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Research Tab Colors
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Dec 8, 2023 @ 9:13am
May 1 @ 1:59pm
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Research Tab Colors

This mini-mod adds color coding based on tech level to the vanilla research window!

The color codes are based on the research projects' tech level and is intended to help identify tech levels when used in conjunction with mods like Tech Advancing.

Technical Details

This mod uses a single Harmony transpiler on MainTabWindow_Research.ListProjects and replaces the invocation of Widgets.CustomButtonText with a pass-through method that changes the bgColor field based on the tech level of the research projects and whether it is finished, available, or unavailable. This mod will not do anything if you are not using the vanilla research tab.


This mod was created for Killadrix[www.twitch.tv], a RimWorld streamer on Twitch.tv. If you drop in, tell him, "the head maid sends her regards".
CaptainSingle Jun 12 @ 4:06pm 
Greatest mod on the workshop right here!
Dawnmist May 4 @ 6:28am 
@Aelanna - thank you! I can confirm that it's working nicely for me now, and I really appreciate you implementing it. :)
Aelanna  [author] May 1 @ 2:00pm 
@Dawnmist - Thanks for the report, this should be fixed now!
Dawnmist Apr 27 @ 7:23pm 
I love the colors - but with the new books in Anomaly it's possible to be part way through researching multiple things at the same time. The base game shows the progression of the research as an progress bar/shading on the skill, but this mod is currently hiding that progression. i.e. if the research topic is 20% researched, the left 20% of the topic would be coloured as if the research was complete, and the other 80% as if it wasn't complete, so that progress to completion can be seen without having to click on the topic to check it.

Would it be possible to update this mod to also show the progress of each research in the research view, so we can have both visibility of progress AND the color coding based on tech level?
Tabitha_Rasa Apr 23 @ 6:30pm 
Mod works great now! Thanks for the update!
Kolljak Apr 22 @ 5:59am 
works now thanks a bunch.
greenbone Apr 22 @ 1:37am 
@Aelanna, I can confirm it is now fixed and the mod is now revealing all it's potential and usefulness. So many thanks to you!
kongkim Apr 21 @ 11:35pm 
Thx, will test it out :)
Kolljak Apr 21 @ 10:00pm 
It might just be that steam has not updated the mod i will try it again tomarrow as its 12:00 AM atm.
Kolljak Apr 21 @ 9:59pm 
as far as i know they still don't show colored until some research is done [the progress bar is colored] or its complete.