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co40 Domination! Blufor [4.62]
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Multiplayer, Coop, PvP
Scenario Type: Air, Infantry, Vehicles
Scenario Map: Altis
DLC: Apex
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Oct 26, 2014 @ 4:32am
Mar 28 @ 7:34am
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co40 Domination! Blufor [4.62]

co40 Domination! Blufor

Please use the 7z file you can find on github. It contains all versions!!!!!

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Domination is now also on Discord:
Domination on GitHub[]

Domination Player Guide[]

Avaiable versions and needed mods/addons[]

The GitHub 7z file also contains versions for
  • CUP Sahrani
  • CUP Chernarus
  • CUP Takistan
  • AND NEW NEW NEW... The TvT version (PvPvE) is back in 3.36!!!!!!
  • NEW IN 3.43 Tanoa Edition
  • NEW IN 3.48 Tanoa TT TvT (PvPvE) Version
  • NEW IN 3.53 Stratis Version
  • NEW IN 3.62 Chernarus Winter Version
  • NEW IN 3.70 IFA3 Version
  • NEW IN 3.70 extDB3 sql database support
  • NEW IN 3.78 Malden 2035 version
  • NEW IN 3.78 Altis Carrier version
  • NEW IN 3.83 RHS Opfor version
  • NEW IN 3.90 RHS Blufor version
  • NEW IN 3.99q Global Mobilization Summer and Winter Blufor version
  • NEW IN 3.99s Linovia Blufor version
  • NEW IN 4.22 Chernarus 2020 Blufor version
  • NEW IN 4.30 UNSUNG Coop and Malden TT version
  • NEW IN 4.49 S.O.G. Prairie Fire version
  • NEW IN 4.54 CSLA Opfor version
  • NEW IN 4.57 Western Sahara Blufor version

Needs A3 Ver 2.06 or higher

Attention!!!! If you want to edit the mission the mission.sqm file is in 3DEN format now!!!

Your goal is it to free randomly picked targets (up to 34) from all enemy forces.
Resolving side missions will get you better vehicles (tanks, helicopters, planes).

Game mode: MP, Coop 1-40 players (50 in the TvT version)
Addon's required: None
Side: Blufor
Features: Revive, AI, Ranked version, extDB3 support and many more

  • Randomly picked main targets
  • Many side missions
  • Custom made revive
  • Dynamic weather
  • Many parameters can be changed by an admin in the server lobby (enable AI version or ranked version for example)
  • Ammo boxes can be loaded into some vehicles (Ammo point at base)
  • Uses MHQs for respawn (once deployed)
  • Teleport from one deployed MHQ to another
  • Vehicles can be lifted by the lift chopper (MHQs for examples)
  • Some wrecks can be lifted by the wreck lift chopper and can get repaired at the wreck point at base
  • Uses BIS Virtual Arsenal for ammo boxes
  • Parajump from main targets (once cleared)
  • Engineers can repair and refuel damaged vehicles (needs Toolkit)
  • Engineers can load static weapons into engineer trucks
  • Artillery operators can mark artillery targets with a laser designator and can call in artillery strikes
  • Team leaders of Alpha, Charlie and Echo can also mark artillery targets and they can call in air drops
  • Mission dialog to change viewdistance, gras, etc.
  • Squad management dialog
  • Save player stats and mission progress to a SQL database (if extDB3 or InterceptDB is configured)
  • Advanced rappeling
  • Plane/chopper pylon loadout ingame
  • and lots of features more...

Download link::
Git Hub Download[]

Please donate to keep developement up!
PayPal.Me Donation[]
PayPal Donation[]

Domination is now also on Discord:
Domination on GitHub[]
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Aug 4, 2021 @ 1:02am
Can't get database to work
Satanic Warhamster
Sep 22, 2021 @ 1:35pm
Settings der Domination maps
Nov 27, 2020 @ 12:08pm
Main objective structures are so tough....
< >
J22Ybb May 21 @ 4:12am 
hi Xeno Two questions

1. How to save game progress on local server?

2.There is also how to clear "Load database savefile" in the map menu,These database savefile will not be loaded after clicking, After deleting the mission folder in "My document / Arma3", the database savefile is still there.
Ravenger2709 May 9 @ 10:39am 
How it works?
Xeno  [author] May 9 @ 8:39am 
One can already read the system time in the game so no database needed
Xeno  [author] May 9 @ 8:36am 
@Polox, die Kiste mit dem Profile Namespace scheint etwas buggy zu sein (also meine Implementierung), läuft aber bereits sehr gut mit dem neuen missionProfileNamespace von der A3 DEV Version (nächster A3 Patch dauert aber noch etwas, glaube im Sommer kommt der)

I'll add it to the TODO list
Ravenger2709 May 8 @ 1:20am 
Hello Xeno! Can you make time synchronizing with DB time? (If DB is used). I think is more realistic. Thx!
Polox May 7 @ 8:54am 
Hallo Xeno. Die Mission wird immer besser erstmal Danke dafür.... Meine Frage lautet. Habe Server laufen im Ranking Modus. In den Para steht ja das der Missionsfortschritt im Profilnamensraum gespeichert wird , wenn keine Datenbank verfügbar ist. Das klappt bei mir leider nicht. Immer nach einem Serverrestart fängt man wieder von vorne an. Mache ich etwas verkehrt. Gibt es einen Befehl den man in die Console eingeben kann um die Score manuel einzugeben. vG Polox:steamthumbsup:
elbro_dark May 6 @ 12:39pm 
perfekt danke
Xeno  [author] May 6 @ 11:33am 
elbro_dark May 6 @ 10:14am 
got the mission running with the database.
Can i just switch the map from altis to stratis without loosing the progress?
T. Delta Apr 28 @ 1:51pm 
Thank you Xeno, But what I do is go into the parameters and set certain items to the liking of the people that play on the server.