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How to do well in Trouble in Terrorist Town (GMod)
By Impotent Rage
Sick of dying all the time in TTT?

This guide will breakdown all of the weapons, how to use them, whether you should use them and overall how to play the game.
The Classes...
You should already know that there are 3 classes in TTT, Innocents, detectives and traitors. You may not know that there is a traitor in every 4 players, and a detective in every 8.

How you should play them:

Innocents - When you play as an innocent, TRUST NO ONE (unless you know they're proven). The game says you should stick together, but actually it's better if you wander around lone wolf. If you do this, you can find Unidentified bodies, undetonated C4s to warn off other players and you can avoid massive firefights between traitors and/or RDMers. Basically, just avoid other players to avoid getting a knife in your face, back or wherever. When you kill a traitor, be sure to tell everyone that you're proven and maybe hang out with the detective until the end of the round.

Detectives - When you play as a detective, the same follows, trust no one until they're proven and wander around on your own. As a detective, you have an advantage over other players as you spawn with armour, a DNA scanner and a credit to spend at your very own shop! More about the DNA scanner later but we'll talk about credits now. You can spend credits on special equipment by pressing 'C', which ranges from teleporters to health stations. When you kill a traitor you get a credit to spend and if you inspect a traitors or fellow detectives corpse, you'll automatically scavenge their unspent credits. You should buy a health station for the players and put it out in the open and destroy it by smashing the f#%& out of it with the crowbar.

Traitors - When you play as a traitor, the rules are completely different. You start off with 2 credits (or 3 if you're the only traitor) and you can buy different weapons and equipment from your shop than the detective. When you're a traitor you have to be stealthy, organised and smart. You shouldn't open fire on an enemy when you're teammate is close (unless you plan to take them out together) because when you run away, not only will you be known as a traitor, but also your teammate. You are outnumbered and all that crap so don't blow your cover by shooting someone in front of everybody else. If you're smart and good, then you'll have all the players murdered in no time.
Game Functions...
There are some very useful game functions in TTT that aren't exactly noticeable until someone tells you or you find out yourself.

Marking people - This is when you can mark individual players as suspicious, traitors and innocents etc. To do this, press TAB and click on someone's name and then you can mark them by clicking on one of the five words. If someone says they're proven then mark them as proven. If someone is called out as a traitor, mark them as a traitor etc. This will remind you of what the person is when you see them next. If you see someone whose marked as an innocent then you can stick around with them, if you see someone whose marked as a traitor then start spraying!

Emptying your gun - This is when you empty your gun magazine and you drop an ammo box as a result. To do this press 'Z' or whatever your undo button is binded to. If you find 4 pistols in one spot but no ammo anywhere you can use this to empty 3 of the guns and have 1 gun at full capacity with 3 extra mags.

Tips - When spectating, some tips appear at the bottom, hold down 'TAB' and click on the arrows and take some time to read through some of them. They're pretty helpful.

F1 - You can learn the rules by pressing 'F1', and also there is a tab where you can change some game settings like whether you have a crosshair or not.
The Weapons...
This section will show you what each weapon does and whether it's good or useless.

M16 - This gun has a medium fire rate, 20 rounds in each magazine and can kill a player with 2 headshots or 4-5 shots to the torso. It is a good gun if you can easily land a headshot. Uses 9mm ammo

Pistol - This gun has a slow fire rate and has the same attributes as the M16.

Glock - This gun has a fast fire rate, 20 rounds in each magazine and can kill a player with 3 headshots and 5-6 torso shots. It's a good gun up close but chews through your ammo very quickly. Uses 9mm ammo.

Deagle - This gun has a slow fire rate, 8 rounds in each magazine and can kill a player with 1 headshot or 3 shots to the torso. This gun is really good if you get some headshots with it, however it has a low magazine size which can get you killed in a fire fight. Uses deagle ammo.

Shotgun - This gun has a slow fire rate, holds 8 buckshot rounds and fires 8 pellets per shot. It may kill a player in 1 headshot depending on how close you are. It's good up close but you better watch out when you're being sniped, you'll regret bringing this with you. Uses shotgun shells (surprise surprise)

Sniper Rifle - This gun has a slow fire rate, holds 10 shots and can kill a player in 1 headshot and 2 torso shots or maybe 3 depending on your karma and if they're wearing body armour or not. It's good from a distance and great with the disguiser but can get you killed in close quarters combat. Uses sniper rifle ammo.

H.U.G.E 249 - This gun has a fast fire rate, has 150 rounds and can kill a player in 7 headshots and 14 torso shots. It has only 1 magazine and can't be reloaded so use it efficently. It has crazy recoil so look a bit down (lol) when you fire it. It may seem like a good idea to use it in a crowded area, but you'll end up getting shot up by about 7 people, so don't!

Mac 10 - This gun has a fast fire rate, has 30 rounds and can kill a player in 3 headshots and 4-5 torso shots. It's good close-medium range, especially when you aim at the head, it runs out of ammo pretty fast though. Uses SMG ammo.

Discombobulator - A grenade which does no damage but instead, pushes players away with great force. Good to use on a rooftop or a high place.

Incendiary Grenade - A grenade which explodes into a wall of fire and hurts anyone within contact. If a discombobulator explodes inside the flames of an incendiary grenade it can blast the flames in different directions. Good to trap someone in a room and chuck this in there.

Smoke Grenade - A grenade which creates a large smoke screen. Pretty much useless although you can knife someone in a smoke screen anonymously.

The M16 and Pistol are my usual weapons along with a discombobulator for messing around with. If I my M16 clip runs out of ammo then I can switch to my pistol. And I usually aim for the head so I can kill them quickly.
Detective Weapons...
The Detective has access to more tools and equipment rather than actual weapons.
Here they are:

Body Armour - Take 30% less damage. Detectives automatically spawn with this item.

Radar - Shows the locations of all players in the game and the distance from them. Updates every 30 seconds.

UMP.45 Prototype - When a player is hit with this SMG, they spaz out and look in another direction.

Teleporter - MOUSE2 marks the location where you're standing. MOUSE1 Teleports you to your last marked location. Can teleport 16 times.

Defuser - Immediately defuse C4s when you click on them.

Health Station - Can be dropped and used to heal yourself. It looks like one of those cheap microwave ovens with a tinge of blue. Sadly it can't be lethally dropped on anyone :(

Visualizer - A small device that, when dropped, shines a blue field which shows anyone inside whose fired and where they fired to and, if they were shot, where they were fired from.

Binoculars - Can Identify bodies from a distance. Only buy this when there is an unidentified body out of reach.

With the one credit I spawn with, I usually buy either the UMP or a health station. If someone is proven I'll get them to follow me, a bit like a sidekick. If I get another credit, I might buy them something from the shop. I'll also sometimes get the Radar if I have an extra credit.

Traitor Weapons...
Traitors spawn with 2 credits (3 if they're the only Traitor playing) and have a range of unique weapons that can be devastating when used right. Here they are:

Body Armour - Take 30% less damage.

Radar - Shows the locations of all players in the game and the distance from them. Updates every 30 seconds.

Disguiser - Toggled 'on' and 'off'. When 'on' your name won't be revealed to other innocents when they look at you. It's good because they can't call you out and it's bad because they immediately know that you're a traitor.

Knife - One hit kill. Maximum DNA decay time when killing someone though. You also make the shiftiest movements when holding this so it's easy to tell if you are holding it.

Silenced Pistol - Silenced USP which has the same attributes as the pistol. Comes with some pistol ammo and doesn't take up the pistol slot.

Flare Gun - Silenced gun which fires a shot that burns up bodies or sets objects on fire. When a body is burnt up it disappears, leaving a burn mark on the groun. Has 4 shots.

Teleporter - MOUSE2 marks the location where you're standing. MOUSE1 Teleports you to your last marked location. Can teleport 16 times.

Poltergeist - Attaches a thruster to the object that you're aiming at, which 'thrusts' in bursts and hurts anyone close or in the way. There's a recharge time between shots and only 6 shots in the gun.

Newton Launcher - A gun which fires a low damage shot at an enemy, but pushes them very strongly. It's good to use on a map where it's easy to fall to you're death. Looks like the Phys gun, couldn't find a model, sorry.

C4 - A bomb which can be planted on a wall with MOUSE2 or simply dropped on the ground with MOUSE1. Can set time to detonate (minimum time is 45 seconds, maximum time is 10 minutes). Can be disarmed by cutting one of six random wires. An explosion due to a disarming failure is smaller than an explosion of a 00:00 timer. Good to use on small maps with heaps of people.

Radio - Dropped with MOUSE1 and can play sounds by pressing 'C' and going to the 'Radio' tab. Sounds can be gunshots, C4 beeps and stuff like that. Can be destroyed.

Decoy - Dropped with MOUSE1 and when a detective has your DNA on their scanner, the DNA will lead to the decoy. Can be destroyed.

I always buy body armour and usually a knife, but I might buy a C4 instead if I'm playing on a small map with heaps of people like cs_assault or cs_drugbust. I may also buy the newton launcher instead on a map where the risk of falling is ridiculously high, like de_dolls, ttt_canyon or ttt_rooftops.
The DNA Scanner...
The DNA scanner is probably the most important tool the detective has in TTT. The bad thing is is that not many people actually know how to use it so this section shows you how:

Scan a identified corpse with DNA scanner and it will show the location of the player who the DNA belongs to. Depending on how much time is left for the DNA to decay, the DNA scanner will update the location fast or slow (The closer the DNA is to decaying, the slower the scanner updates). When you find the killer, kill them and identify the body. Once they're confirmed as the killer then delete the sample and try to get another sample from a corpse.

The amount of time the DNA has left to decay depends on how far the killer was from the victim when he died (the further away the less time it has to decay.) That's the downside of knives, when you knife someone it takes 2 minutes for the DNA to decay (which is the maximum).

When you find a body with DNA on it, CALL THE DETECTIVE! Also don't call the detective to a corpse that has no DNA on it, that's like calling the police because some dude looked at you funny.
Finally, how to have fun...
When you seriously can't be arsed doing anything on TTT, here are some things you can do. Note that you should ONLY do these things to your friends or to people who you plan to get revenge on for whatever reason.

Public Knife Holding - As a Traitor, buy a knife and then just walk around in front of everyone with it. It's amazing how not many people notice. If someone does notice you should probably chuck it at them and run, or don't. Say he tried to RDM you.

Prop Killing - Pick up a large object, like a barrel, with your magneto stick and fling it at someone. It will either hurt them or send them flying. It's hilarious.

Prop Pushing - Pick up an object and push someone off a ledge with it.

Prop Surfing - This is a form of glitching which can get you banned, although the consequences aren't as bad when you're just messing around. You get an object, then get on top of a larger object, then crouch and position your held object below the large object, then stand up and you should levitate.

Prop Catapaulting - Get a small object, then get on one end of a moveable car. Place the object under the car while you're on top and the jump in the air. You should be catapaulted in the air and it's hilarious, note that you'll probably die, but that's the funny part.

RDMing RDMers - If someone guy, even a detective, is trying to RDM everyone, shoot that piece of s%$@ in the face.

Also remember, don't stop moving, keep bunny hopping because then you're a lot harder to hit. And when you're a traitor, always hit the detectives first and always kill people who are standing still, they are cannon fodder!

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Llama Aug 19 @ 12:21pm 
Knife isn't One Hit Kill on Vanilla servers
A shit name for a shit player Dec 27, 2015 @ 9:22pm 
A suprisingly good strat is to buy body armour and a disguiser. Then, get a shotgun and toggle the disguiser. Pick stragglers and small groups of people, repeat killing until a third of the innocents are dead (by that point you will be dead, also).
Call_it or DIE Dec 6, 2015 @ 12:51pm 
I always use the shotgun because then I can get a headshot when not looking at me. and sniper if long distance headshot sometimes I miss. and my favourite part is dodging traitors or anyone shots like a harpoon because it's makes them mad and annoyed more easily.
Gyro Zeppeli Jun 19, 2015 @ 8:19pm 
a tip with the C4 on 67thway:
feel like being a big help to your team at the cost of ur round?
get in the tester with 2 credits, one spent on a c4
place one c4 on one wall of the tester at minimum
and buy another one quickly and repeat
they will know the wire to ONE of them, but dont know which one SPECIFICALLY which one, making them possibly pick the right wire for the wrong one, and they wont know the other one if they get it right.
Impotent Rage  [author] Mar 19, 2015 @ 9:31pm 
ty bb
✘² Mar 19, 2015 @ 8:55pm 
hi. I'm writing a guide on GMOD multiplayer. I talk briefly about gamemodes, and from there, I direct them here! Good work!
U-Knighted Feb 27, 2015 @ 11:52am 
DaShpee Feb 13, 2015 @ 5:27pm 
I think there is more than that, but thanks :D
Impotent Rage  [author] Feb 13, 2015 @ 2:08am 
RDM is just when you kill someone for no good reason (e.g. someone called you a dumbass crackerjack and you got triggered so you trigger their assholes in half (if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)))
DaShpee Feb 12, 2015 @ 6:30pm 
You should make a guide on what RDM is, I don't know EXACTLY what it is :/