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All Block Data & Calculations
By Chicken Nugget
Contains tons of calculations that you wanted to know but could never find! All in an organized and easilly readable table.
I was tired of being unable to find accurate information anywhere on certain things, so I made an enormous spreadsheet containing all the data you could ever want on every block!

All information originates from the game files.

Due to the impossibility of inputing this table into a steam guide, it is hosted by Google Docs.

----- Last Updated May 26th, 2017 ----- Updated to Space Engineers version 1.180.6 -----

============ CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SPREADSHEET! ============

If that doesn't work, here is a basic link ;)
This spreadsheet contains the following sheets:

Server Settings
  • Input Inventory, Assembler Efficiency, Refining Speed, Weld Speed & Grind Speed Multipliers
  • To do this, follow the instructions on the page, otherwise skip it and go with default values
  • Contents & Sheet Descriptions
  • Sheet Key
  • Units Key
  • Additional Credits
  • Status
  • Links
  • Changelog
  • Currently 276 Blocks included in Three Formats (A, B, S & L)
  • Grid Size (Large/Small, X/Y/Z)
  • Volume in cubic meters
  • Weld/Grind Times & Grind Ratio
  • Deformation Ratio
  • Standby/Operation Power
  • Power Output
  • Storage Capacity (L, L:O₂/H₂, Wh)
  • Force
  • Virtual Mass
  • Range
  • Module Ratio
  • Fire Rate
  • Explosion Damage
  • First Person & Control
  • Airtight Status
  • Component Cost
  • Critical Component
  • Mass
  • Density
  • Integrity
  • Integrity per kg
  • Integrity per m³
  • Integrity per kg/m³
  • W/L/N per kg
  • Total Component Assemble Time
  • Total Component Assembly Power Usage (Wh & kg of U)
  • Volume of Components
  • Converted Cost in Ingots & Ores
  • Mass of Converted Cost in Ingots & Ores
  • Time to Refine Converted Ore Cost
  • Total Converted Ore Refining Power Usage (Wh & kg of U)
  • Volume of Ingots
  • Volume of Ores
  • Total Time to Create Block (Refine + Assemble + Weld) (s/min/hr/day)
  • Total Power to Create Block (Refine + Assemble) (W/kW/MW/kg of U)
  • Triangle Count
  • Ingot Cost
  • Assemble Time
  • Mass
  • Ingot Mass
  • Change in Mass
  • Integrity
  • Health
  • Volume
  • Weapon Stats
  • Ammunition Stats
  • Bottle Capacity
  • Refinery, Arc Furnace, Oxygen Generator & Oxygen Farm
  • Amount Refined from/to 1kg
  • Time to Refine from/to 1kg
  • Amount Refined per s/min/hr/day
  • Amount Produced per s/min/hr/day
  • Volume of 1kg
  • Volume of 1kg Refined
  • Volume Reduction Ratio
Ore & Ingots
  • Volume of 1kg of Ore/Ingot
  • Refine Time of 1kg Ore
  • Refine Ratio
  • Mined Ore Ratio
Thrust Calc
  • Input number of thrusters to calculate Force
  • Input artificial mass and gravity generators to calculate Gravity Drive Force
  • Seperate Calculators for Small & Large Ships
  • Mod Support Included. Input your own custom thruster and artificial mass values!
  • Calculates Force, Acceleration, and Time to Reach #m/s
S&S Analysis
  • Also has a 'How to Use' sheet
  • Gives a full output of all resources used in a ship based on its component usage
  • Works with modded blocks
  • Compare two different ships/stations both numerically and visually (with bar graphs)
  • A list of things I have yet to do. If you see something missing in Block data, that's because I haven't added it yet
  • Also contains data that is not yet used
  • Contains my notes as well
Additional Info
Please reply in this thread[] or contact me on steam if you notice any typos that may cause incorrect information, have additional information to add, or have questions about the source and how such information was derived.

Sheet Comments
Comments on the sheet are also enabled. You can leave a comment on a cell with Insert > Comment if you have something to point out.

Column Sorting & Filters
Columns can be sorted alphabetically or by numbered value by clicking on the arrow on the column letter and then pressing 'Sort sheet A -> Z' or 'Sort sheet Z -> A'
You can also sort and filter columns (without even creating a copy of the sheet) by using Data > Filter Views > Create Temporary Filter > Click on Column Arrow > Sort or Remove Rows (Example: Uncheck large under Grid Column to only see Small Blocks)

Want to Help?
I have the ability to give specific people access to specific areas of the sheet. If you want to publicly work on equations of your own (assuming they would contribute to the sheet) I would be happy to add you. If you want to help, give me your email address, what you want to do, and how many columns you need on what sheet.

Wiki Contribution
If anyone wants to throw this info on the wiki, go for it. (I'm not involved with the wiki, and don't plan to be. Sorry)

This guide is edited constantly as the spreadsheet is updated and new additions are added. I add new data and improve formatting of this spreadsheet constantly.

I keep archives of all Data Files so that I can check diffs after each SE update to ensure accuracy =)
The Changelog is now located in the sheet on the Changelog page
Qvixote_Roux Apr 24, 2023 @ 2:07pm 
I don't know if you still use steam, I want to know if these data was compiled from the ingame info, or stripping game data or the wiki. I wish I can update this info

Chicken Nugget  [author] Sep 15, 2022 @ 5:45pm 
Sorry about that, some values have gone incorrect in the years that I haven't played :/
MoonLiteNite Sep 7, 2022 @ 9:29pm 
As of today, pretty much every block i check has been incorrect for just the weight alone :(
Some things are off by as much as 25%, like the refinery or assembler.

I have my own private file where i was updating values, but i have requested the owner for edit access. If he gives it in a timely matter, i will assist in updating the master file as i find errors.
No formatting major changes, just raw value updates
JacksonCash Apr 7, 2022 @ 7:19am 
Hey man, I was working on a much less in depth spreadsheet, and just getting to the task of scraping game files for information. This is better than what I was putting together, and includes all the stuff I wanted mine to do. Are you keeping this updated? Do you want some help doing so? Add me and lets chat. I'd love to contribute!
Dino Jul 23, 2021 @ 11:48am 
Thank You for your hard work and well done this must have taken ages.
Keep up the good work
Far-Seeker Jul 18, 2021 @ 10:46am 
Currently out-of-date, but I upvoted for the effort put in to this for so long! ;)
SevenofThr4wn May 15, 2021 @ 8:03pm 
@Chicken Nugget: is there a calculation for rate of fire? If there isn't could you add it to the spreadsheet?
CharlotteVixen Jan 3, 2020 @ 4:29pm 
forgot in the last comment but thank you for this!
CharlotteVixen Jan 3, 2020 @ 4:29pm 
the last line here, about checking diffs, please tell me its not done manually, also you could use some google api I believe, to auto update the spreadsheet, automate everything :D
Chicken Nugget  [author] Sep 11, 2019 @ 6:55pm 
Yeah some things have become innaccurate, it needs update :/