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Multiplayer in GMOD
By ✘²
New to multiplayer GMOD? There's many different gamemodes across many community servers in which a fun time will await you and a friend you decide to play with! But there's alot of things that will take place during the process. You may need to find a certain server's IP, Download content, maps, or textures. However, there is many problems you can run into during the process. So in this guide, we will address some of the bigger problems and get you playing on GMOD multiplayer ASAP! Enjoy!
Starting Notes
In this guide, we hope to answer some simple questions about Multiplayer in Garry's Mod, (also known as GMOD.) Many topics include.
  • Connecting to a server

  • Finding a gamemode to play

  • Downloading addons/content

  • What to do about errors/purple checker textures

  • How to fix map downloading issues

  • How to boost your in-game FPS
Make sure you enable console as when we refer to "Console" later in the guide, you will be expected to have the console ready for action. You can turn on developer console via the options menu, or add -console to your startup commands. Here's where to look on your steam client interface for entering startup commands. The console can be opened using the tilde key (~).

Library > Garry's Mod > Properties > Set Launch Options

Also, I'm also going to be refering to Counter-Strike: Source a lot in this guide. It would be wise to own the game before you read further. As I will explain later as well, the textures from Counter-Strike: Source are a big neccesity in fixing some of the texture problems! Along with that, Half-Life 2 is also another big source of textures. Even though GMOD implements it, episodic specific content may not be.

I hope you have your questions answered!
Before we talk about gamemodes, let's make sure we know how to find servers for a gamemode!
Connecting to a server

In order to connect to a server,open the tab "Find Multiplayer game". Once you load the next screen, pick the gamemode you desire to play. Then, GMOD will load the closest servers available to you. From there, you can select any server you want to join.

Alternatively, If you have the IP of a specific server you want to join, open your console (Which you will need to enable in your options menu) using the tilde key (~), and enter the following code.

connect <Server IP Address>

What are gamemodes?

GMOD Multiplayer, in a big sense, is a giant collection of various mods, turned into multiplayer games. Many games involve teamwork and stem some of their themes and references from Half-Life, a very popular icon in developing mods.

What are some popular gamemodes?

Although there are literally dozens of different mods you could attempt to play your first time, but there are many you will notice your first time, that tend to have the most servers & players. Some include...


Zombie Survival



PropHunt (Hide'n'Seek)

Yes, I know, there are other popular ones, but 5 is plenty enough for beginners.

How can I learn to play these gamemodes?
If you are interested in learning more about each of the gamemodes listed, there are plenty of guides out there on learning the basics on the Steam community and server communities!

How to do well in Trouble in Terrorist Town (GMod) - By D!ldo Baggins
Guide to Zombie Survival - By .•Chris²•.
DarkRP - Beginners Guide (Everything) - By Jihadi Ahkmedi
Prop Hunt:Guide To Winning Rounds - By Lin Baden

Server Content
Downloading Content

ie: Maps, materials, models, sounds and various server hosted content.

In most cases, especially your first time on GMOD multiplayer, you will notice that you begin to download files. Servers in most cases, use items from the Workshop on their servers for a more customized experience than the plain Gamemode version. You can check the console logs as well to see how many files the server wants you to download. If there are several addons, expect a longer download time. This is especially true on custom servers or servers that tend to beef out on the content on their server.

Make sure as well, you enable all of your textures from the games you have. You can do so via the control pad in the bottom left, then restart GMOD and the textures should be used.

Common downloading issues

Missing server files

Although most servers make their DL list a priority, sometimes servers may forget to add their addons to their DL, making users unable to connect unless they already have the addons.

Couldn't CRC <mapname>

Cyclic Redundancy Check (or CRC) is a code used for detecting errors when the raw data is accidentally changed or corrupted due to several reasons. In some cases, game or map updates may cause a map to be unsuitable on a server if they are requesting you to download a different or updated version. The simplest thing you can do is look at the map name and delete similar copies from your addons. For example, say we want to download zs_abandoned_mall_v6s, but it gives us this error. We will immediately check our GMOD addon files.

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons

Then, say we find the zs_abandoned_mall_v6b version in the files, if we remove the version we have, the version the server gives you should in most cases, be able to download correctly.

Couldn't CRC <de_"mapname">

de_ maps are different than typical gamemode maps. de_ maps are directly ported from Counter-Strike: Source. If you encounter this error from a CS:S map, there are two possibilities.

  • You did not enable your textures to be used from CS:S

  • You are using just texture files from CS:S, in which you cannot enable the maps to be used from CS:S. Since you don't own the game. Although you will still be able to use the regular textures just fine.

If you are still encountering errors with the files, or you have tons of addons implemented in GMOD or several servers you have visited have added many files to your computer, it may be time for a cleanup of your addons & downloads folder. Watch the video to learn how!

Console errors in-game

Console errors in most cases, when you directly joined, are the results in some gaps in the server code. If an addon was not implemented correctly, or if server textures were not loaded properly, this could make way for tons of red ink on arrival.

Purple Textures
Purple textures, are the result of an in-game wall or solid object skin, that is missing the material it renders with because you do not have it in your addons. The most common case of purple textures in GMOD of course, is Counter-Strike: Source.
This is especially true with most GMOD maps, since many mappers tend to use textures from CSS due to the many different materials & effects. In most cases on the Workshop, you will be able to find out from the creator of the map,which textures they used to create their map. So you will be able to use the correct textures, respectively.

"Error" Objects
Error entities are similar to the purple textures issue, you are simply missing the model for a playermodel or prop from a certain game that the creator used the model or skin from. In most cases, once again, is probably CSS. Many maps used the wide variety of props used in CSS, so in most cases, CSS will once again fix the problems. As always, the Workshop can be your biggest help in finding what you need.

Ways in decreasing DL time?
If you want to join a specific server before playing on there and you have a list of the addons they use. You can download them off the Workshop before you connect. That way when you connect, the files are already downloading and connection time will be much shorter!

Some servers/communities/gamemodes also release content packs, in which all files the server uses, will be within. Make sure to keep updated on your favorite server and have all the newest addons!
Game Servers
Server listings
When you open a specific gamemode tab, you will then find many servers listed under this screen. From this point, there are some simple tips or tags to be looking for when searching for a server to play on.


Vanilla is often a server for the default gamemode and usually implements no addons, therefore connection time is usually absent of downloads(Unless it's the first time) and connecting to it is easier.However, said with Vanilla, the gameplay will be basic gamemode action and for some, may be to "Ordinary".


Some servers show this as indication that the server runs 24/7. There are some servers that shut down during portions of the night or low playtime areas, while others simply stay on all the time, regardless of player count.

"Servername" | Addon | Addon

Many servers that use addons, especially large ones, may display the addon name in the connection name to mainly either advertise that the server has the addon, or possibly notify you of a large download ahead of time. Keep in mind, there are servers like this that have a very long list of addons, and may take longer to connect to.

Which should I try first?

For your first time, try vanilla. Try getting used to the gamemode before you go to servers with custom content. That way you are ready for in-game changes and more customization beforehand.
FPS Fine tuning
Viewing your FPS
There are two simple console commands you can use to view your fps at a constant rate.

cl_showfps <1,0>
"This will show your regular FPS rate in the top right"

However, if you prefer to be updated on more aspects other than your plain fps...

net_graph <1-4,0>
"Starting from one, you can add more information such as connection strength and resource usage"

System Specifications

Now keep in mind, before you even consider maximizing your FPS, make sure you are able to meet the game's PC system requirements. You can check your system information on a Windows pc by typing 'dxdiag' in the start menu. For Mac's, click on the "Blue Apple Icon" in the top left corner of your screen, then, choose "About This Mac", then, click on "More Info; from there, you should be able to see your specs.

CPU Speed: 1.7 GHz Processor RAM: 512 MB OS: Windows Vista/XP/2000/7 Video Card: DirectX 8.1 level Graphics Card (Requires support for SSE) Sound Card: Yes Free Disk Space: 150 MB

If you meet the requirements, try when loading GMOD, going to your options tab, then going to video, then under the advanced tab, you can customize all of your game's video settings. Some include Model detail, texture detail, and various filters and quality settings. Although there may be recommended settings for you, try all details at the lowest available option and test until you get the results you are looking for!

What causes FPS lag specifically?
The simplest answer in short is when more people,props,textures,etc are introduced into your gamesight, your PC has to render more entities, which in turn requires your system to work harder. In some cases, either due to connection or lack of system efficiency, the game may slow in the process of rendering these items and gameplay can become slow and frustrating to play.

What would be a playable FPS?
With FPS, you want the number to be as high as possible. In most games, and we'll say for the benefit of the doubt, this one to, a playable rate would be around 30-40 FPS. If you are getting way above this, that's great! If not, try the tips above until you can make the game work the best it can for your rig/laptop.

There are more ways you can alter your graphical settings specifically by console commmands, consult this guide for additional tips!
This guide was meant to help those who are either new to GMOD, or are unaware of some helpful tips they can use to increase the gaming experience they have on GMOD.

As for a few other things...
  • The other community guides featured in this one belong to their respective creators and full credit goes to the original authors, creators and the respective community owners.

  • This guide was meant to help new people, not old people who know "everything".

  • I am always willing to add something I missed or presented incorrectly(If you're nice about it)

  • This is meant to help people. Same with comments. "unbindall is the answer" comments aren't needed.

  • Photos: Various sources/X/Mka0207

  • Writing: X

  • Video by: Mka0207

  • Various Gamemode/help guides by Steam Community Guidewriters

  • Created by: X

Thanks for reading!

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Shazam May 16, 2018 @ 2:58pm 
Dont even start with dark rp
Wildish Chadbino Mar 8, 2018 @ 2:09am 
There is no such thing as “fps lag.” Lag is network latency. :steamfacepalm:
Scooby Gang Sep 23, 2017 @ 3:29pm 
how do i get the map for the server
django Aug 23, 2016 @ 8:33pm 
Dalton Feb 28, 2016 @ 10:55am 
i was trying to join a surfing server and the map was surf_rookie but when i joined it said something like coudnt crc map/surf_rookie or something similar to that and i tryed using the tutorial for fixing it and i dont even have it downloaded. when i go to the workshop its not even there. please help me i love surfing.
Three English Letters Feb 10, 2016 @ 5:10pm 
how do i start g mod
Captain Diabetes Aug 27, 2015 @ 7:56am 
Thanks, man, it really helped. And nice guide, it helped with some other stuff that was causing problems.
✘²  [author] Aug 26, 2015 @ 4:12pm 
The server most likely has a pointshop of some sort where extra playermodels are available to some extent. It's best to put more research in and ask questions to those who play on that server if it's one you regularly get on. Hopefully this helps.
Captain Diabetes Aug 26, 2015 @ 2:14pm 
Hey, this may seem like a stupid comment, but I'm in TTT, and people have other skins than the defaults (like Vision, Ant-Man, Scorpion, Link, etc.) and I wanted to know how you do this.
Many thanks.
✘²  [author] May 31, 2015 @ 6:43pm 
@NPI 不和, when under the menu tab "Find Multiplayer Game", Click on what says "Legacy Browser". From there, click on the tab that says favorite. At the bottom, either you can add the server if you are on it at the time of adding, or simply take the IP from the server and click the "add server" tab. Hope this helps.