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Homeworld Remastered Collection

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[EN]FX:Galaxy v1.3.0 - The Shimmering Path
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Apr 11, 2015 @ 11:27pm
Jun 9, 2018 @ 8:12am
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[EN]FX:Galaxy v1.3.0 - The Shimmering Path

This mod is fully supports HW:RM v2.0/2.1/2.205
FX:Galaxy v1.3.0 - The Shimmering Path
Play as any of the 8 main races from the Homeworld Universe in a mod that unites past, present, and future. FX:Galaxy, commonly known as the FXmod, brings new units, abilities, playing styles and strategies to old favorites while adding in a myriad of new features, eye-candy, and other content for you to explore. Space is endless - so expand on your Homeworld experience today.
Attention: This is the English version of the FXmod, designed for HW:Remastered edition. For the Chinese version, please turn to / 注意:这是英文版的FXG,中文版请转到:

Homepage: FX:Galaxy @ModDB (Updates, WIP previews, Archived Versions & more)
Test/Beta Releases of the FXmod are available here:
The Homeworld 2:Classic version of the FXmod is still available here (ModDB).
The Complete Homeworld Experience
Started back in 2006, the FXmod is a long-term modification project for the Homeworld series that aims to tell the story of the eight races from the original titles in one game. FX:Galaxy continues the work of its HW2:C predecessor, tapping into the new possibilities for modding that came with the remaster while making sure the game still is -and feels- Homeworld. Every design is made with the race's characteristics in mind, and each change with the goal of bringing back the raw excitement that defined HW1 but many felt was missing in the sequel and remaster.

The FXmod started over a decade ago as a simple mod that ported the HW1C units into HW2. Since then the mod has continued to build upon and add more depth to the base game, and over the years has become a mainstay within Homeworld's modding scene. Its ever-expanding arsenal of unique features, content, graphics overhauls and other changes have gotten personal responses from Gearbox itself, and with our goal of bringing you Homeworld's first true RPG mode still ahead of us the journey has only begun. Come try out what so many before you have enjoyed already and continue to do so even now.

  • 8 Playable Races: Continue your campaign as the Hiigaran or Vaygr, reclaim past glory as the Progenitors, orchestrate the revival of the Kadeshi, join the Taiidan as they rise to power once more, accompany the Turanic Raiders into a new age of space piracy, relive the days of the exile as the Kushan, or try and bring order to this turbulent galaxy as the Bentusi. All races are fully playable and await your command.
  • Increased Strategical Options: Every race comes with its own unique units, abilities, technology trees and playing styles, bringing a vast amount of new strategical options to the table. Can you draw out and master the full potential of your race?
  • 40+ New Units & (HD) Models: Some of these are realizations of original Homeworld concept art, others were designed by us from scratch. What all these units have in common, though, is that they were designed with that race's lore and traits in mind. Summon the new Turanic HeavyGun Cruiser, Progenitor Frigates or "Hand that Shapes" Supercarrier, Taiidan "Empress" Shipyard and the ancient Kadeshi Nagual among many others – or come see our take on old favorites, such as a re-textured version of the Turanic Raider Outpost from HW:Cataclysm.
    Note: Since this mod was originally a HW2:C project some units still use HW2+ textures and models. These are being (and have been) upgraded to HWRM quality over time. You can check our progress here[docs.google.com].
  • Enhanced Graphics & FX: New animations (e.g. Turanic smoke, Progenitor energy), weapon fx (e.g. improved Taiidan plasma bombs, Kadeshi energy weapons), subsystem models, unit blueprints, sounds, and more for prying eyes (and ears) to discover.
  • Additional Content: Continue to explore and uncover the vast reaches of the Homeworld Universe in new Single-Player Mini-Campaigns (missions), 2 Challenge Modes, new Game Types, and over 10 custom maps for use in vs. CPU & Multiplayer matches - each designed from scratch without map generators.
    Whether you aid the Bentusi in their fight against increasing waves of enemies in Bentusi Defense, summon and fight alongside the developers of the FXmod in The Legendary Fleet, rally your friends to the chaos of Artifact Retrieval or do something else entirely: the choice is yours. More content is added over time as a thank you to our fans.
  • Unique Features: A customizable in-game Music Player that supports the entire HW OST as well as several other 'bonus' tracks, a dynamic new Main Menu background and an in-game Achievement System (WIP) are just three of the unique features the FXmod has brought to the table so far - with many more to come still.
  • Aid to players: Contemplating picking up the FXmod? We got you covered! The [Features] tab on our ModDB contains guides & articles on a variety of subjects to help you get acquainted with the FXmod. Start with our 101 on Homeworld's races and their playing styles or roll right into the Skirmish Campaign - The Shimmering Path and hone your skills as you go.
  • Supports LAN, Multiplayer, and direct TCP/IP
  • ...and many other features that are being developed as we speak, or you can read about on our ModDB page. Stay tuned!
    Download & Installation
    1. Subscribe to the mod by clicking the big green button above (Steam client restart may be needed).
    2. Once the "workshop content" for HW:RM has been downloaded, launch Homeworld Remastered Collection and click the [MODS] button at the bottom right of the launcher window.
    3. Select [EN]FX:Galaxy - The Legacy in the left list and click [SELECT]. The mod should now appear under "Selected Mods" in right window.
    4. Launch and enjoy.
    Credits & Links
    The FXmod and all contents associated with it is ©9CCN MOD team (2004-present).
    !! Please do not use or re-distribute our assets without permission!!
    This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam accounts of 9CCN MOD team. Currently, the accounts of 9CCN MOD team include:
    lone_wolf , WildHeart|GENESIS| , Unlimited_X , HW_Lover , dreadnought9ccn and 图门卿夫斯基
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J2RAD Apr 19 @ 9:27pm 
My suggestion for the bentusi would be to allow for additional trade relays, and possibly increase the capacity of the cargo barges. Currently, even with max barges, you cannot physically make enough monies to compete with the AI. This is a really good mod regardless.
ShadowDragon_79 Apr 5 @ 3:20pm 
Ok, good to know. :)
WildHeart|GENESIS|  [author] Apr 5 @ 1:46pm 
@winters_night: The Bentusi have a unique resourcing system, they obtain RUs via space trade. Use the Cargo Barge's special ability (ctrl +Z) to dispatch them. You can read more about the Bentusi resourcing system here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/fx-galaxy/news/newsletter-march-2017 . But the race is still in DEMO, and is far from finished.

@ShadowDragon_79: There are other mods that do that, as far as I know there are no plans to add the HWC races. But some of HWC units or other HWC content may still appear in the mod. Right now it has as a re-textured Outpost the team made and the Bentusi acolytes, the next mini-campaign will also contain something from Cataclysm, and some units may appear in RPG mode.
ShadowDragon_79 Apr 5 @ 12:29pm 
Nice mod. :)

Any plans to include the Beast-faction ( or the Hiigaran mining-clan - forgot its name ) in the future?
winters_night Apr 5 @ 11:10am 
Am I missing something or do the Bentusi just not work anymore? Can't generate RU's at all
benjhohe2014 Apr 3 @ 6:26pm 
WildHeart|GENESIS|  [author] Mar 3 @ 1:20pm 
@Reverse Card: Bentusi Defense only supports 4 races, all other gameplay modes support all 8.
Glad to hear it worked out, be sure to check our the latest beta version if you like Skirmish Mode since build 1.35 reworked the balance and comes with some other features :steamhappy:
Reverse Card Mar 3 @ 12:14pm 
Nevermind, it was the map default....
Reverse Card Mar 3 @ 12:10pm 
@WildHeart|GENESIS| haha wow, thanks! That really was the problem. btw: Are the other 4 races still work in progress or is there another why how to pick from 8 instead of 4 races?
WildHeart|GENESIS|  [author] Mar 3 @ 9:24am 
@Reverse Card: Your game language must be set to English to play this mod and others. Right-click Homeworld Remastered Collection in Steam, select properties->language