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[SP-Campaign] M.E.R.C.S. - 1.03
Data Type: Mod
Mod Type: Campaign
Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer
Scenario Type: Infantry, Vehicles
Scenario Map: Altis
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Sep 14, 2014 @ 9:30am
Aug 14, 2015 @ 4:29pm
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[SP-Campaign] M.E.R.C.S. - 1.03


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Version: 1.03

M.E.R.C.S. is a story-driven singleplayer campaign for Arma 3, revolving around the exploits of a private military company on Altis. You assume the role of Raif Salih, a Sudanese refugee and ex-soldier, coerced into fighting alongside a mysterious, mercenary organisation. From a first person view, you will strive to escape a world of violence for private gain, where nothing but greed is sacred.
In achieving your mission objectives, you are afforded complete freedom – there are few boundaries and every decision you make entails a consequence. Through a dynamic economic system, you can purchase or sell equipment, hire new recruits, or accept contracts to gain rewards and further your own, unique narrative. On the way, you must engage and interact with an assortment of different characters, each desperate to exploit you for their own ends. Whether you embrace or betray these powers is up to you...

Raif’s Story
Born in Karthoum, Sudan, Raif Salih became an orphan at the early age of two. Growing up as one of the poorest people in one of the poorest countries on this planet he basically had no other option than to join the military - the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF).
After years of internecine conflict in East Africa, Ethiopian forces led a major offensive against their neighbours. Raif’s friends fell before the onslaught and the SAF were deadlocked in a war they could not win, despite their successful defence of Khartoum at the centre of the country.
Raif understood that even if the Ethiopians relented, there would be nothing left of what he had once called home. Taking what little he had, he deserted the SAF, slipped through enemy lines, and travelled for weeks on foot through the East Sahara desert.
Eventually, Raif reached Alexandria in Egypt and secured safe passage to Greece, where he believed he could begin again. Now, his only hope is that ‘Nikos’, the man that brokered his European dream, is as trustworthy as he appears...

- Story-Driven Single-Player Campaign
- First / Third Person Cutscenes
- Infantry / Light Vehicle / Aircraft Gameplay
- Large Variety of Mission Types
- Decisions have Vast Impact on Story / Current Mission
- Small Side Stories within a Mission(-set)
- Custom Conversation System
- Custom Shop System
- Custom Textures
- Custom Hud Enhancements
- 35 Missions In Total (Hubs / Connecting Missions Included)
- Mod Support for Sevaral Weapon Packs

Supported Mods (All Mods Are Completely OPTIONAL)
The following mods are supported, use is completely optional. DO NOT start the campaign with mods, save and then continue later without using the exact same mods for obvious savegame issues. Any mod use at your own risk.
- Toadie's SmallArms and Animations for Arma3
- RH M4/M16 pack
- RH PDW pack
- (SMA) Specialist Military Arms
- EricJ Weapons Pack (Seems like this mod is buggy, description texts are sometimes wrong and it causes missing image errors.)

Known Issues:
- Developer console is enabled. In case you encounter a game breaker you can always execute [] call IP_fnc_cheatEndMission; It will automatically determine and load the next logical mission.
- The use of DevBranch or mods may impact playability, especially AI driving skills are fundamental to make some missions work. I recommend to run this campaign in stable branch! (Tested with Arma 3 v1.18)
- Home Sweet Home: The ambient shooter at the range sometimes shoots the bystanders. This is caused by a messed up aiming AI which constantly drifts away from the assigned target.
- Home Sweet Home: The gambler mentions BlackJack as possible gamble but it is not implemented yet.
- Ransom Demand: The fleeing car might be crashing against something or the passengers disembark randomly and walk instead. I'm researching ways to rebuild this mission.
- Checkpoint Charlie: The incoming cars sometimes crash into or stuck at the bar gate. If they can't continue they get deleted sometimes which breaks the mission flow.
- Very Important Pickup: Performance might suffer under many ambient AI units.
- Riot Control: Performance might suffer under many ambient AI units.
- Panzerfaust: There's always one AI from the player's group stucking at the briefing desk. Sometimes he follows after a few regroup commands. In case he doesn't, step away from the table and type into the debug console: {_x setPos (getPos player)} forEach (units group player);
- Panzerfaust: Other parts of the battle group go funny ways.
- Glass System: Usage in an environment with lots of objects might affect performance. I recommend turning down the core functions first.

Development Roadmap - Scopes & Features

Alpha (RETIRED):
- 1 Intro Mission
- 1 Hub Mission
- 11 Contract Missions
- 1 Transit Mission
- 2 Endings

- Campaign Completed
- 1 Intro Mission
- 3 Hub Missions
- 22 Contract Missions
- 1 Transit Mission
- 8 Endings / 11 Variations
- Advanced Shop System (Vehicles & Camp Enhancements)

- Voice Acting (CANCELED)
- Mod Compability (ONGOING)
- Generic Side Missions (OPTIONAL)

You can reach me on the BI-Forums:
Or feel free to add me on steam:

Content created by IndeedPete is published under the "Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)". You are free to take or change anything you can use, just give me a mention in the credits.
All authors of third party content gave me permissions to use their works in the MANW Contest.

Credits & Thanks
- Bohemia Interactive Studios for this great game!
- aeroson for his get/set loadout and repetitive clean up scripts!
- cobra4v320 for his HALO/parachuting scripts!
- Kydoimos for cross-reading and improving some of the dialogues and texts!
- mrflay for his explosion detector!
- Shuko for his SHKPos script!
- Surfer for his help regarding the awesome M.E.R.C.S. logo and way too many textures and images!
- tpw for his ambient civilian script package!
- And all the great people on the BI-Forums who helped out with answers and feedback to so many questions!

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Nhisso Feb 18 @ 9:01pm 
Please come back or let others re upload and update!
Godis Oct 17, 2019 @ 5:53pm 
Still on of the best campaigns I've played so far. It would be nice to have this fixed... How about permissions to fix and reupload, if IndeedPete won't do it?
BugG Sep 17, 2019 @ 10:08am 
Drazen Petrovic? FTW mate ... Is there any bball court to hit some 3 pointers?
astinkydude Sep 14, 2019 @ 4:41pm 
i loved it till it stoped working the triggers are super sensitive so i cant continue because it broke maybe ill return if this gets updated to fix them
zerem Sep 7, 2019 @ 11:45am 
la campagne semble sympa mais putain j'ai eu un énorme probleme qui m'oblige a tout recommencer.
Premiere mission, je dépasse le lieu de l'objectif pour faire quelque chose ( j'veut pas spoil ) en allant trop loin de l'objectif, le jeu a considéré que j'ai fuit, du coup je suis envoyé sur une autre mission que je vais appeler " la mauvaise fin " là je tout ce beau monde qui veulent ma peau. fin du game. Du coup j'me suis dis je vais reprendre la ou j'ai foiré, sauf que oui mais non parce que quand tu fini la mission en bonne et due forme, sa te renvoie dans le menu de la campagne, avec comme seule suite de mission " renegat " impossible de poursuivre la trame du scénario... donc obligé de tout supprimé depuis le début pour espérer relancer.
drastikk Aug 18, 2019 @ 7:05pm 
This was probably a great campaign when it had support. As it stands now, virtually nothing works. When you have to physically have to hop in Zeus to push NPCs forward to trigger a story, have to use Zeus to spawn a vehicle to chase them, and there is no objective indicator showing you where the vehicle you're supposed to chase is, you should probably just remove this mod from the Workshop to be honest. I understand not wanting to support it anymore, but it's just going to waste people's time at this point. Just my opinion, because it wasted mine.
drastikk Aug 16, 2019 @ 9:28pm 
To the people playing the Ransom Demand mission where you wait for the pirates to arrive and nothing happens: You need to use Zeus to move the SUV forward about 10 feet. No more, no less. Anything more and the story does not trigger.

If you don't know know what Zeus is or how to use it, the easiest way is to download + install SSPCM (Simple Single Player Cheat Menu), hit M for map in game, go to "Cheats!" in the Map menu, select Zeus, Enable Zeus, Enable edits in Zeus. Then exit out of map, hit Y to enable Zeus, wait a sec for it to load, and them click on the purple icon for the SUV and drag it forward 10 feet.
drastikk Aug 16, 2019 @ 8:18pm 
@FennecFoxKazoko - It's a campaign. You load it from the campaign menu.
FennecFoxKazoko Aug 15, 2019 @ 7:58am 
I downloaded the scenario but it doesnt show up when I search through scenarios ingame. Any ideas of how ot fix it?
Code 295 Aug 12, 2019 @ 8:02pm 
@X.Fight You In RANSOM DEMAND need to use Zeus to control the SUV to move forward a distance, and you can trigger the trading story normally.