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Dec 26, 2023 @ 11:35pm
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↑@@@DFO ↑↑↑Rise↑↑↑ ↑↑↑of↑↑↑ ↑↑↑the↑↑↑ ↑↑↑Synths↑↑↑@@@↑
War............war never changes. Mr. McHouse lied to me, to us, to all of us. I thought he was our friend, our savior our shining beacon of hope in this dark hell of a wasteland. But it was all a lie, it was never about a better, brighter tommarrow, it was about the bigger better now. McHouse wanted to live forever and stay in power, and will do anything to realize this grim goal. From butchering alpacas to zebras and everything in between and now synth babys! Together along with the F.U.G. Army and the U.S.A. the United Synth Anomolous we rebel against this tyrant.
I didn't think machines could feel pain but maybe I was wrong...I guess. All I know is,.......that war..................war never changes.

We have the Pip-Forge9000, we have and an army of synths growing ever growing, and expanding exponentially.

Welcome to the wasteland DFO:Rise of the Synths

NEW playable race, Synths!, get to know adam and eve as they multiply out of control with or without a nest box! and slowly consume everything in sight!! They are super strong so keep an eye on the babys unless you want random people getting there heads kicked off!

Mr. Urist McHandy gets an upgrade, as synths super charged it with nanites letting it produce eggs and a synth milk! known to the ghouls as handy juice.
Command Mr. McHandy from the overmap and over run the opposition!

Improved junky mechanics! junkys can spread addictions to others nearby causing some really butthurt, bumed out people!!
NEW workstation Mr. PIP-FORGE9000 for those wasteland Saviors out there!
NEW graphics for MR. MCHouses holo-terminal for those Yes-men out there!!!!!
Added chem Junky slave trade For those Caesar Legionnaires out there!!! :D
NEW biological experiments
The Turing test, a test that gives animal synths AI, and Memory deguass a procedure that erases a synths memory turning them into an animal. (Memory deguass turns any one into an animal)

MORE CHEMS:craftable chems, and faction chems, chems only useable by selected civilization, chems with seemingly no bad side effects.
Faction chems like UltraJet a special jet usable only by the ghouls. Jet so strong the ghouls say it would melt thier faces off! if they had one that is.

I hope you all have a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. time playing this mod. <3 much <3 :)

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What's in DFO Right Now
Aradar  [author] Jan 23 @ 6:37am 
I play tested the hell out of this mod and i think i got every weird thing out or smoothed out but as this game is really funny at times i cant promise that something wont crash the game so SAVE OFTEN
Aradar  [author] Jan 23 @ 6:02am 
this will sadly be the last update for this mod for a while i dont have internet for the time being so enjoy :D :steamhappy:
Aradar  [author] Jan 3 @ 8:59am 
yea I added a lot of context in the description and hopefully if it got included is a text file with information, custom world generations each with distinct settings for the Wasteland Savior Maps include "The Mojave Wasteland" easiest map mode, "The Wasteland "medium difficulty" and "Rainworld" hard mode for the most brave Wasteland Saviors with untouchable micromanaging skills. working singlemindedly*** On the next update ****RiSe Of ThE SyNtHs**** going to be more chems, more monsters, and more moral quandaries!!!
Curious Jan 2 @ 9:31am 
Woah a lot more in the description I see!
Aradar  [author] Jan 1 @ 12:02pm 
going over the raws I've noticed some errors that got left behind they shouldn't effect game play and will be removed with the next update!
Aradar  [author] Dec 31, 2023 @ 9:00pm 
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. BIG thanks to any one who trys my mod it's a labor of love born of both Fall Out and Dwarf fortress <333333333333333333333333333333 I really hope you enjoy this .........you Legends!!
Aradar  [author] Dec 31, 2023 @ 8:48pm 
Hey all you wasteland Saviors out there the big update is live! good luck out there !!! :steammocking::steamhappy::steamhappy::steamhappy::steamhappy::steamhappy:
Aradar  [author] Dec 31, 2023 @ 5:50pm