pagan Celtic, and then build the associated religious buildings.
- For now, I am using DLC units. Apologies to those that do not own the Celt DLC.
- A non-DLC version (without Celtic units) is available here:
3. Updated Britannic Rebels icons. (done)

All changes are specific to Roman Britain:
1. Minor Victory conditions have been modified for Roman Britain.
2. WRE Intro movie and adviser speech have been removed.
3. Initial troop strengths have been bolstered by 50% (all now start at about 75% strength).
4. Family Tree. Changed Perennis to Flavius Claudius Constantinus (even though this is slightly prior to his rise to power) and gave Constantinus appropriate children.
5. Changed faction icons for both Roman Britain, WRE and Britannia.

1. Family Tree page now says "Roman Britain".
2. Civil War: Changed Civil War faction so separatists will not auto-join WRE.
3. Change challenge display from "Normal" to "Very Hard".
4. Increased starting money.
5. Lowered unrest level in starting settlements.

Initial release.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions please see the relevant discussion.
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Mod Discussion on TWC
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KlemenxzorUndFeltrand Oct 26 @ 4:14am 
when downloaded the mod, i thought i will be playing only the forces stationed in england. i ended up having whole roman empire through the europe... idk whenever it could have any problems with '' all nations mod '' or any other but when i disabled the nations mod i still had whole roman empire under the britain icon.
cuzurfatlikethat Oct 6 @ 4:50pm 
it doesn't look like the creator is responding, maybe try asking on the general game communitytab
dmcintos Oct 6 @ 12:53am 
why are the western roman empuire simply taking my cities - without a fight?

The city has a garrison, the populace is happy... and the city changes colour to western roman empire...

I'm deep into the game and I lose Eboracum in Central britain... the same for Hafn in Scandza... it was mine, garrisoned and happy then boom... it changes hands...

Bart Sep 3 @ 11:57am 
Why does the mod remove desert and slavic factions from the main menu?
OhNotZak Jul 13 @ 4:22am 
anyone know why it says my faction carnt use any of the buildings that i have and why i carnt change them?
Snowhare Jul 11 @ 1:27pm 
For those of you who get roman britain as all of western rome- Turning of the 12 turns per year mods seem to fix it, allowing you to play as roman britain.
Felix Jun 22 @ 2:03pm 
can obtaine the steam archivement with this mod?
Wicked Batfleck Jun 18 @ 9:24am 
I desperately want to play Britain, but I feel like this goes entirely too far down the Romanized track. The Romans ventured little out of the major cities and forts, and the culture of Britain changed little. The Britons abandoned Roman warfare quickly, and fought the Saxons in shield walls with round shields similar to the Saxons themselves.
MilesRS Jun 10 @ 9:34am 
Whenever i start the grand campaign, im starting as west rome, looks like the mods broken. I see comments from the 5th of june saying this is working, any one have any pointers?
PJ The Terrible Jun 8 @ 10:32am 
where do i download