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TBD Mortars are recommended for better gameplay

The M1943 Mortar or 120-PM-43 (Russian: 120-Полковой Миномёт-43) or the 120-mm mortar Model 1943 (Russian: 120-мм миномет обр. 1943 г.), also known as the SAMOVAR, is a Soviet 120 millimeter calibre smoothbore mortar first introduced in 1943 as a modified version of the M1938 mortar. It virtually replaced the M1938 as the standard weapon for mortar batteries in all Soviet infantry battalions by the late 1980s, though the armies of the Warsaw Pact utilised both in their forces.

Min range: 200 meters
Max range: 5900 meters
Min elevation: 45 degrees
Max elevation: 80 degrees
Traverse: 360 degrees
Shell charges: 1 through 7

The 120-PM-43 fires 120mm HE-Frag shells made of hardened Stalinium, and will sweep away all the capitalist pigs standing in the path of the mighty Red Army. The way to La Manche will be clear!

The mortar uses a CSW framework that forces the loader to load each shell manually into the mortar´s barrel before firing.
Additionally, the charge of each mortar shell has to be adjusted manually before the mine is loaded. This is achieved by taking the mine into the player's inventory and double clicking with the left mouse button, this will open a table where you can select which charge you would like to set up. Pressing F on the gunner slot to change charges will not work anymore! Per default each mine comes at max charge (7) out of the box, and is also set back to max charge (7) when placed back inside the box.
The time it takes to switch the shells´ charges can be adjusted in Addon Options -> TBD Mortars Main -> Time it takes to change charges.

The mortar is meant to be utilized with the ACE artillery table.
The ballistic computer (Stalin´s hand) is disabled by default.

Planned future features: Realistic handling and aiming.

This addon is provided under the CUP[] license. You may not reupload this addon or it's parts to steam workshop or any other public repository. You may, however, create your own patch addons.
ilbinek  [author] May 25 @ 12:43pm 
Either send it to me on discord - "ilbinek"
Or upload to pastebin and paste the link. Best if you create a discussion topic
V I P - M A N - B R O May 25 @ 9:58am 
where to send the file?
ilbinek  [author] May 25 @ 9:06am 
V I P - M A N - B R O May 25 @ 7:45am 
what kind of rpt?
ilbinek  [author] May 24 @ 3:27pm 
Can you send over a rpt?
V I P - M A N - B R O May 24 @ 3:17pm 
по какой-то причине при наличии в сборке этого миномета и миномета М252 из RHS USAF, у миномета M252 ломается прицел и им практически невозможно пользоваться
ilbinek  [author] May 18 @ 9:27am 
This already is ace-less version...
vsemilubim00 May 18 @ 6:58am 
Будет ли версия без ACE? Хотелось бы способ работы как на ванильных миномётах в арме, так как боты и чаще сами люди не имеют таких знаний в работе с измерением дальности, углами наводки…(хочется просто тыкнуть в карту и выстрелить туда)
ilbinek  [author] May 17 @ 2:08am 
Well, to show the elevation the gun is aiming is something I've already done for a private mod, so that would be easy to do.
Reloading and assembly/disassembly is already handled by ace, no?
Maybe we'll do our own one day, but we'd rather focus on stuff that isn't in the game yet, than redoing something that is available
Kolovrax715x May 16 @ 2:42am 
The AGS 30 in RHS is only capable to do direct fire, while in reality the AGS-17 and 30 is able to fire indirectly up to 1500m. It also would be interisting to see the whole reloading and assembling process of this granade launcher.