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[EN]FX:Galaxy v1.3.7 - Newbie Friendly
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Apr 11, 2015 @ 11:27pm
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[EN]FX:Galaxy v1.3.7 - Newbie Friendly

Unlock the complete Homeworld experience with a mod that unites present, past, and future. FX:Galaxy adds all 8 main races you encountered in Homeworld 1 & 2 as fully playable factions, each with their own new units, abilities and playing styles. Pit the races against each other in Deathmatch, test your mettle in brand new Challenge Modes and Single-Player Missions, or explore the myriad of new features, eye-candy, and other content there is for you to discover.

ENGLISH version - Designed for HWRM v2.0+
Homepage - Discord[discord.gg] - BETA Releases

FX:Galaxy v1.3.7 - Newbie Friendly
The FXmod project started back in 2006. Over the years it has evolved into something that constantly seeks to recreate the raw excitement of the original 1999 title in the remaster, and has received acclaim from Gearbox Software while doing so. As we innovate we pay close attention to Homeworld's lore, and hope you will join us on our quest to bring new, exciting things to the table - such as our upcoming Homeworld RPG Mode.

  • 8 Playable Races: All eight races from the main titles are available as fully playable factions. Continue your campaign as the Hiigaran or Vaygr, reclaim past glory as the Progenitors, orchestrate the revival of the Kadeshi, join the Taiidan Empire as they rise to power once more, accompany the Turanic Raiders into a new age of space piracy, relive the days of the exile as the Kushan, or try and bring peace to this turbulent galaxy as the Bentusi (WIP).
  • More Strategy, More Challenges:: All factions come with their own unique units, abilities and playing styles, bringing a vast amount of new strategical options to the table. Unit abilities play a bigger role, and with an improved AI the galaxy is more dangerous a place than ever before. Will you rise to the challenge and draw out your faction's full potential?
  • Additional Content: Continue to explore the Homeworld Universe in 4 new Single-Player Missions, test the limits of your skills in two unique SP Challenge Modes (Skirmish, Survival), or spice up the new 8-faction Deathmatch experience yet further with new Gameplay Modes (Artifact Retrieval, Bentusi Defense) and over 10+ new Maps. More content is added over time as a "thank you" to our fans.
  • 40+ New Units & (HD) Models: Some of these are realizations of original Homeworld concept art, others were designed by us from scratch. What all new ships have in common is that they were designed with the race's lore and characteristics in mind. Summon the new Progenitor Frigates, "Hand that Shapes" Supercarrier or Kadeshi Nagual from the voids of space, or unleash new gamechangers such as the Turanic HeavyGun Cruiser or Taiidan Battleship. You can also check out our take on old favorites, such as a re-textured version of the Turanic Outpost from HW:Cataclysm.
    Note: Since the FXmod was originally a HW2C project some units still use HW2+ textures. We continue to upgrade these to HWRM quality over time. You can check our progress here[docs.google.com].
  • Enhanced Graphics & FX: New animations (e.g. Turanic smoke, Progenitor energy), weapon fx (e.g. Taiidan Ion Beams, Kadeshi energy weapons), subsystem models, unit blueprints, sounds, and much more for prying eyes (and ears) to discover.
  • Unique Features: Customize your in-game music experience with our in-game HW Music Player, keep track of your feats and discover the FXmod via our own Achievement System, or check out some the other new features we scripted from scratch - such as Ship Naming and a dynamic Main Menu background.
  • New player? We got you covered. Our FX Tutorial will help you get started, and our "The Shimmering Path" SP Challenge Mode will let you hone you skills as you go. Press [F9] in-game to enlist a Staff Officer for live advice and tips, or drop by our Discord for tips, guides, and finding other people to play and chat about the mod with.

  1. Subscribe to the mod via big green button above (Steam restart may be needed).
  2. Once the "workshop content" for HWRM has downloaded, launch Homeworld Remastered Collection and click the [MODS] button at the bottom right of the launcher window.
  3. Select [EN]FX:Galaxy v1.3.7 - Newbie Friendly in the left list and click [SELECT]. The mod should now appear under "Selected Mods" in right window.
  4. Launch and enjoy.

- FX:Galaxy requires your game language to be set to ENGLISH.
- Your Homeworld:Remastered version should be v2.0 or higher.
- FX:Galaxy is not compatible with other Homeworld mods, and should be the only mod active.

If issues persist try reinstalling the mod (Unsubscribe > Close Steam > Delete your "423694988" folder in \HomeworldRM\DataWorkshopMODs\76561198034399157 > Resubscribe > Launch Steam). We also recommend creating a new game profile to play the FXmod on.
If you still experience crashes/errors or run into bugs please let us know via the comments tab or our discord[discord.gg].

Please see our ModDB Page for the full list of credits.
Fellow Homeworld modder? Click here for a list of our open-source Homeworld scripts and tools.

The FXmod is developed by the 9CCN MOD team (2004-present). Please do not use or re-distribute our assets without permission.
This item is not authorized for (re)posting on Steam, except under the Steam accounts of 9CCN MOD team. Currently, the accounts of 9CCN MOD team include: HW_Lover, lone_wolf , WildHeart|GENESIS| , Unlimited_X , dreadnought9ccn and 图门卿夫斯基
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WildHeart|GENESIS|  [author] Jun 30 @ 5:37am 
@lieutenantv: Did you restart Steam after the download finished, or did you try to run any other mods together with FX? FX should be the only mod active. Alternatively you could try if the BETA version launches for you, the link is at the top of the post.
@tylerhand13: Sounds like you downloaded the Chinese version. Try the one on this page.
@Space Pirate: It used to have some point-defense lasers before, maybe they'll be added back later when we get to rebalancing.

If you experience issues with the mod I do recommend dropping by our Discord, we'll be able to help you better there.
lieutenantv Jun 30 @ 2:30am 
errrr.....I've got this mod selected and running..but nothing started and it was the same old game, could there be any problem
Foxxif Jun 28 @ 8:13am 
Could you please add adjustable ship debris ! I love this mod a lot and I’m finding this is the only missing feature
tylerhand13 Jun 19 @ 11:00am 
I don't understand the menu and the different language of the FX:Galaxy
Space Pirate Jun 17 @ 9:48am 
Hey, dose the hand that shape have any weapons?
WildHeart|GENESIS|  [author] Jun 11 @ 2:25am 
@Joe Momma: Have you checked the "Troubleshooting" section? Does the issue still happen after trying everything there?
Joe Momma Jun 11 @ 1:05am 
crashes right at start
this looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
WildHeart|GENESIS|  [author] May 21 @ 7:45am 
@Sven Svensson: In addition to what Hw_Lover said (capturing), one side of the map has lower difficulty AIs. This 'route' might let you reach your ally faster for help. You can also drop by our Discord [discord.gg] for tips, as we have several people who cleared the Shimmering Path among us.

@Dr Bright: Bentusi Defense mode may be loaded by default. The other races appear if you change to "Deathmatch" or any of the other gameplay modes in the match setup.
@cryogen: Are you loading FX with any other mods? If not, a full reinstall as described above may help - older workshop items tend to stay on your PC even after uninstalling the game.
@Adlet: Have you checked the "Troubleshooting" section? The most common issue for this is the game language not being set to English.
Dr Bright May 20 @ 4:19pm 
I've got this mod selected and running...but the extra sides are not appearing