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[EN]FX:Galaxy v1.3.0 - The Shimmering Path
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[EN]FX:Galaxy v1.3.0 - The Shimmering Path

FX:Galaxy MOD now supports HW:RM v2.0/2.1/2.205!
FX:Galaxy v1.3.0 - The Shimmering Path
Latest Release: v1.3.0
Attention: This is the English version of the FXmod, designed for use with Homeworld Remastered. For the Chinese version, please turn to / 注意:这是英文版的FXG,中文版请转到: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=419150214
Test/Beta Releases of the FXmod are available here for those who are interested:
For the Homeworld 2 Classic version of the FXmod click here (Steam) or here (ModDB).
The Complete Homeworld Experience
FX:Galaxy, commonly known and referred to as the FXmod, is a long-term modification project for Homeworld Remastered that aims to tell the story of all main races in the Homeworld universe in one game. Continuing the legacy left behind by the FX:Commander mod for Homeworld 2 (2006-2015), FX:Galaxy continues the FX project's work in Homeworld Remastered and shifts the focus to bringing you Homeworld's first true RPG mode in addition to a plethora of other, unique features of which you can see previews on our ModDB page.
The FXmod is featured in videos on Youtube, got personal responses from Gearbox Software, and is featured in the Top 10 Homeworld Remastered modifications of all time (Steam). Development is led by the 9th Channel China Net (9CCN) mod team, a group of Chinese modders known for their work on the Gundam SEED and FX:Commander modifications. Come try out what so many have enjoyed before you already and continue to do so even now.
  • 8 Playable Races: Continue your campaign as the Hiigaran or Vaygr, reclaim past glory as the Progenitors, orchestrate the revival of the Kadeshi, join the Taiidan Empire as they rise to power once more, accompany the Turanic Raiders as they enter a new age of space piracy, relive the days of the exile as the Kushan, or try to bring peace and order to this turbulent galaxy as the Bentusi.
  • Increased Strategical Options: Each of the races come with their own playing styles, units, special abilities and technology trees. Can you master them all?
  • Vanilla Changes: Squadrons instead of single units (more fireworks), restoration of the original Taiidan 'armada' style, removal of obsolete units (e.g. HGN Gunship, Minelayer), enhancements to current units (e.g. Pulsar gunship with dual turrets), new units & streamlined production/researching.
  • In-game Music Player: A new feature that lets you customize your in-game music experience with just a few clicks. Choose what track plays, when it plays & for how long. Supports the entire Homeworld OST and also comes with some bonus tracks (e.g. Yes - The Ladder). As of v1.09.5.4, you can also upload and add your own tracks to the music player.
  • New & re-textured units: All races come with several models that have been designed and build from scratch by the team (e.g. Progenitor Carrier, which was based on the giant Progenitor ship mentioned in the HW2 Cutscenes). In other cases units were designed based on original Homeworld concept art, in order to more faithfully represent certain units as they were intended to be (e.g. Turanic Attack Carrier - see here[shipyards.relicnews.com]).
    What all custom models have in common, though, is that they were all designed to fit in with the races' intended concept or lore. You will find that the new Turanic Raiders units, for instance, all have this scavenger look to them.
    Finally, you will find re-textured versions of other units, such as the Turanic Outpost.
    NOTE: Many of the new models use HW2 textures, as this mod was originally a HW2 mod. They will be updated to HWRM quality over time.
  • Enhanced graphics & fx: New animations (e.g. Turanic black smoke, Progenitor energy systems, Pyramids), weapon fx (improved ion beams, Taiidan plasma bombs etc.), sounds, subsystem models, unit blueprints & more eye candy for prying eyes to discover.
  • Improved Shader: Tweaked versions of the HWRM shader that restore that "space feel" (no more flashlight from all angles) and makes the units still using HW2 textures look a lot better.
  • Bonus Content: As a thank you to our fans, we occasionally add bonus content. So far we have added the following:
    - New Single-Player Mission: Help the 9th fleet defend a field of resource tanks from a large Turanic Raider assault in Eden, a remote Hiigaran resourcing outpost in the Great Wastelands. >20 minutes of gameplay.
    - New Gameplay Mode (Survival): Defend the Bentusi against increasing hordes of enemies coming from all directions in a game of 'tower defence'. Select "Bentusi Defense" under 'Game type' in the match setting to play it.
    - 12 Extra Gameplay Maps: A dozen high-quality gameplay maps that were crafted from scratch (no map generators -- all manual coding) with a lot of attention for the detail for you to test your mettle on.
  • Custom (Animated) Main Menu.
  • Aid to new players: The Features tab on our ModDB page contains detailed guides on a wide range of subjects (e.g. the races and their playing styles, Eden walkthrough, using the in-game music player) and will be there if you feel lost or just want some more info on the contents of the FXmod.
  • LAN and Multiplayer Supported (including lobby chat).
  • Adds support for direct TCP/IP (Internet) multiplayer.
  • Many more features that are being developed as we speak, such as an entire RPG mode for Homeworld! Check our ModDB page to find out more.
Download & Installation
  1. Subscribe to the mod by clicking the big green button above (Steam client restart may be needed).
  2. Once the "workshop content" for HW:RM has been downloaded, launch Homeworld Remastered Collection and click the [MODS] button at the bottom right of the launcher window.
  3. Select [EN]FX:Galaxy v1.3.0 - The Shimmering Path in the left list and click [SELECT]. The mod should now appear under "Selected Mods" in right window.
  4. Launch and enjoy.
Alternatively, you can manually download/install all released versions of the FXmod from our ModDB page. This is recommended for those who are not too keen on the Steam workshop’s subscription-based system. Installation instructions for manual installation are provided:
Credits & Links
The FXmod and all contents associated with it is © 9CCN MOD team (2006-2018). Please do not use or re-distribute our assets without permission!! This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam accounts of 9CCN MOD team.
Currently, the accounts of 9CCN MOD team include: lone_wolf , WildHeart|GENESIS| , Unlimited_X , HW_Lover , dreadnought9ccn and 图门卿夫斯基
Visit our ModDB page for the latest news, previews, images/videos, archival versions, FXmod guides & more:
Check out our Steam group if you are up for an occasional Multiplayer match:
Thank you for reading and enjoy the FXmod!
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talia.falco 8 hours ago 
maybe you can use it like the kadeshi mothership, as a secondary mothership and a possible superweapon mounted to it
talia.falco 8 hours ago 
in th hw2 last mission, fleet intelligence says that the planet killers seem to be of bentusi origin
talia.falco 8 hours ago 
add the planet killers to the bentusi
talia.falco 8 hours ago 
iiiidddeeeaaa !!!!
talia.falco Jul 12 @ 3:38pm 
when is the next update scheduled and what will it ad ????
talia.falco Jul 12 @ 3:37pm 
just asking
NinepointRider_Official Jul 12 @ 12:02pm 
@WildHeart|GENESIS| You weren't reffering to the YES song earlier were you? that one is great. but some of the others are a little weird
WildHeart|GENESIS|  [author] Jul 10 @ 4:19pm 
@Gyndogan: No worries, no feelings were hurt here. In fact we welcome any feedback about the mod. To answer your question: Yes and no. It was the song used for the ending credits of the original Homeworld game, and became a favorite among many (because of the lyrics/tune which really captured the impact of the story and your journey). But it wasn't used in the actual OST. It also remained absent in the credits of the remaster, because of absurd copyright holder demands.

Thanks for your kind words, happy to hear you are enjoying the mod!
Gyndogan Jul 10 @ 3:32pm 
has that also been in the original? well than my bad with the cloaking ^^' as for the song I don't want to hurt anybodys feelings with that, just it doesnt really fit in with the OST don't get me wrong, I love this mod, way better, than anything else in the workshop
WildHeart|GENESIS|  [author] Jul 9 @ 4:41pm 
@Gyndogan: The Kushan Cloak Fighter has the anti-cloak ability.
As for the music, for the time being you can press the [Stop] button or press the "next" button to skip over to the next track. There's more info on the music player and its functions here:

I'm currently busy with locating bugs for the next update, but I'll ask if we perhaps can remove "that" song from the library since most don't seem to like it.