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Zombie Survival
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Oct 29, 2012 @ 11:01am
Nov 8, 2014 @ 9:16pm
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Zombie Survival

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Zombie Survival is a massive gamemode where humans are pit against a zombie horde. Once a human dies, they become a zombie. The game ends when all the humans are (un)dead or the humans survive a certain amount of time or complete objectives.

It was originally conceived in 2006 and has been in active development since then.


It's recommended that server hosters use the Github version to stay up to date.

  • Zombies are all controlled by actual players. Once you die as a human, you will turn in to the undead, usually right on the spot enabling you to take revenge on your former team members who failed to save you. There are no NPCs in this mod.
  • In-depth barricading system. Use hammer and nails to fasten down props or deployables such as turrets and ammo crates. Ghosting system allows humans to slowly phase through fastened props.
  • Deal damage to the undead to acquire points. Use the points to purchase ammo, new weapons, and other tools from the arsenal crate. Arsenal crates are deployed by other players. Destroying them as a zombie effectively stops humans from buying any more.
  • Multiple unique classes for zombies which are unlocked as the round proceeds, making it harder for the humans as time goes on.
  • Fear-o-meter system makes it so zombies packed together take less damage, enabling hive-mind induced charges.
  • The zombie player with the highest damage dealt becomes a boss zombie between each wave. Annihilate the humans from afar as The Tickle Monster, make their life miserable as Puke Pus, or use one of the other boss zombie classes.
  • Original music score which intensifies with the intensity of the game around you.
  • Hundreds of ZS maps have been made over the years and is also compatible with nearly every zm_, zp_, ze_, etc. map.
  • Zombie Escape support. Zombie Escape maps play in their own style from ZS, closely mimicing the gameplay of the Counter-Strike: Source mod.
  • Other mutators such as Classic Mode and Pants Mode. Play ZS as it was when it first came out or try your chances at surviving vs. an army of pants trying to kick you to death.
  • Workshop version works for server hosts.

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Squidumpus Jan 15 @ 9:02am 
UPDATE: i got it working, just had to disable all my mods, but the flesh creeper (i think its called) doesnt work. regardless of where it says "no room for nest"
Squidumpus Jan 14 @ 6:08pm 
i cant really describe what it looks like very well, but whenever a round starts my screen has what i would describe as "sticking frames". all the terrain dissapears and the props "stick" every frame
Jason Bored (IK) Jan 13 @ 11:45pm 
I think the NoxiousNet link for ZS mapping info is broken.
➳ Tekky 64 Jan 10 @ 11:25am 
I found a server full of noob and Im recking everyone as zombie boos every map lol. 10/10 would reck humans again.
Вlаzе_2261™ Jan 8 @ 5:51am 
What's music playing in gamemode?
Какая музыка играет в этом режиме?
AlphaPhoenix Jan 8 @ 12:38am 
i know how it works
G R O O V Y M A N G O Jan 7 @ 12:47pm 
fucking toasted @AlphaPhoenix
JetBoom✨  [author] Jan 6 @ 4:40pm 
damn 87 hours and you never found out how the choosing mechanic works.
AlphaPhoenix Jan 6 @ 4:43am 
Dislike: Cuz zombies can be pocket shades, when you doing great job with building for everyone game chooses you as a zombie when everyone does NOTHING. This is not a hate comment, this is my opinion about this game... (played about 87 hours in this game mode)
➳ Tekky 64 Jan 2 @ 10:34am 
This gamemode triggers me so much. I try to build a barricade and everyone f**** it up. 10/10 would rage again.

But on the other side, if there isnt any trolls unwelding my props and showing them into my face I find this gamemode very fun to play! Good job!