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Vanilla Storytellers Expanded - Winston Waves
Mod, 1.5
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Apr 7 @ 9:38am
May 1 @ 3:40am
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Vanilla Storytellers Expanded - Winston Waves

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Vanilla Expanded
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This is a reuploaded Vanilla Storytellers Expanded - Winston Waves. It will only work on RimWorld versions 1.5 and up. If you're looking for Winston Waves for 1.4 or lower, check THIS.

Vanilla Storytellers Expanded is a brand new mod series featuring standalone storytellers, bringing new, unique mechanics to the game.

"Winston is a battle-hardened combat expert, and he believes that through combat, one can find themselves for whom they really are. Every day you will be attacked by enemy waves increasing in size, but you will be rewarded for each victory."

Winston Waves comes with the following traits:

Wave Survival
This storyteller does not scale with wealth. Instead, you will receive waves of increasing difficulty.

The time threshold between waves can be adjusted in mod options.

Waves utilise any hostile factions, and work with any modded factions. Every 5th wave is a boss wave which can utilise any raiding strategy.

After defeating each wave, you will be given a choice between three or four rewards.

Rewards come in 5 tiers: Poor, Normal, Good, Excellent and Legendary, and vary from receiving weapons, armor and food to getting new colonists or packs of wargs joining you.

Boss waves, as well as higher normal waves receive modifiers that make them harder to defeat.

From all enemies exploding upon death, having their health doubled or carrying sniper rifles, to enemy receiving reinforcements or their forces being doubled, this will force you to adapt your strategy as the game goes on.


Oskar Potocki, an artist responsible for Storyteller art and reward/modifier art.

Kikohi, a programmer responsible for the entirety of the code and design of the mod.

Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)[creativecommons.org]

Q: How do I use this storyteller?
A: Simply change to this storyteller anytime you want to try wave survival.

Q: Can I change to this storyteller mid-save?
A: Absolutely. If you change back from Winston, the progress will be kept until you re-enable him again.

Q: Does it work with Combat Extended?
A: Yes!

Q: Will you keep updating the mod with new content?
A: This is a singular storyteller mod. Development work on it has been finished.

Q: Is it compatible with X mod?
A: It is compatible with the majority of mods. Although mod that touches raid might break Winston. Mods found incompatible:
- RimWar
- Multiplayer
- Faction Raid Cooldown

Q: How is this mod different from the old wave survival, or any other ‘wave survival’ storytellers?
A: This mod pretty much introduces a brand new gamemode, complete with custom UI, wave tracker, enemy tracker, reward system, modifier system and scaling system.

Xenomorph Jul 18 @ 6:54am 
the endless Rants are still coming.
Sarg Bjornson  [author] Jul 16 @ 11:03pm 
"Rants" don't count as "Bugs reported"
Alefool Jul 16 @ 5:40pm 
Raiders not counting as "killed", raids spawning less pawns than advertised so when you do kill them all you're still missing 1 pawn that never spawned, outright ruining your savefile because VE framework decided to off itself by spamming a System.NullReferenceException every tick (Ref EBEB1E5C1) because you used the mod alongside Geological Landforms. This doesn't stop even if you abandon the map to delete it. While we can't get another wave-based storyteller; the one we're stuck with is very buggy. Please playtest your released mods before updating to 1.5, thanks for the mod!
Criticopulus Jul 13 @ 4:09am 
Nevermind, I managed to fix it.Somehow...
Criticopulus Jul 11 @ 12:52pm 
Great mod gents but I broke something and I am hoping for some help.
(System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
[Ref B6B2F9D0]
at RimWorld.IncidentDef.TargetAllowed (RimWorld.IIncidentTarget target) [0x00000] in <f0ac5eb9b52e4cc396c70fc9a4ee15e5>:0
at RimWorld.IncidentWorker.CanFireNow (RimWorld.IncidentParms parms) [0x0000b] in <f0ac5eb9b52e4cc396c70fc9a4ee15e5>:0
at RimWorld.Storyteller.TryFire (RimWorld.FiringIncident fi, System.Boolean queued) [0x00032] in <f0ac5eb9b52e4cc396c70fc9a4ee15e5>:0
- PREFIX OskarPotocki.VanillaStorytellersExpanded: Boolean VanillaStorytellersExpanded.Patch_MakeIncidentsForInterval:Prefix(FiringIncident fi)
at RimWorld.IncidentQueue.IncidentQueueTick () [0x00048] in

I already posted a bug report via the tool but I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction
Sarg Bjornson  [author] Jul 10 @ 11:42am 
We do not require an e-mail address, what are you talking about
XyTheur Jul 1 @ 11:44pm 
Fixed it by loading the save again
XyTheur Jul 1 @ 10:17pm 
How can I reset the raid counter? Enemies never spawned and now im stuck with a raid I can't finish to move to the next one. Thanks.
Obnoxious Foreigner Jul 1 @ 12:49pm 
really enjoying this mod but the balance of the rewards is questionable. the amount of leather you get really doesn't make any sense. 200 leather isn't enough to make 3 dusters, should really be like 300 or 350. pawn rewards should be more common, even if they come without equipment the number 1 killer of runs seems to be not enough hands. also 10 trained wargs as a legendary drop just seems so troll. unless you want to slaughter them for meat they are pretty much worthless against most raids that aren't tribals. Would really like the option to change how many rewards are offered post wave, I think 5 or 6 different options would make it feel less luck based
Bop222 Jul 1 @ 12:47am 
is it normal that my colonists have 150% Work Speeds and 200% Wound Healing Speeds according to this storrytailer buff, but am I playing Cassandra?