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Garry's Mod

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Darken217's SciFi Weapons
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Apr 6, 2015 @ 4:52pm
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Darken217's SciFi Weapons


Introducing my latest creation: Darken217's SciFi Weapons.

This is my first gmod addon. Please keep that in mind...
I've updated it over the years to address issues and add more content.
It's a collection of multiple kinds of weapons with individual design and techniques, including several energy or plasma weapons as well as elemental tech.
Your feedback and constructive criticism is requested.
If you like this addon, please give me a thumbs up. :)

This addon features
  • 42 unique weapons
  • high detail particle effects and materials
  • dynamic light effects
  • elemental damage types
  • new sounds
  • customizable options
  • different mechanics and techniques
  • dynamic recoil
  • skill rewarding crit mechanics
  • Left 4 Dead style quick melee attacks and melee weapons/swords
  • tons of damage to your enemies

Additional information
Check out the options it the spawn menu.
All sfw_ console commands are related to this addon.

Most weapon share the same control schemes:
Primary Fire: "Attack" (def. "Mouse1")
Secondary Fire: "Use" (def. "E") + "Attack" (def. "Mouse1")
Aim Down Sights (if available): "Attack2" (def. "Mouse2")
Change Fire Modes (if available): "Use" (def. "E") + "Attack2" (def. "Mouse2")
Toggle Safety: "Use" (def. "E") + "Walk" (def. "left alt")
Quick Melee: Unbound by default. To map it to a key, type bind *your key* +grenade2 in the developer console.
Inspect Weapon: Unbound by default. Go to the weapon's settings in the spawn menu to bind it to a key.

Q: Where do I find this weapons? They seem not to be listed in the weapons tab.
A: Restart gmod. If that doesn't work, re-subscribe the addon and restart gmod. The weapons should be located in Weapons > Darken217's SciFi Armory.

Q: Where can I find customization options and settings for this addon?
A: In the spawn menu under the utilities tab (see top-right), as shown in the very first screenshot in the showcase above.

Q: How can I change a weapon's firemode?
A: Some weapons feature different firemodes. Press "Use" (default: E) and right click to switch.

Q: I'd like to use these weapons on my server, but they're way too powerfull for my taste. Is there a way to nerf the damage?
A: Yes, there is. Try the options or the console command sfw_damageamp which acts as a multiplier to the damage done by my weapons.

Q: The custom does nothing but printing "No function set" into console. Why?
A: Obviously, because there was no function set. Check out the options related to this addon in the spawn menu.

Q: Where do I find ammo for these weapons?
A: The weapons included in this addon either use default ammo types (like ar2, smg1, etc.) or have infinite ammo.
The "ID-C 'Umbra'" is the only exception to this, see its purpose and instruction tabs for further information.

Q: Can you add NPC weapons or a NPC weapon version of this addon?
A: No, I'm not going to do that, since there already are several ways to equip any NPC with any weapon of your liking, i.e. the extended properties mod

Q: Can you add *random idea* to this addon? Would be really nice.
A: Feel free to post your ideas and concepts in the suggestions thread below.
However, I'm not going to add something, just because it has been suggested. It's my addon after all.

Q: What is that hud you're using?
A: The blue one is not available for download, the other one is.
Here you go

Q: Is this still being updated / looked at?
A: Yes. Even though I can't release new content updates every week or month, I'm always checking for new bug reports and keep up developing this.
Depending on how critical a bug is (determining that is up to me) I'll release a hotfix dedicated to that issue.
Keep in mind, that I most likely can't fix addon conflicts.

Q: Can I use some of your particles/materials/models/sounds for my own addon/mod/game?
A: Yes, if you name me in the credits and don't earn money with my work.

Q: Can I use your weapon's base for my workshop addon?
A: Yes, you can. There are some example weapons in this pack, but I should warn you: I'm primarely an artist, which you also can tell from my non-professional coding.
Also, updates may drastically change the base, keep that in mind.

Known bugs
- Generally speaking, the overwhelming majority of reported bugs are addon conflicts, which is something you can't always work around. If you have issues, please try and disable other addons to find out if one of them has been conflicting and maybe add it the "mods that conflict" discussion on this workshop page.
The more information I have, the easier it is for me to narrow down on the conflicting sections and find a solution.

- Weapons are stuck in inspection mode.
Go into the settings as shown in the very first screenshot above and map "inspect weapon" to a key. This occures to some users due to an unknown conflict. Binding the function to a key should fix the issue.

- Weapons show default weapon models or fail to render transparent textures.
Make sure you've updated your graphics drivers. See in your game's graphics settings or by typing mat_dxlevel in the console if your game is running on DirectX 9b or higher. (mat_dxlevel > 90)

- The engine reports dozens of "Attemped to precache unknown particle system" errors.
This is a source engine / gmod problem that I can't fix. Ignore this, as this has no effect on anything. The weapons will still work

- Weapon view models spazz around on the screen.
This is caused by an interpolation error at extremely low framerates (~7 or lower during testing).
If your game is running at 7FPS, you have more pressing issues, but generally speaking, disabling features like viewmodel bob/sway in the weapon's settings (see Spawn Menu > Utilities tab) will at least serve as a temporary fix.

Additional Credits
Valve Software
- Sound references, particle references and tutorials

- SWEP Construction Kit

Father Vibimir ;
Alex ; Unlight369 ; Eybaro
- Testing
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Upcoming / Cut(?) Weapons
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Garbage Opress Feb 27 @ 7:19pm 
can you add a command for changing the custom weapon's world model? i want other people to see my custom super fire gun!
tylervalencia215 Feb 20 @ 10:53am 
this is honestly the best weapon mod :)
Steveskeleton Feb 16 @ 3:19pm 
what happens when you try
Hedron  [author] Feb 11 @ 5:34am 
@ ♬♫~Joe Blaze~♫♬ :
Can you provide more details about the crash in the Bug Reports thread linked in the discussion section of this addon?
Stuff like what you shot, other addons installed, any bit of information to narrow things down helps.
Because right now, all I can unfortunately tell you is that I tested on 3 versions of gmod (defaul, pre-release, x64) and had several external testers try it and no crashes.
Hedron  [author] Feb 11 @ 5:31am 
@ NeedMoreGun :
Weapon swapping is currently kinda buggy. Basically, the viewmodel overrides don't reset properly, if you don't "swap" away from the weapon and instead just "set" the new weapon or simply remove the current one, disarming the player. The loadout weapon may do that.
I'll see if I can find a fix, but I doubt it'll be any time soon.
♬♫~Joe Blaze~♫♬ Feb 11 @ 4:43am 
( "I found a bug that if you use loadout addon and have meteor rocket launcher in loadout all textures of your other weapons will be replaced with meteor texture." )

I have the same problem as well, Another unrelated bug I tried using helios and it crashed my game, I loved these weapons. And another bug is that NPC's won't take damage from the heatwave light rifle at all.
NeedMoreGun Jan 31 @ 5:16am 
I found a bug that if you use loadout addon and have meteor rocket launcher in loadout all textures of your other weapons will be replaced with meteor texture.
Qwertyup536 Jan 28 @ 1:47am 
This is very fun to play around with.
sure! I normally make sure they never conflict with one or each other, and i usually make them for fun so it shouldn't be too bad.
Hedron  [author] Jan 27 @ 9:54am 
@ ethanfinamore[known as Vesolas] :
You can use all of my assets and code for free, as long as you don't make money with them and clearly credit where my content came from.
Further, please make sure that your addon won't end up conflicting with mine (i.e. rename stuff if you copy-paste it to avoid overrides).
Some of my code is annotated (i.e. the sfw_corruptor weapon), but you seem to know your way around already.