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Blood Money Cartel
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Blood Money Cartel

No one knows where Cocaine Jack came from, all that is known about him is that he is big, not only in spirit but in physical size. No man,dwarf,elf or even demon can compair to his grim charisma. He rallyed all of the tribes that would talk or could talk. With a silver tongue and honeyed words laced with cocaine soon they all were standing at his becon call.

You see Jack had a revilation amidst the piles of loosely drifting cocaine. He realised that there were only three things that drive the mortal heart.

Death,....Wealth....and War.

He thought to himself with a grim smile "I know how to bring all the tribes together!!!!!!"

I'll give the drugs ...............to every ....one......
Jack plowed a huge rail of blow his eyes glowing a sinister crimson............

Every race is now mortal, the world is bathed in chaos, necromancy is at an all time high and can you blame them, when every one is just dropping like flies left and right, as the drug epidemic washes over the world.

***"Blinded by The Light" begins playing*******____________________/|
Everbody Must Get Stoned!

Cocain Jack is open to more races now! including the Cartel,humans,dwarfs,elves and goblins, some with a bit of distinctive flair!.

Goblins have been civilized by Cocaine Jack and boy oh boy do they wreak of cannibis! and they now sport dapper dwarven hair styles!! These civilized Goblin are breeding behemoths you have been warned.

Elves have also been civilized and you can tell them apart by thier snazzy Elf dread locks!!!
Irie!!! mon! no moor hangen in deem dam 'o bumbaclot trees!

Humans are afraid of the dark, will you push them past their fears and send them deep underground..:) Or will you keep them above ground near the fires light......

Each race is buffed and thier personalitys altered so they can survive the rough world of BMC.

Some races have ......secrets....... some dark....will you find them....

Jacks arson fire has been changed to "Start the burning man bonfire ritual" which now has a use beyond just lighting everything on fire :D

Jack says a long time ago there was a celebration involving a big wood statue of a man that people light on fire in the desert, he says macabre things can happen if you stare into the flames long enough.

Jack has new supplys! he thought to himself these two by fours are nice and all but man are they heavy and man do they hurt to get hit with, you didn't ask where he got them but now he has styrofoam logs! a weird type of wood that is super flammable and causes almost no damage to be struck by it! He assures you that its the future and someday it'll be every where!!!

He also mumbled something about not leaving too much of it in the same room but he quickly changed the subject, I'm sure its nothing to worry about.

5 new Craftable soaps each color coded for quick identification, Infused Soaps!, act like regular soap plus theres a chance upon use that the entire bar is used for a "critical" bath leaving the user "feeling" like a new person!!!! healing some or all wounds!

The Drug system has been tweaked a good bit, hallucinations(physical represintations of your forts "drug addiction" and pyscosis level) now have a finite life time and will dissapear unless you allow hallucinations to breed!, giving you time to detox your fort and clean out unwanted hallucinations over time. They are still just as destructive if you are unfortunate enough to summon a swarm of them.

Hallucinations occationally spit molten gold this is to simulate the damage that drugs do to the body, evident in a creatures description with various melted limbs,fats and other damages that it causes.
Example:Urist's upper arm is dented, head is dented or missing fat denotes heavy daily or intravenous drug use.

New hallucination varients with "war" in the name express psycosis related to combat and PTSD related issues made worse by drug abuse!! The horrors of war scar all but the most steadfast dwarves!

Reactions if you didnt notice made a huge pile of pures.....mistakes were made, reaction tokens were in the wrong order...., causing the odd output numbers, its been corrected and farming and makeing products feels better now i think.

Cannibis products now make creatures who don't need to eat or drink very hungry and very thirsty :D, hmmm but how do you get a creature who dosn't eat or drink to consume cannibis......I'll let you figure that out :DD

LSD overhaul: the old effects of LSD were a little overpowering so its effects have been dialed down and in, giveing way to a little more functionality and a fair amount of risk and it's not gonna clog the fort with millions of animals in the late game.
After a creature consumes lsd the creatures age will often times change, I consider this a type of brain damage ;).

Dropping Lucy has one of three outcomes
1.Good trip that ends with food animal appearing,and the mind and body healed.
2.Bad trip that ends as above, with animal person appearing.
3.Mental break resulting in suicide.

If you see odd event log messages about wagons being scuttled or anything relating to a drowning fish.....that creature.....sadly..... commited suicide....an unfortunate and dark reality present in the BMC universe.... ;(
Be very careful who you let consume lsd, in any form, as one use can be potentially fatal.

Included in the mod folder is a world generation file called "the Heart Land" a small 33x65 map, I highly recommend it ;D

remember folks......drugs are bad ...Mkay..

Aradar  [author] Apr 21 @ 11:50am 
Since adventure mode came out and I'm playing with retiring forts more I've noticed some insanely odd behavior retiring cartel forts they have unliving in their creature tags for reasons and it causes bizarre things to happen when you retire fort an then unretire..... Good luck out there !!! Save often and expect some !!fun!! when you retire a cartel fort
Aradar  [author] Apr 18 @ 9:29am 
Currently if you're playing the beta adventure mode with this mod using the LSD drink item or anything that transforms the players body there's a chance that the game will crash save before consuming this item!!! In adventure mode
Aradar  [author] Apr 17 @ 11:35am 
Playing the beta out for adventure now some of the stuff acts a little weird and adventure mode so good luck it's going to take me awhile to figure out how to tune it into adventure mode
Aradar  [author] Apr 16 @ 12:25pm 
And if anyone wants to know how to turn kilns into party temples or how to make waterfall machine party palaces LOL drop a line here
Aradar  [author] Apr 16 @ 10:56am 
a side note depending on the world you generate and the temperature ranges that a world has things may or may not act appropriately as a general rule i like to play this on temperate-ish worlds and or areas. if you play in a very hot world or a very hot area on a map expect some odd things to occur.
Aradar  [author] Mar 19 @ 10:01am 
Cartel can single hand, two hand swords btw🤣 pretty neat 😁
Aradar  [author] Jan 27 @ 10:08am 
SO sorry for the mistakes, i didn't catch till long after upload, everything is fixed now.

Have fun building a castle out of two by fours and steel !!!!!
mayonnaise Jan 23 @ 3:56pm 
based mod